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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

Coming up next week. Been waiting awhile for this to come back, and plan on conquering even more.

Well, the is was posted on Reddit. To bad I don’t have any ideas right now. So drawing a blank, and want to do something funny. So frustrating.

A friend of mine who does this kind of thing, that also worked on another friend of mine is booking to paint on others. I’m also posting its image because I helped make the logo.

He asked for my help on forming the letters around the main symbol, which I also had to remake using the wonder woman logo that was flipped upside down. I think it was cleaver. Any who, book now for your appointment if you are looking to do one of these kind of cosplays needing body paint, know where to look.

Coming up this weekend, I know a lot of people are excited. Lets see how this goes this year.

Coming up next weekend. I first heard about this event two years ago, then went to check again when it was going to happen I saw it had already gone by. But last year my chance came and realized I double booked myself, because politicon was also happening the same weekend. So I saw part of the parade in the morning, went to Pasadena, then back in the evening and took some more photos during a concert. I actually had a good day, but this time, it’s the one event happening for me, till that evening. But, still a nice long day coming for me.

But if anything, at least check out the parade of bands on saturday, since it’s free and should be a lot of fun still. I’m excited.

I know, pretty late in the game to mention something, but theses happening tomorrow. From the ashes of what was NinjaCon, comes, RoninExpo, because it sounds cool.Not entirely sure why ninjacon was canceled this year but I was informed of this, coming form a guy who was involved with the previous event and has made something new. One day event, it will be small, likely, but doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out.

Well this party is happening next weekend. Thought resist march is also happening sunday, starting in Hollywood and ending where the festival is happening. As I’ve said before, I’ll miss the parade, but hoping there will still be something happening along Santa Monica near the main event.

During the this bit of fiasco that happening during Samantha Bee’s show, there was so much rage going from people upset that a joke was make about a guy saying he had nazi hair. Like much of the last 8 years, some people have no memories of events during it.

I’m pretty excited about this. Really enjoyed myself last year and it’s coming again next week. I wonder if I’ll see that one dude that was on Skin Wars that had the hots for me again?

Coming this weekend. Yeah, I don’t have a lot to post lately, kind of bugs me, but this is coming up. Should be fun, again, and is back win anaheim this year which makes plenty of friends of mine happy, even thought so many of them are much closer to the LA convention center. Sometimes it’s nice to have variety in the places you go.