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Archive for the ‘Designs’ Category

It seems that way, I’ve had so many people say this same thing about trump and I keep posting this politifact link only for the response to be “I don’t read liberal rags” or something long the lines. I point out individual claims and they keep lying, or going of subject. What can a person do? Sometimes I have to start insulting them and they cry about it, all while I not only watch them insult others, but gleefully support a guy that spent so much his campaign insulting people.

Now yes, I’ve had to debunk some claims against trump before, so I do try to be honest and have as little bias as possible. I do believe i’m going to watch the south collapse.

And that swear jar thing really gets me. Just something I like a lot. Maybe it’s because I find that some people swear far more then I think is needed. Maybe I should set one up.

So if you are on Facebook, and you look at the fan pages, you’ll see they made some slight change that put me in need of creating a new one. Good, because I’ve been wanting to upload a new one based on this but I couldn’t get it to work with the set up before. Now I have a way to set it up so it looks right to my eyes.

Anyone that is connected to the internet at all, should know about this mobile game that just came out. Because it’s been filling up our Facebook feeds. That and stories of police brutality, which once again seems to show itself as a major problem, and ended up causing the death of 5 Dallas officers. Really, the completely wrong way to deal with a problem. But I digress. Pokemon GO! From what I understand, if you reach level 5 on the game you can pick to be in one of 3 teams; Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. Sadly, because I don’t have a proper phone for the app, I have to use my iPod, and what ever wifi network around that I can in order to do something. So I’m yet a part of a team. But for fun I made this little, thing-a-ma-jig.

This is a question I’ve asked a handful of times and have gotten some pretty good answers. Lets see what you got.

Yeah, it’s up, and since pride season is near, why not have something funny to wear during the festival?

So I came across this story the other day, and I do understand the frustration. More so one one issue talked about that’s not like I haven’t noticed before, pride is a big event, and a lot of companies want to take advantage of it. I do myself because, I want to take photos, and it is a good place to promote myself. That and the gays and they love me. More so when my hair is long, and it will be again when I’m in West Hollywood again this year. You have no idea how excited I am. And this idea came along. I’m happy with it, Lets see what I can make of it.

Yes, Olympic & Figueroa, at least that’s where I believe it will be. The only rally I can find for the day is set for that location, so if I turn out to be wrong, opps.

No, we all know he isn’t really, or is he? His time of birth causes an inconsistency, but then again, time travel.

Anyone heard of this hashtag yet? I would think a lot of people would have by now started by Jon Oliver. It’s really sad how such a person is getting so much support from so many that don’t seem to know better. The guy is a compulsive liar, bully, racist, hatful, cries when made fun of, demands apologies from people giving bad info about him then demands them when other people point out his bullshit.

There are those who say they like that he speaks his mind but I also do the same thing and have been attacked by some of those same kind of people for it. I guess some people like when offensive things are said, as long as it doesn’t hurt them personally. A bunch of babies if you ask me.