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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

I’ll be heading to this party this weekend. It will be my first time there but will likely be at the con for just a day. Since I’m going to have a busy weekend. [cough] double booking [cough] oh, sorry. But hey, I like to keep myself moving anyways.

I’ve been so focused on posting my photos from Anime Expo I forgot this was coming up. In fact it’s starting today. Well, last night really. I’ll be down saturday and sunday. Plus making images without photoshop, because my hard drive is no good is kind of annoying to pull off, but I still have my tricks.

If you want to help make thing easier on me to get my new drive, you can sent to my ko-fi, or cash app my name thesteelshark, or send to my paypal, thesteelshark@gmail.com. I will totally love you for it.

That awkward moment you are in Miami, for some strange reason, on your rollerblades and some dude in just kind of short shorts runs by you.

Here is a screen shot from the show Grand Hotel, which I was in. This was recorded late august last year, in Westwood, near UCLA, and finally aired last night. At first the plan was to have me and the other guy with blades skating with each other but I guess it seemed a bit boring to them. Then they suggested we dance, to which I said “you don’t dance on rollerblades, especially to side walk like this.”

Then they grabbed some random girl on set with us and, well, I don’t know what happened. Didn’t make sense but what ever, I like how I was clearly in the show, and my blades are very noticeable.

My GF got in a contest, and I intend to help her win. I mean, it makes sense, she is healthy, and quite fit. I’m also proud of her.

Because what happen way to celebrate the birth of your home nation than going to an anime convention. No really, I think this is the better thing to do for that weekend.

I should be there all 4 days, so be sure to look out for me.

Coming next weekend here in LA. I’ll be at the parade, because it’s the most wild thing during the entire event. At least I think so. There is also an area set up for music and dancing that you must get a ticket for, which I don’t plan on doing anyway, because by time I will be so tired, and yet feel so good too.

The one thing that bugs me is that this is always the same weekend as the San Francisco Pride Parade, which is on that sunday, but would have to do an overnight raid trip if I was to do both. Someday.

This has been a long time coming once again. LA pride is the one I look forward to most of all the pride events, because it is the most wild, and the easiest for me to get to. Now I understand San Francisco is much more insane but that’s at the end of the month, the same weekend Hollywood Carnival is also happening, so that makes it a little harder to pull off. It’s possible to do with Carnival happening saturday and San Fran Parade on sunday but that would mean an overnight road trip. Some day hopefully, but for now, lets say home.

With so many things going on in the last few weeks I forgot about some of what else is coming up. For those of you new here Ronin Expo is a small anime convention in Little Tokyo. There is music, dancing, games, and vendors so it’s worth checking out.

I’ll be there to.

Pride season has returned, and oh my god it took long enough. And it’s first stop is Long Beach this coming weekend. I’ll be down there on my blades, taking photos, and maybe some video of the insane awesomeness of this party.

I don’t know what will be going on against this year, but you know what, that’s just part of the fun of it all.

I’ll be joining this convention next weekend, but just for a day. I haven’t been to this before so I’m interested in what’d going on. Maybe you can join to.