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Some people are so insanely dishonest, for absolutely no reason, what so ever. And they spout lies they know their followers will believe because they will it will get them support. This moron is endangering lives, because of his lies, and he won’t stop. There is a term I’ve heard about such a behavior, and it’s called firehosing.

We are so doomed.

Anyone see the Cohen testimony today? I saw some of it, heard other parts no the radio, and even thought I didn’t have a chance to see all of it, what I did was crazy.

But one guy in particular, Mark Meadows was trying to give an example of why he didn’t believe Trump was racist by, basically putting on display a black women working in the administration with him. Must have been a bit uncomfortable being used as a prop. Well, political prop. And then this kind of old video of Meadows came out which made things slightly interesting.

But if you ask me, is Trump racist? I don’t know for sure, but I believe he is. That and many other things. But one thing for sure I know is that he’s a pathological liar

A little while ago, I came across this little video, of Trump bragging about how knowledgeable of a person he is. Of course nothing seemed right about it and all I could think of it, what kind of person would make such outrages claims about themselves? Then it hit me.

I still don’t understand how anyone can eat up his mass of lies so easily.

I often wonder about some people, if they truly believe what they say? If they say what they do just to make themselves feel better? Or if they do just to sucker people on to their side? And the people who support Trump, do they really believe everything he says? I don’t understand how a person can support the military, while also being an outright insult to it. I personally rather not see those who join get sent to a war that will only ruin lives for the selfishness of others, which will also get people to hate us for our own stupidity.

Now, will people claim this image is a lie? why yes they will, So I’ll post licks showcasing each instance like that of vets, the families, defense, our generals, being bigger, the STD’s, pay raises, war crimes, and avoiding war. But even with all this proof, his supporters will just say it’s all fake. This is why I keep saying it’s like a cult, because the behavioral patterns of the main trump support base has so much in common with cults.

The words of this, person, is that of a pathological liar, and a charlatan.

This is based on something I’ve been saying for a few years now, and I started to because of an old cat of mine. She was extraordinary. Then sometime late last year a friend had lost his wife. I’ve meet her before, didn’t know very well personally, but do remember she was a lot of fun. She meant the world to him and saw how devastated he was. I wish there was something I could do to help. He’s been talking about it for awhile, and that is why I made this image.

Besides, you never know how interesting they might be to other people.

There was an interesting video that came out awhile ago with Trump. Which was celebrated because it was indicated he was talking about one group of people many far right wing, american conservatives already had disdain for because of the actions of a few, as of which most of their peers condemned.

Unfortunately there was already a group here in the US which followed ideals which promoted hatred against the LGBTQ community, along with those of other faiths, independently minded women, and others that down follow the same kind of ideals they hold on to, which completely involves controlling the lives of others. And they do so in the name of salvation. I learned long ago that those who try the hardest to prove how good or great they are, the more sinister their actual intend. I also know not to trust people that proclaim how important it is for them to save everyone. Because they don’t.

Now and then you come across a story of people being harassed for speaking another language. To which I say, who cares? and, it’s not your business anyways. I don’t know of any rules saying you have to speak any language here, nor is there an official language.

Why is it such a big deal someone is speaking in another language? Is it because you don’t think they are assimilating? Most people do. I’ve always seen it, and it happens much faster with kids. No one is trying to take over, stop scaring yourself stupid.

A concept I’ve had in mind for a while and now getting to. There might be some changes for when I put online to sell, but here is the basic idea.

As I do some slight planning for the Hollywood Carnival next month. I learn about this video from Childish Gambino, aka, Donald Glover, who I discovered while watching the show Community many years ago. Soon after some people posted a photo of him with his girlfriend and their kids together. Along with it people complain about him “not being woke” because he’s a black man in a relationship with a white woman. I didn’t know there was some kind of rule saying you have to date within your race.

This is an issue plenty of black friends, and my GF has told about when it comes to other interests of theirs. Asking why they like anime, or “non-black” styles of music. Who cares? Then there are white suprematists crying about a so called, “white genocide” which isn’t happening. This problem of attacking people for what they like because it doesn’t fit the cultural norms of their ancestry is an old idea that needs to die. It’s been seen around the world, for thousands of years. Let people enjoy things.

If you are black and like heavy metal, go listen to some Metallica. If you are white and like anime, watch some Cowboy Bebop. If you are asian and like hardcore punk and reggae, I know of a band for you. I believe we all need each other, and that we need to have a better understanding of each other so we don’t promote hatred based off of bogus claims. We don’t advance that way if we keep such old ideas going.

Awhile ago I made this design for a shirt that I wanted to put online to sell, but there was an issue. When I uploaded the image it didn’t display the way it had hoped. No matter wha I did, it just didn’t seem right, and I think it had to do with the sites own limitations, so I tried to find another just to have it up to print more as I saw it in my head, but still wasn’t right. So this morning my girlfriend asked me to vote for a design she made for a contest Hot Topic is doing. I of course did, because I support my woman (and I’m hoping you do too). That and I liked it. But this also looked like the opportunity to post this old design of mine up. I doubt I’ll win, but it’s worth the try.