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Archive for the ‘Galleries’ Category

And now the last of the photos from Anime Pasadena. Something I forget to mention was that my GF was in the fashion show. You can see photos of her in the outfit she wore here. I realized after I didn’t take photos of her in anything, expect one of the photos she loaded on the link.

Anyways, here are the last of the coverage from the day.

Another convention has come to pass. Brought by the crew at Nerd-Bot, this one day con still had a lot going on. Jason Paige returned and played the pokemon theme, but I was outside when that happened so that made me pretty sad. At least I got to cover plenty of what was going on, and yet, I know I missed a lot.

Lets just hope next year they get a bigger space, because they sure as hell will need it.

And finally, the last of them. Wish I had a chance to head down for the third day, but had something else to do that morning and would have got to Anaheim kind of late in the day. But at least I enjoyed myself there.

Day 2, which was on a saturday, like any saturday of a convention was the most crowded. I also find myself hardly walking around int e exhibit hall. Likely because the lighting in there tends to be kind of bad. I still try to make do with what I have.

And now, the finally.

And now the start of my photos from my last day at wondercon. Not entirely eventful, just walk around and take photos, which is pretty much my main focus. And yet I just realized I think I talk about smaller conventions a lot more then the bigger ones. lets see if that’s true at the next con coming up.

And for now, here’s whats in store for now.

And now the rest of the photos for the first day of the con. The rest of the photos will be up during the week, so hold on a little longer.

There isn’t really a lot to explain of what happened during the day other then taking photos and catching pokemon. I did a lot both days I was there.

But for now, enjoy the photos.

Photos are now coming online. I was just there for days one and two, and got plenty of stuff during that time. For now the album for day one is being split in two, because if I have all of them up attention is lost sooner.

Anyways I did pretty much what I always do, take photos. Enjoy.

And now the rest of them. I got there later then I had wanted took and left earlier, but still was able to get a bunch of photos that I still think came out nicely. I rained some during the day, then get really windy, but at least it was nice inside the building.

And my favorite part, the convention took place on what I like to call, the sunny side of the building, because of how the light comes in from the outside while in the lobby.

Now to figure out what the next adventure is.

I had a nice little weekend out. I’ve been needing some content. Now, as much as I enjoyed being there, and seeing friends of mine again that I usually only see at cosplay related events, it seemed smaller this year.

There was two other events going on in the same building so that made it a bit more crowded. There was also another convention happening at the same time Gallifrey One, which is a Dr. Who con. This same thing happened last year too. Hope that doesn’t happen next year, and that LBCE will be bigger by that time again.

Alright, time to upload the photos I got during the day. It was pretty much of the parade, And some video of the lion dances. I’m going to review the rest of those to see what I can also put online. I hung around the Chinese Historical Society building along the route, which really is the best place to see the parade.

Gong hei fat choy…

And now for the rest of them, and the story. From Union we took the Red line to Hollywood to two different groups. I was in the first one and as I was talking photos, I had one lady act rude to me and said she would break my camera if i took any photos of her. I let her know I had no interest in getting her anyways.

Soon after I went in another car and was a guy freaking out about me not having pants and said I should put some on. I looked and him and gave what I like to call a, whatever face. Then others came on after me and it became funnier.

Then to the front stairs of the Highland mall for our group photo, where soon after some security guy came over and started telling us to move, which was our queue to head to Pig n’ Whistle, which is where we spent the rest of our day, and some of the night.

I would say, mission accomplished.