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This party came up again, and there was more people then last year, so I would call this a success. Starting of across from the Memorial Park Gold Line station, runners ran through the alleys and streets of old town while being pursued by clowns. A couple of wrong turns were made but over all still went well, and surprised a lot of civilians, leaving them laughing.

The one issue I has is I forgot to change a setting on my camera so I could get more high speed photos. I think it’s because it’s been awhile since I last actively took photos at an event that had people moving quickly. I really need to remember that for next year.

But never forget, to always run.

Alright, the rest of the photos are now online. It’s been a long week me.

And now, behold the rest of this adventure.

Another year another march of the undead in hollywood coming form the subway. It makes me sad seeing that everyone year the crowd is getting smaller. Is it because there isn’t enough promotion? or fewer people are able to make it? No matter the case, it’s still a lot of fun watching people run and scream in laughter as the zombies approach. I’m splitting the album in two, so here is part one.

The rest will be coming during the week, so hold on.

One day of convention, and like the other years it went well. Yet the day was kind of off. I got there late because of unexpected events that took place that never should have. So, lame. And while outside I saw a friend walking in and saw her crying. I came over to try to make her feel better but pushed me away. We talked about it later that day and everything was cool.

I feel disappointed in myself for what I feel is a lack of photos for such an event that I’ve covered plenty off before. Honestly I’ve been feeling kind of off for awhile, and I’m not entirely sure why. But despite that, I think the con went well, and I look forward to the next event Nerdbot Media does. Because they are really good.

Well, hopefully I can get out of this funk soon.

And now, the rest of the photos from the day. I got a lot more this time around, mainly because I had more time to be there. And there was no issues with the blue line on the way so that made things way easier. Umm, I don’t really have much more to say.

Oh well, here you go, enjoy.

I really didn’t get a change to get much that day. So much of a delay going down because of the blue line. I already knew before hand there were some tracks closed for maintenance so there was a bus bridge making the connection. But it gets worse. Three stops after getting on the blue line, at the San Pedro station I had to get off anyways because there was some kind of accident up ahead and they couldn’t let us go much further. I ended up taking a completely separate bus taking me to the Compton, to connect me back to the train. That was so wrong.

Anywho, here is what i got during the day, I wasn’t there all to long because we had to take off a bit early too. But I did get a lot more the next day so watch out for that.

In the meantime, cosplay galore.

Here are the rest of the photos. I didn’t take as many on the second day, but it was all good still. I’m pretty sure it will end up being bigger next year. I’m happy with how early halloween has started this year.

Now here are the rest of the photos.

Well, that happened and I think everything went well. They moved the convention from the west hall area of the convention center to a section of the south hall. There was definitely more people this year too and just before the entrance to the exhibit hall, there were bands playing creepy, spooky, monstrous music like The Rhythm Coffin.

I think next year they should take up more of the building. Anywho, the rest of the photos will be up during the week.

So here is what I got so far.

While on our little adventure in The Arts District. We always find the best graffiti.

This was my final day there, and I got many more photos during this day. There really isn’t much to talk about other then the fact that I saw plenty more.

And hopefully I’ll be there again next year.