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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

Was the other day, so, old cat of mine.

That is if it’s the same lizard, which I doubt. I saw my cat laying down the other day, and the dog just standing watching him. I figured “there is a reason you are like that” and saw the lizard under his leg. Poor things, can never escape my cats, who I think just wan to play with them.

So I guess that’s a thing, so why not get a shot of my dogs.

Really can’t remember where I was at when I took this, but it’s pretty old. I’m kind of lacking content lately.

It’s Friday the 13th. The day of bad luck for all, but I got a little protection for myself. The poltergeists of my old black cats, as they protect me every time.

She found this little bag with some kind of cat treat inside. She tried opening it and was carrying it around the place. I have funny cats.

It’s been getting cold again, and wildlife like this are likely going into hibernation. Not sure how it works with roadrunners really. I’m also pretty bored lately and don’t have anything big coming up till Santacon in a few weeks. I’m excited as always. But int he mean tie it’s about waiting for what else is happening between now and then.

Kind of amazing how the dogs first came home 4 years ago. They were so little, and they are still small, but got much bigger then I expected. Still pretty funny to me how the cat i had at the time was so unhappy, but I expected them. I didn’t expect her to start liking them so fast.

Like one of your french kitties.

Always like seeing other peoples dogs while I’m out in the wild. Something I learned about French Bulldogs, the hard way is they have really hard head. Thought way friendly dogs, I was pushing one awhile ago and got to low and it got my right on the nose. I was fine.