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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

While putting something together my cat decided to lay down on the instructions. Only she…

Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet, but I would like the rest of this month to speed up anyways because November tends to be a rather boring month for me. Want it to be December so I can join in for santacon.

So, got my cats a thing, it took a little while but she climbed into it. She was happy.

So, she finds something she can climb in, and she does it, because she’s a cat. And a weird one. But my kitty still.

It’s friday the 13th, and to you know what that means. A photo of one of my old cats. I gave her this big ham bone and i watched her have at it. It was awesome.

At the park, with a mass of geese, being geese, because they can be.

Sometimes on your adventures you come across birds that just don’t like you.

Well, being summer has been over for a while, but it’s still kind of warm, and this photo is rather old. I’m pretty much just waiting for next month to start.

So, my dog i guess got into something with blue specks coming off if it. Wiped some of it off here by that time and realized I should get a photo. She doesn’t seem bothered.

At my place I have a bag that I put stuff in meant for donation, for when I’m ready for a pick up. Cat found a new favorite place to sleep for the week.