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And now, the rest of the photos from LA SantaCon ’18. Now where did I end off from? Oh yes, the park playing reindeer games. After that we went to Chinatown and hung out at General Lee’s inside the Chinatown Central Plaza. Well, some people went inside, I was outside with a bunch of other people as they fired off confetti canons. That’s what I’m calling it, I don’t know the actual name but it sounds good to me. There was a good time had in the plaza.

The last stop was at Imperial Western Beer Company in Union Station. A lot of santas partied there, and kept having a good time. Not everyone was inside IWBC. Some were also in the Main lobby across the walk way. And finally, the last place Santa went to was in Hollywood, but I took off before that. I had a long, but still great day. 

And now that”s over there is only one more thing I want to happen this year, to end.

I’ve been waiting all year for this, and it’s finally happened. Oh what a good day. I got a lot of photos from the day so I’m splitting the album up. The rest will be up during the week so be sure to check back in.

As for the day, I got to the start location a bit later then I wanted, which was at this Mexican restaurant we’ve been to another year before, El Mercadito Mariachi. Next we went to Arts District Brewing Company, were santas played some games, and had more of a good time. After that we went to Los Angeles State Historic Park just outside Chinatown were we had our reindeer games like the Treetoss, and Twister. There was also some snow brought in to have snowball fights, but a park ranger got hit on the leg so they decided to have that shut down.

Anywho, that’s the story of the first help, the rest is coming soon. In the mean time, which for photos.

I was at the monthly meet up again last weekend. And it was the third anniversary. I think what I like most of it is how colorful it all is.

At long last, all photos are online. Oh my god, finally, after all of that. Wow, that feels so much better. I honestly have no idea what else to say. And now that it’s november, it’s going to be a long month because not a lot happens. But the next thing to look forward to, the last big and awesome thing I get excited for every year, Santacon. Just be sure it’s happening in a city near you. I know it is for me.

And now, the final set to enjoy.

And finally photos from the last day on LA Comic Con. Well, half of them. The rest will be up soon. As the day went, I walked around, took photos, and also did an interview with Legion M. Not sure when that video will be coming since the audio was recorded on a phone that I was going to edit into the video, messed up some how, so a fix is being worked by my GF on with what I have.

Can’t wait to see how that comes out.

And finally the rest of the photos from that night. I pretty much explained most of what happened the other day so not sure there is much more to say other then the fact I had fun, again. I also got home pretty late, and pretty sure I went to sleep after 2AM. What made that harsh was that I also had some place to got that morning, but it was all good.

Anywho, here is the rest of that party.

I am very much happy with my photos this time around. Since getting the new camera I couldn’t figure out how so many photos where coming out dark and it hit me what I was doing wrong. Also despite the absolute sheer about a people there, it’s still kind of hard to get a lot of photos, for some odd reason. Yet, I got so many more this year then before. So much I’m making two posts.

I was there as the Devil, and my GF gave me the idea for it. There was one thing I was missing which was the pitchfork, but unfortunately it was a difficult item to find. I was able to make do with what I have. And when I encountered another devil I would often say to them “Hello me!” and had created entertaining interactions, for the most part.

Such a good night. Stay tuned for the rest.

And now, the rest of the photos from day two.

Plenty more silliness happening.

I got a nice bunch of photos on day two. So many I decided to split the album for day two, in two. It was definitely a more crowded day, but I didn’t feel stuck in the middle of a crowd, at least, not that often. I know some Marvel TV actors were there like some form Agents of SHIELD, and Runaways, who I wanted to see personally. I finished the first season of that show recently and waiting for season 2 to air sometime in December.

Oh well, time to check out what I got.

So it began, The first time I was at LA Comic Con for the first day before it started. Which was in the afternoon, and on a friday. I didn’t exactly cover a lot because there wasn’t exactly a massive crowd, but was still plenty enough to see happen. I would have stayed longer to see Tenacious D play, but that was the last thing happening for the day. Over all like every year it’s been a good con, and so far this was just the first day.

Can’t want to see what the others look like.