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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

While you are at the park, and there are people tossing a bunch of bread and the birds are really happy.

So I learned that is today. Would have never known if I didn’t see a bunch of posts online today about it. So here is an unpublished photo of one of my old girls.

It’s what she does, most of the time, and look for a new favorite place to take a nap for the week.

As in friday the 13th. I was covering an event that day and by the time I left it was to late to post anything. As people know I like to post a photo of one of my old girls on that day, because, black cats. Here is another I believe unpublished photo of Cybil, looking adorable as she always did.

I always enjoy seeing there guys, not sure why, but just think they are cool. Just wish I can get up close to one again, like one I saw long ago that I actually got to touch it’s feathers.

It’s friday the 13th, and what better way to celebrate then to post one of my old girls. The greatest predator of all time.

Get it, because, stupid pun, shut up. I saw this bubble bee flying around these flowers and I figured it would made for an interesting shot.

Something I’m sure most cat owners have noticed about their cat is sometimes when they lay on their stomach they tuck their front feet under their bodies. My dog seems to do that too.

Get it, because my cat is a calico, and it’s a play on casual friday. My cat is silly. You can all laugh now.

While putting something together my cat decided to lay down on the instructions. Only she…