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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

Got something in the mail for the dog, not sure he’ll like this.

I got this photo before the other two I took of that one butterfly I got on the wall and that flower. This one didn’t look like it was in bad of shape.

It’s been awhile since I saw some butterflies going through my area. I’m guessing that means they are all either to their destination or near. Either way, good luck little guys.

Remember that butterfly I posted the photo of the other day? this is it again, but before I put it on the flower. This is the wall I saw it land on.

What did I hear? Oh, I know, you complaining that I took your spot!

One of the fluff balls/sock thieves has been having some health issues lately. So a GoFundMe was set up to help cover his ultrasound to find out what needs to be done with him. I would say my sister says it best on the link.

And look at him with his front paws under his body as if he was a cat.

That when I get up from my chair, someone will take my place. Most likely a cat. And I’m not sure how I made this bloody, huge cat look so small in the photo.

In a way, kind of a tribute to one of my old girls. She was standing on a toilet, and he jumped on the back of my chair, laid there and just stared at me. Funny how they are both on some kind of seat.

They very much are two completely different cats, not just in their coats, but over all personality. Plus he is way bigger then Cybil ever was. But one major thing in common, how much they like me.

He looks happy, as he usually is. Just bread-loafing it on this ottoman.

Well, I believe she got a nice present, a box to sit in. I never understood why cats like going in boxes so much. Even wild cats like them. Well, my place is a mess, time to clean.

At least, I think thats’ what she thinks she’s doing, well, but is not because I can see her.