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The Holiday Armadillo is here, and he has a message for all.

So this election is coming up on that state, and it really should be a no brainier who the better person to take the seat should be but, this is the south. Where they seem to prefer a person that has been accused of some kind of sex related crimes towards underage girls, over another person who got white suprematists convicted for murdering underage girls. It’s like a new level of baffling.

It seems to some people, party is more important then country, or humanity.

I saw posts on reddit and facebook about the subject, and that makes sense, because you would have to end up paying for it no matter what.

I still very much remember the weekend update that happened a month ago with Michael Che saying, this phrase. I think it makes sense considering the odd hypocrisy with some people.

Recently on Facebook I reshared an old post about Thor, and a friend commented that she would rather have Loki. Well, gave me an idea that I should have came up with long ago. And now it’s happened. I of course used a shot from the first Avengers movie, because it felt more fitting to me.

I want to start off by saying I am an American, this is not just my homeland, but I also have ancestry here. I am part Native American. Now, does that make me more American then most other people? No, it just means that is part of my ethnic background. Even though I am an American, I don’t use that to limit what I enjoy. For example, I there are some non-american movies I’ve watched, along with TV shows, music I listen to, video games, and even foods from around the world. Why? because I can, and there are no rules saying what I can or can’t like that doesn’t really hurt anyone at all. Hell, as I’m typing this up I’m listening to Swedish Death Metal.

Far to often I find people trying way to hard, by showing off how many flags they have, dressing up the part, and crying about other cultures invading and wiping them out. When no one is actually doing that. Most people that come to the US assimilate anyways, I know this, I’ve seen it for myself.

I came across this post on my Facebook feed and couldn’t help but to think about how much it didn’t make actual sense. First of all, many athletes do work in their communities. Lately many have been kneeling in protest to help bring attention to some issues today, enraging some people who some people who seem to think because you have a well known name, you have no right to you own freedom of expression. And then we have a guy in elected office saying such people need to be fired. The very same person that is about everything, the very people who support him, claim to hate.

Anywho, saw the image, and thought to myself there needs to be some editing done. And now it sounds about right.

While on youtube today I stumbled across this video. I had some idea of what they would say but there was also somethings new I learned from it. One of those things had to do with words said by the first and only vice president of the confederacy, Alexander H. Stephens. For years I’ve kept hearing people talk about how the Civil War was fought over states rights, yet, I’m not really finding a lot of truth to that.

For years I’ve found myself coming upon countless people who have made this claim about others, and not question that thought. Then one day I came across the image on top, and I used that old photos to showcase to those people what they look like. As years go by I’ve always found white supremacists make such a claim about everyone they don’t like, and with the rise of white supremacy once again it’s only going to happen more. And then, a little video came out from VICE, and it only further solidifies my theory.

But, I can only hope those that don’t believe themselves to be racist will see this constant pattern and realize they are idiots.

I’ve heard plenty of lies and excuses about the Unite the Right rally a few days ago that doesn’t make sense to me. People wearing trump hats, carrying touches, defending a confederate statue, being cheered on by those who claim to have more a conservative view point. Yet some of the very some people at the really are also chant about how jews won’t replace them, doing nazi salutes, then a guy ramming into anti-nazi protesters, and those very people are now, “leftists?” What is going on here?