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Two day certainly had more going on. Well, there was far more people there. I suspected that was going to happen. Anyways, I also got there earlier and was about to get some more photos out of it. I also spent a little to much time playing one game from my childhood, Alien vs Predator. Hey, it was free to play.

I was unable to make it there 3rd day because I had something else I was up to that night of day 2, which required me to be awake real late.

Over all, I’m glad I got to go.

The first day of a new convention for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The most noticeable thing was the mass of arcade and console games set up. I played a bit of Mario World, which really has been a long time since that last happened.

I didn’t get a lot of photos because there wan’t exactly many people in cosplay. Then again, the first day was on a friday, and I did get there kind of late in the day.

Lets see what tomorrow holds.

And now the last of them. Oh what I weekend I had. As much as I would have enjoyed it going inside, I still had a good time outside the convention center. And the sunburn I got on the weekend if you ask me was worth it.

Till next year, hopefully I’ll get in, and will be there all four days.

Photos from the last day, now coming online. Not all of them thought. Once again I spent my time outside, but get there earlier. Not as many people since the last day is usually the least populated but still plenty going on.

And I got to run into a friend I’ve been hoping to meet with again for a few years. He lives in Florida so it’s not easy.

Anyways, time for the start of the end.

And now the rest of day 3 photos. There isn’t really anything else to report for the rest of the day apart from what I talked about in the previous post. I wondered around inside, took more photos, laughed at some of the silliness going on and was amazed by many of the cosplays.

The rest of the photos will be up during the week.

Well, this is taking long enough, and there is more to come. So it will be a little while still till everything is online.

As for the day, at least the first half since this part one of that set. Hung outside for a good while getting some shots in what was still a rather cool morning. Took part of a pokemon raid with a bunch of people and won that battle with them. And talked about the earthquake that happened the night before. I was in Little Toyko when in struck.

Got in after a little while, and more to come.

Not as many photos from day two, But still plenty. I spent a good part of the day watching the fashion show because my girlfriend was in it. Oh she looked hardcore and all kinds of awesome. I recorded video but it’s kind crappy. It’s not easy holding a camera like that for just over 10 minutes. I need a tripod. And a better zoom lens.

So far I’m feeling good with what went down. Brace for more.

And here are the rest of the photos from day 1. Pretty much I spent the rest of it inside the convention center, and got a few more shots outside before I left. There are a lot more photos coming, and since I was there for 4 days it’s likely everything will finally be up sometime during next week.

And what better thing to do on the day of the birth of your nation than goto an anime convention?

Well that was once again, another fun and wacky adventure. The day started off while on my way over waiting on the red line to start moving, to feel it bobbing from side to side not understanding what is happening. It was an earthquake. Well the station is a safe place to be since the tunnels are reenforced.

I got to the convention center to see there are some very long lines to get inside. I decided to hold back for awhile and see what photos I can get while outside, and heard a security guy mention where a shorter line is. I went for it and didn’t even take 10 minutes to get in.

More to comes as I upload more photos from the day, and entire 4 day weekend.

And finally, I have the rest of these photos up. Sorry I took so long, it’s just I still need a new hard drive for my computer, and in order to post on here with a photo set I need to use a computer. So if you wish to make it easier for me to get the new drive sooner, you can sent to my ko-fi, or cash app my name thesteelshark, or send to my paypal thesteelshark@gmail.com.

Anyways, it was a fun and wild event that I wish more people knew about or would join in on.