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And here are the rest of them. After the parade was over (well, my group, PFLAG was done walking down the route), I was walking up and down the blvd for hours. Yeah, we were an early group. I was able to get plenty of other things.

One thing in particular that was really funny. While watching the protesters getting trolled, there was a girl that flashed them. And the cops protecting the protester, approved. I had a nice laugh and let her know she’s heroic.

I just wish pride season would never end.

Well, that ended up being a really good day. Joined in the parade with PFLAG, but didn’t bring my blades this time. Didn’t think my feet or shoulders could take it. I need a new pair. A few people that remembered me from before asked why I didn’t have my blades, and let them know.

A coupe of things of note during the parade, there was a lady wearing a shirt saying “Free Mom Hugs” which I understands part of some movement for those in the LGBTQ community that aren’t as accepted by their families. Because I like a good hug I gave her one, and she gave me a rainbow scarf. I am never letting that go.

There was also another lady giving hugs and crying, because from what I understand she lost her kid because of what she once believed and wishes she could fix everything. I did try to comfort her, and let her know just to do what she can now. Do hope I helped at least some.

Anyways, the rest are coming in during the week, so hold on to your butts.

Well, time to start things off with the events of Saturday at Ronin Expo in Little Tokyo. A small convention, so I didn’t get a lot there, but what was around was still good. Thought the garden area was closed this year because there is currently renovation happening there.

But I didn’t let that stop me.

At last, the last of the photos from RuPaul’s Dragcon. What a show that was. Pretty much the rest of the day consisted of taking photos of everyone being insanely awesome, not just in appearance but in attitude.

Everything as just wild and hilarious and just wish I was able to get more.

But I got as much as I can, which is hopefully enough.

And now, on to day 2 of DragCon. I didn’t get as many photos on the second day, but still enough to spilt the album in two posts so the rest will be here soon enough.

My day, Well, it’s much to explain. I wandered around the exhibit hall most of the time and got plenty of cool new photos. Pretty boring disruption for such an awesome convention.

And finally, the last set of photos form day 1 of RuPaul’s DragCon. I was worried I might have some issues because how long it was taking for my computer to start up this morning.

What I also enjoyed was running into some friends of mine there, who also happened to have been dressed up. All the while I was roaming around the place looking totally metal. Anywho, photos from day 2 will start coming online soon, likely friday or sunday.

But till then, behold the rest of day 1.

More photos from my first day at the convention. Remember, if you don’t see yourself yet it should be online soon enough. Because there is a lot of photos. Anyways, here are the rest from the pink carpet, and a handful of other shots of convention goers on saturday. All of them looking just as fabulous, hardcore, and badass as each other.

Well, I just finished this party today, and I got a lot. There is quite the mass of photos coming. So many from the first day I’m splitting the album in 3 parts. So if you don’t see yourself yet don’t worry, it’s coming.

Maybe the hardest photos to take were all the queens coming down the pink carpet because they just kept coming one after the other so soon after each person. Then the camera crews walking in front of me didn’t help much, but I was able to get some nice shots of them.

More of my story of the day to come as I upload the rest.

Well, that came out to be a really good day. I got there a little later then I had wanted to, off of maybe at least 4 hours of sleep. But I was ready for this.

It was raining on the way down while taking the metro, and I was worried the ground would still be a bit wet because skating on a wet surface is not fun. It was mostly dry by the time I had my blades on and started going up and down the route. getting everything I could. As the day went on it did get warmer, and when the parade ended I kept going up and down the street to get anything else I can find.

At one moment, while walking on the sidewalk I heard this thump, looked over and see a cup that feel out of the window of a top floor apartment. I got their attention and the person came down stairs to put up the cup and invited me up to join the party. So did not expect but I liked. Guy also had a nice view of the ocean. After I was done there I went back down to take more photos and headed back home soon after words.

Oh what a glorious day.

This was my first time doing this convention, and the first time I was inside the Ontario convention center. though a bit small, it’s a pretty nice looking place. And I have to say, the lights in the exhibit hall were pretty good. I’m finding myself rather happy with how they come out.

I would say I got a nice set of photos for the amount of time I was there, which was most of the day. I also recorded a couple of short videos of friends being silly, because that’s always awesome.

Would do again.