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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

I remember last year when this was announced. Wanted to join but had other things to do at the time. Then I learned about how massive it was. I sure missed out on that. But with luck, it will be here again this coming weekend. I might not be there long since I might be doing something else that day but lets see what happened.

It’s almost here. I took a bit long to make this because it was taking awhile for the completely info to go online. I look forward to this as I do every year. Can’t wait.

A, I guess kind of small convention coming up next weekend in San Diego. I will likely be there, it’s for one day, and it’s free, so, why not check that out.

From what I understand, this is also going to be the last one. No idea why that was said, and sad about that because the chance I had to join was a lot of fun. Lets see how this all goes.

Coming up next week here in the LA area, and in many other cities. I know there are some others that are doing theirs today, so hopefully you didn’t miss out on that. And here are more doing so later on this month so be sure to check the list, and party on. For me, all I can do is wait a little more, and the dark elf will be back in action.

As always, I look forward to this every year, and this will be my 10th year. I have no idea what I’ll see, but excited none the less.

Really, that name is quite a mouthful. But I still call it Comikaze, because that’s what it was originally called, and helps distinct from other comic cons. Anywho, this party is coming up next week, and can’t wait for it.

Well, I can only hope this year won’t be a dud like last year. I pretty much blame the whole clown scare that was going on last year. And form the looks of it, things might be going well for this year. I’ll be ready with camera in hand.

Coming up this Sunday, I’m excited for it of course. So I have to look forward to before the year events. Different events, movies, and such. I’m excited. But first things first, the zombie walk which I enjoy every time.

Alex Jones is at it again with his fear mongering rants that are just going to get more people killed. After his claims about 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the fact parents of those killed during that massacre have been getting death threats for years because of him. Now he is making stuff up again.

And it really doesn’t help when the main guy in the White House actually listens to him. So many people are dead, and this guy is basically eating their corpses like the ghoul he is. And he makes money off if it.