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Archive for the ‘Galleries’ Category

And here, we have another set of photos from this gathering for the month. I really do think it’s an interesting style.

The final day, and that was an excellent adventure. And here it is, the last of the photos taken during the weekend. There should be some more video coming of other still stuff that went on, which I’ll post later.

But for now, enjoy the rest of the show.

And here it is for day 2, I got there much later then I wanted to, for reasons, but I made it anyways, and was able to get plenty more photos. Once again, not much to say, but had fun still.

Now behold the adventure which was had this day.

Already, here is the start of it all. It was a pretty good day, got there a bit earlier then I expected, and by a bit I mean before everything was open. Not really a lot to describe that I can think of for the moment, so here is what I got. The rest of the photos will be coming during the week.

Now, for the start of this party.

Some shots I got of my woman. Pretty sure Au means gold.

Just a little shoot I did with my woman. She works out. She also told me it has to do with the company named on the short she was wearing, sweet sweat

Well, here are the photos I got from the day I was there. I would have went over the second day but something came up. It was a nice day out, nice bunch of photos, but the convention seemed a bit smaller this year for some reason. I know there were some others happening that same weekend so I wonder if that had an effect.

Anywho, here is what I got from the day.

It’s been a long time coming. Just over half a dozen of us, and it’s been so long since I’ve seen any of them. I was hoping to see some handlers, but none came out. I wanted to see how badly they had aged since I last saw any of them. I did see one guy I remember, Odo, a security guy, and I think he still looks good. I wasn’t there to long, because there was some other place i was needed.

It was nice to see my fellow critics again.

Wasn’t really in the plan to goto this convention, but the GF was going and wanted me to join. So I did my usually thing and took photos. It took place at the Ontario Convention Center which I’ve never been to before. I was only there for a day and got some more photos than I expected.

So here is it, the set I got from my short time there.

During the same day as the Women’s March. Now this is online. Not many photos, as I tend not to get to much anyways, but a nice little set. Enjoy.