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Archive for the ‘Designs’ Category

Last week I was watching a segment of Samantha Bee’s Show, and they talked about an issue I only just recently heard about before that I didn’t know was still a thing. And on this weeks episode they got a little more into it. Amazing of some of the things not everyone knows about. What bothers me most is the type of people that are against passing the laws to put an end to it all. I just don’t understand.

As it is known, it is pride season, and june is most often known as pride month. I really don’t have much going on right now, bored, so I made this. And fun fact, turns out the guy who designed the rainbow flag was born today.

So as news broke about what Kathy Griffin did in a photo, she later on apologized saying she went to far. Many people displayed their displease for it, which is understandable, I thought it was kind of lame, but you also have to remember some of what happened while Obama was in office. I don’t remember much outrage from those who would call themselves conservatives during those 8 years. And then there is Ted Nugent, Which remember, he was also in the White House.

Well, Trump posted this on twitter, no one knows what is going on, but it because something really funny. I have this made so far. I asked some friends what fonts scream out to them, covfefe, and one said something cyrillic.

I go on reddit, search trump on the page and every time, there is something new that is completely stupid. And I know to expect something every time, it’s disturbing that this is reality.

Simple as that, slightly odd reason I want it legal, but hey, makes for a good reason. And everyone I told why on this likes how I say it all when going into detail.

In a way, this can kind of upset the more conspiracy theorists type. So many people around who believe the world is all against them, which, is true in some sense but not like what so many people think. There are those who know how to play the game, and take advantage of others, but, there are way to use that against them. I haven’t done that successfully but eventually, I hope.

When I heard when he died, a lot of people posted this clip from Aliens. Then when I learned that he died while in surgery, all I could think of was the game Surgeon Simulator 2013. Yeah, I had to make this. I’ve seen plenty of his work to, well, I’m glad we had him around.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen video of him saying each line. If the fact Trump is a pathological liar wasn’t bad enough. Things are just looking worse.

This needed to be said.