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Also when pretty good, but get there later then I expected because of delays on my train going down. Didn’t remember raining much at all while there either. Well, I had my cat with me so that was helpful anyways. Not a lot to say of what happened, got lots of good shots, and but over all enjoyed my adventures.

Alright, now time to wait for the next party.

Day one, took a while to get down, and the rain from the last few days didn’t help. But by the time I made it to Long Beach it was sprinkling. Over all everything was pretty good, and the sun ended up coming out in the afternoon. Plenty of good shots during the day, lots of good costumes and humor. But something I really sure do is record video, because now and there there is something silly that happens. That needs to be caught on camera.

Anywho, here is the the set fir the first day.

The rest should be going up tomorrow.

Ok, now they are online. I hung by the Chinese Historical Society building which i think it a good spot to get everything, and there are the lion dances that happen there to. My timing getting there was pretty good, since earlier in the day I was at the medicare for all rally, then just headed over to my spot which was a mile away, so getting there was not really a problem. Anywho, I also ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in years and after the parade was over we checked some other stuff out.

Good times, Now to see what the next party is.

Strangely enough, I edited the Chinese new years photos first. Then realized I forget about these. Oh well, it was quick. Nice little rally, a lot of people there, some good humorous sings which always makes me happy. While we were in Pershing Square there were two trump supporters that popped up to troll, and police asked them to leave. I felt very temped to troll back and would have done it far worse. Because it’s me. It started off with some speeches then we marched over to City Hall. From there there were more speakers and info for anyone that wished for more info about the rally. But by then I had to take off, because there was another party about to start up soon after, and couldn’t miss that.

Now, so many other rallies coming up, I’ll keep you updated on new info I get.

Not a whole lot there, sharing photos from both days on here. I pretty much talked about what went on on yesterdays post so I’m not sure about what else I can add to it.

If it happens again next year, lets se how it goes.

Well, that was wild. We did something new this time, all starting off at Union Station and going in waves. It takes an hour to reach Santa Monica from the starting point, and we hung out at Tongva Park. Then the after party at Del Frisco’s Grille and Ma’Kai Restaurant and Lounge. Two location there were rather close to each other. One area at Ma’Kai’s some people where dancing around doing some other wild stuff themselves. Later in the night a small group of us decide to head towards the beach since we were so close to it. A few people went into the water, which I believe was a bad idea since our water is always cold, and it’s winter here so, nope, not happening on my part. After hanging for a while there, I headed out.

I would say was a good no pants, but one thing i was bothered about was some people not being very discreet about it and bringing music to play while on the trains. Come on, follow the rules of the metro, and do bug the civilians. That’s what the after party is for.

Still, really good start for the year. Can only hope the rest can go as well or better.

Ok, time to load everything up. Still a bit out of it but feeling better. But any who, to tell of my adventure. The day started in Santa Monica at Barney’s Beanery, on 3rd street. But before everyone started gathering I got there pretty early so i went to an apple store nearby and used their wifi. We all had our breakfast there and then went to the pier. Some of us went on a carousel there, and i’m pretty sure those not knowing what was going on get excited watching that. Next we went to Tongva Park, also nearby where we had reindeer games. Hungry hungry santas, twister, tree tossing, and had a wheel barrel of snow brought in for us to throw at each other. After that we went to the Westside Pavilion south of Westwood, and then a strip club, Fantasy Island where watching a santa and a stripper to a sexy dance off was one of the greatest things. Also got felt up some by a stripper, which is also, always awesome. Though, she seemed to have liked me but I doubt I’ll ever see her again, oh well.

The Last place we went to was Culver City and hung around some restraints. Well, we didn’t end up going to Downtown as as expected, but that’s ok, I enjoyed my day very much.

I wonder how many of these are going to happen for the next four years? I think everything went well. There there are stories on riots happening, which is barely a thing. Most protests have in fact been peaceful, like the one I was at yesterday. Though it did bother some people in their cars trying to get some place, others watched and cheered us on. I enjoyed myself, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a rally, and of course I like to see some humor, which there was some of. That’s something I believe there should be some element of when it comes to a cause, humor, because it can help spread the word out.

Unfortunately with many critics of the rallies they claim the protesters are cry babies and should get over it. Interesting message to send consisting the reactions of some 8 years ago, and even more from 4 years ago. While through out that entire time of Obama’s presidency I’ve seen plenty of people talk about government over throw and how much they wish to commit mass murder. There was also an increase in the number of hate groups among other things. All of which happened starting off with baseless claims starting off being made 8 years ago of what Obama will do as president that never happened.

We can only want to see what will happen next.

Finally, they are online. I had fun like always, nice big party with music playing on stages set up for people to dance to. This time I finally had the chance to leave while the sun was still up, but hit some pretty hard traffic on the way there, so the sun was down by the time we made it over. Before heading to the blvd we got chipotle, because, $3 meals if you come in in costume. That felt really good. Anywho, like everyone year, taking photos is kind of annoying. Because of how dark it is flash just seems kind of weak so i have to adjust it, and I do forget to bring it up on some photos, so more editing there. Despite that, it is some of the most fun I have all year.

As you might have seen the other day, I did go as an instagram post. I figured that would bring me plenty of attention, and I got some, which made me happy.

And now, for the night of awesome.

And now for photos from my second day at comikaze, which was day 3. No, I wan’t at day one because of how late it was starting and i figured I wasn’t going to be there to long, but maybe I should have went. Oh well. I got there later then I wanted, I left my pass back at my place so I went back and finally made it there about an hour and a half later then I wanted. At first I didn’t think I took near as many photos as the day before, but turns out more were taken though believed. Go me. I was raining slightly by the time I made it and by the time the con was over it completely stopped. Found plenty of good stuff, and found myself int he background of another D-Piddy video. Didn’t see that coming.

Anywho, WeHo Halloween photos will be up tomorrow.

For now, check out the last day of LA Comic Con.