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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

That awkward moment that you find yourself able to time travel, and use that ability to goto the early 70’s and see a Led Zeppelin show. Only to discover you in the background of some TV show called, The Kids Are Alright.

I’m pretty far in the back, wearing a blue jacket and with my long hair still. Oh, I never posted about that, my hair is short again. Was done on the first. I have video of that but will have it up later, I’m pretty lazy about editing it right now.

From the people that brought you NerdBot Con, is Anime Pasadena, back for it’s second year. If it’s anything like it was last year, it’s going to be really good. They might also need to expand it for next year too.

Coming this coming saturday, April 20th.

Recently I came across this image with Karl Urban and Cate Blanchett from when they were in Lord of the Rings and Thor Ragnarok saying “Before discovering metal, and after.”

As a metal guy I know this is completely wrong And knew I had to make a fix. Since there are bands like Blind Guardian that when I first heard them my thought was “this is Lord of the Rings.” And then Amon Amarth from when I first heard them I couldn’t help but to notice how it sounded like Norse myth. Which is what the vikings once believed, and has figures like Thor and Hel.

Coming up next week. Been waiting for this, but this month has been going rather slow. Also waiting for another thing happening next week, but before wonder con starts. Yet that’s for me to post after it happens. You’ll see. At least I believe it will be next week.

With one Captain Marvel movie about to come out in a few days, another is about to come out next month. Yeah, For those of you that don’t know, Shazam was originally called Captain Marvel. He belonged to another comic book company before the rights were aquaried by DC. It’s a long story.

This does look pretty funny so I do believe I’ll end up seeing this as well. And from the looks of it, DC movies seem to be taking some influence from the Marvel movies, mostly in the humor category.

Coming in about a week from now. My first convention of the year. Lets see how this goes.

Well, I plan on joining this party again this year. I missed out on last year because Long Beach Comic Expo was going on at the same time so there was no way I could do both. But since nothing else is happening next weekend, all is good to go. And I will of course be in the best spot to see the parade.

Get those pink hats ready, and rally up. I won’t be able to make it this year because I’ll be up to other things during the day. But i’m sure it will be fun.

Because to check this page for more info of whats happening.

Sunday morning, as I woke up to get ready for No Pants that morning, I see a post on my facebook feed about some kind of incident near the convention just the night before. Not sure what happened I looked at the comment to learn some cars caught on fire. As the day went on I learned more and more of what happened, and was a arson job targeting one car, but totaled 6 more.

Thing is, I wasn’t at that convention, but a number of friends were, and some were staying at the hotel where the fire started. From what I understand, the person who performed this act was guy that was upset about a girl he liked who rejected him. Now I understand that being rejected sucks, but is your ego so fragile you have to completely destroy another persons property? Or harm them in another way?

Some people really need to learn how to accept, not everyone is going to like you how you want them too.

So, this happened. A photo of mine was used for a story put online mentioning No Pants this sunday. I’m hoping to see plenty of you there joining.