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And the rest form that night. I would say this was a good year, Didn’t get there as early as I hoped, which will happen someday. And that would be before the sun totally sets. I can’t remember what happened on why it took so long. Anywho, I was there pretty late too, because by the time I was leaving the street was already being cleaned up.

It was a good, wild night.

At long last, after a month of taking these photos they are finally coming online. Its as a good night and not as crowded this year, but I do believe I got more photos this time. I was there as a Tuxedo Cat, which is an idea I had in mind last year before halloween.

The reason has to do with my background acting work, because in September and early October there are calls for people with non-copyright type costumes. I thought to myself, “I’ll go as a Black Cat on set, no wait, Tuxedo Cat.” Then this year I bought all the stuff I need. I’ll likely use that costume again for any show I could be on next year their halloween episode.

But for now, here is what I saw out in the wild.

The seconds and last part of the photo set is now online. It was kind of inserting this took place later in the year as usual. Likely the reason it happened was at the time the Zombie Walk happens, LA Comic Con was also that same weekend and it would have created some kind conflict. Well, since LACC will be happening in september next year I don’t think there will be any kind of issue at all.

In the mean time, watch out for the dead.

The dead rise again, to walk the blvd of Hollywood, but not before taking the red line from North Hollywood. Glad I’m able to edit again, I really am. But sadly it seems to be getting smaller and smaller every year. I don’t think I did that good a job promoting it because at the time, didn’t have a machine to work with so it makes it a bit more difficult. hopefully next year won’t be as much a problem. But, at least I still got enough photos to split the album.

Not watch the dead bring out themselves.

At long last, I can finally upload these photos. That was so painful. Anyways, after looking at them on my, new computer, I found myself kind of upset with how some of them came out, which explains why there are relatively few. That and many of them are almost duplicates.

I was also having some trouble trying to keep ahead of the group to get what photos I needed. I guess I need to do some running again. I could have brought my blades to make things easier but there is also the problem of how little space I have going through some spot.

But in the end, I still pulled it off.

Everything else from the rest of this day. I was cosplaying as Timmy Turner during day 2, Mainly because I felt like doing something. And what was funny is I ran into a good handful of Fairly Odd Parent cosplayers too. I did not expect that all to happen in such a short time span.

Was a good day, this was.

I got a lot during day two. I pretty much spend most of my time in the lobby area because the exhibit hall was so crowded. Moving around in there was not easy at all. Considering how big this convention is getting I think next year they might have to take up the entire building.

Part 2 of day 2 is coming soon.

Well, this was was definability bigger then last year, and it was only the first day. Nice set of photos so far, and plenty more to come. Also a couple of videos.

As of for now, here is the first set.

I was only able to make it for one day. To be honest I was expecting more. But then again, I should know better when it comes to relatively new conventions. Saw a few people I know, and meet some of the Glow Girls, who I first heard of from a friend that worked with them on a documentary, I believe. They sure were a lot of fun.

It’s unfortunate I don’t have much to show. Hopefully it will pick up.

But it’s nice to be in Anaheim again.

From Nerdbot, The people that gave us Anime Pasadena, and NerdBotCon, is the new name for the latter event, Nerd Expo. I’m not entirely happy how what I would consider how few photos I got during this, mainly because I was distracted with other stuff. But over all it was all good.

This has been getting bigger each year, and from what I understand they will be extending both of their events to take up both days of their weekend. But I have to say, for such a small convention that is still relatively new, there is a lot going on. Cosplay compositions, music, dance performances.

I can only wonder what they will have set up next year.