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I didn’t get as many photos this day, but still got a lot of good stuff. It was also one of the hotter days outside, over 100F. This had to of been the hottest Anime Expo I’ve been to to date. I also spent a good portion of the afternoon at Lucky Strike in Downtown. I found myself very well fed. Over all so far I’m having a good con, and tomorrow is the last day.

Day 3 photos will be up tomorrow, but for now, what I got the day before.

And now the rest of the photos I took during day 1. Day 2 also went well, but that’s for another post. Realistically there isn’t a lot to talk about other then the fact that this was the most crowded I’ve seen Anime Expo on the first day, and getting inside was rather quick despite the checks to get in during the day.

Plenty of good, silly stuff to behold.

So I’m back from the first day of this. I ended up taking a nap after I ate, and did I need that. It was a pretty good day and I got to cover a lot for one day, so much that I’m splitting the photos for the day into two albums. I kind of expected this to happen. Time to get myself ready for the rest of the weekend.

Can’t wait to see how much more I’ll be getting.

Oh what a wonderful day that was. I was pretty much there for the parade, and took a nice brunch of photos. The day started off with a lot of overcast going on for much of the day. There was also some breeze and it was rather cool out. Strange for the summer but then again, June gloom. Along with music, dancing, and feathers everywhere, how can you go wrong with such an event? The sun eventually came out, but by then the buildings where creating some cover for me.

Now, it’s time to get wild.

Someone said to her it’s like Wakanda meets Japan.

Another gathering happened this weekend, and got a nice handful of photos.

And now for the rest of the photos. During the parade I found my favorite float made a return, Chipotle, and I got a bunch of buy one, get one free cards. Ran into the Trump Twitter Library. Didn’t enter before I figured I’ll check it out later in the day but ended up forgetting about it. At least it’s open one more weekend here. I also tried out this drink called Peace Tea, which i tend not to like tea, but this was pretty good. Would have another can.

Well, I had an excellent day, and sad it all ended.

Till next time, keep the party going.

Well, that was a nice long day of awesome. I was in the parade with PFLAG, as I have mentioned before. But despite being a pretty low number it took an hour for our group to finally get to the step off point. I’m not kidding. Now, there is some other things to talk about but that will be for tomorrows post where I will put up the rest of the photos. I got a lot that day so here is the first set. My feet were also starting to hurt a lot kind of earlier then usual while my blades were on. Soon after my group was done I took them off because I couldn’t take it anymore.

But anywho, here is the long march.

Two weeks ago a friend did a show at The Virgil before going on a road trip. I was there to help support, and had a good time. Got a few photos while there and mainly posting so they can be online.

Maybe I should also do video.

I rather small convention taking place in Little Tokyo. I wasn’t there very long, and didn’t get many photos, but of what I did get was pretty nice. Not a lot to talk about, but there was some musical performances. One was a rapper that did song about anime. The Library Bards also played a set, along with a band playing music from Nintendo games.

Anywho, check it out.