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My second day there, and was my last one. Had other things going on with myself while day 2 and 4 were going on. During the morning there wasn’t as much people there, but as the day went on the crowds definitely started building up. Didn’t get as many photos as the first day but still got plenty. This was my 10th year at Anime Expo, and to be honest, not sure I’ll be to interested in going next year. But, time will only tell.

For now, enjoy the show.

Well, that was a day that I can tell plenty of people felt miserable. It was to bad to, because of the extra security coming in, and likely was because of what happened in Phoenix about two months ago. My 10th year there to so that felt it should have been a bit extra special. I was there for a good while, and got some nice shots.

And now, it’s time to check them out.

Well, I sure as hell had more fun this year. That was all kinds of crazy that would like more chances to see, more often. The costumes, the music, dancing, and everyone just enjoying themselves, being who they are. I got to ride the double decker bus to the start of the parade route, which is always the greatest thing. Walked up and down the route as the event was going on and as the day went on, and the closer we got to Highland, more and more people gathered on the side walks to watch. Some of those a part of the parade danced with those watching, and you know everyone had a good time.

I would also say the parade moves kind of slow at times, because I did see some gaps as it went on during the day. After that was over there was the cultural village, with performers of different groups with music and dancing. Sadly, I wasn’t there for to long, because I had something else to goto that evening, but over all, my day was a blast. Can’t wait for that again.

Now you ready to party?

Well, that was a day of all kind of awesome. It started off with Resist March in the morning. Was worried I would run late and might have to play catch up. Well, I got there around when expected, but made it there before everyone started moving. One thing I was worried about was some of the party like atmosphere might be gone, but it was still there. A lot of good signs made, and everyone seemed to have been having a good time. It was a long walk to the end of the route from Hollywood between Highland and La Brea, to Santa Monica blvd, just past Robertson where their were some speakers like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

One thing that I’ve always liked about the parade is the fact there are people giving some stuff out. Mostly something cheap like sunglasses, food samples or drinks. First I saw someone handing out something calling Larabar which I remember from last year. Still good. Also tried for the first time, propel, from gatorade. I liked that a lot. And some other drink called Maxwell. It’s mainly for mixing into drinks, and what makes it interesting is it’s in a resealable can. Nice to know the future is now here.

Another thing that I liked is that after the parade usually, the streets start opening up after all the floats have gone by, but it took a little while longer for that to happen because of the march. I enjoyed walking in the streets extra because of that. I did so much walking that day, and I really enjoyed myself more then I thought I would. It was a good day.

And now, take pride in your work, and the fun you have.

A one day event in Little Tokyo from saturday. A small convention but got plenty of stuff there. One interesting things that happened was a couple of friend are in a band and played a set. they also had a moss pit during a couple of songs. There was also other bands that played, along with other on stage performances. Despite taking place in such a small area, there was plenty that went on. Made for a good day.

And on a side note, my photos from LA pride will be up tomorrow, for those of you waiting.

But for now, here are some cosplayers.

They are online now, that was a fun day, and was in the parade with Queer Nerd Alliance. Got there a bit earlier then I expected, which was fine and got to see more this time then the last 2 years I was there. It was also kind of nice having some ocean breeze come in to cool things off.

I also get more photos this time around while there. Nice to be there for a parade, especially since LA pride isn’t going to have one this year. I can only hope there is still some partying going on along Santa Monica blvd after the march is over.

But for now, check out this party.

And now, the second and final day of this wonderful mass of craziness that convention was. Day two was a bit lighter, but there was still a to going on. The video I posted yesterday happen not that look after I got there. I remember being excited from DragCon to happen before but really didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much more then I did. And as I mentioned before, DragCon NY is also happening later this year, and will be in LA again spring next year.

Remember everyone, there is video to come, some music and interviews.

[sigh] I miss that party already.

Holy crap, that was really good. Way more people this year, and more stuff going on. And the pink carpet down the center of the exhibit hall was a nice touch. Pretty much most of what I wanted to say that happened on the first day I did so yesterday.

Plenty more to come when it comes to photos, and there is plenty of video to, like music performances, and some interviews. And Dragcon for NY has been announced, Sept 30th and Oct 1st this year, and it will return to LA spring next year.

And I did it all while being totally metal.

Well this was a nice little rally, and by little mean there was a lot of people there. It was hard walking around Pershing Square as that was happening. There were some people on stage speaking, which, I wasn’t really paying attention to, I wanted photos of sings I liked. After we started to walk towards City Hall and took over much of Grand Park. There was a small group of Trump Supporters there, one kept shouting that we should have voted, which, we did, California went blue after all. Oh well, I had a good day.

Because, Science, Bitches.

Not many photos of this event, mainly because it’s more worth getting video of what’s going on. But, there are some photos, to enjoy anyways. Brace yourselves for more video to.

Welcome to a new world.