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A lot of people. As many people have heard stories of them eating tide pods, and now snorting condoms, I’m pretty sure over all most agree preforming such activities is insanely stupid. But you also have to look back, what did you or others you knew at the time do that was incredibly stupid? But for what reason? could it be for attention? Perhaps stress or anxiety? They are often under appreciated and suffer more then most adults know. I know this, because remember how miserable I was at that time. And I’m sure there are plenty of other adults that would admit the same thing, while others will not because they might consider that a sign of weakness.

There is also often debate about them if they know better or not. I remember awhile back learning that a 15 year old (at the time) doesn’t know better and should be forgiven. A week later I’m told they should know better and got what they deserved. I wonder why the narrative changed so much?

At the same time we’ve seen teenagers help set up a massive rally recently, and that they can also speak well. I believe the people that prefer to attack them most, tend to be more those that prefer to always have some kind of sense of control over others. And possibly threatened by the idea someone younger then them, might be better. There is reason we are supposed to teach those younger then us, so they can be better then us.

As much as I hear this claim about AR-15’s it makes me think, do you really suck that much? A bunch more kids just got killed at their high school last week, and there are people attacking those poor kids. Seems to me some people think guns are more important then anything else, and all you are going to hear from them is “I’m not giving my guns up” when no one is demanding they should.

I know I’m not the first person to point out this problem, and I won’t be the last, but what’s going on here? Even more, I remember after the election in 2016, people took to the streets to protest. Some riots did break out, but there were very few. Over all, it was peaceful protests and marches. While it was also claimed that after Obama won the election everyone sucked it up, which is not true. I still very much remember watching McCain’s supporters turn against him after 2008, and telling Romney how disturbed I was with his former supporters after seeing how they turned against him too when I met the guy.

If you’ve been on the internet in the last year or two, you’ve likely find a person calling other, snowflake. Because so many people are easy to offend these days. Now, it is known that when it comes to snowflakes in nature, they are all seemingly different from each other. Now, I would say a proper antonym for snowflake would be, sheep. Since they are seen to be followers without question.

And well, to make people uncomfortable, add a crude joke.

Earlier today, well, not that long ago I saw an article in the New York Times about making some designs for a united korea, since they will be playing together during the coming Olympics. And a logo for Russian athletes to help distinguish where they are from because of stupidity done by the Russian government for doping. That’s all talked about in the article. It also talks about submitting possible design ideas for either the Russian or the united Korean teams.

I made this using elements of both flags. Also asked for it to be a square design. I hope they like my design.

Something I’ve been thinking about is trying to get myself to make more videos for youtube for awhile, but I’m also not exactly sure what to make. But before that I figure it might be a good idea to make a new title card and an ending clip. I showed my GF and she suggested I use it for a new cover photos for twitter and facebook. I’m still pretty happy with the FB cover photo, but I probably should update some of the photos on there, and add some other info. But I also decided to follow her advice on the twitter image. So with a bit of help from her, I have it up and ready. I think it looks better now.

So, awhile ago Trump said something about a fake news awards, for media that is dishonest. Bold words if you ask me, for a guy that is a known pathological liar. Sad how a person can dish it out, but can’t take it.

When you hear a lie over and over again that you know is completely false and you feel something should be made of it. Wishful thinking doesn’t make it true.

The Holiday Armadillo is here, and he has a message for all.

So this election is coming up on that state, and it really should be a no brainier who the better person to take the seat should be but, this is the south. Where they seem to prefer a person that has been accused of some kind of sex related crimes towards underage girls, over another person who got white suprematists convicted for murdering underage girls. It’s like a new level of baffling.

It seems to some people, party is more important then country, or humanity.