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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

In a way, kind of a tribute to one of my old girls. She was standing on a toilet, and he jumped on the back of my chair, laid there and just stared at me. Funny how they are both on some kind of seat.

They very much are two completely different cats, not just in their coats, but over all personality. Plus he is way bigger then Cybil ever was. But one major thing in common, how much they like me.

He looks happy, as he usually is. Just bread-loafing it on this ottoman.

Well, I believe she got a nice present, a box to sit in. I never understood why cats like going in boxes so much. Even wild cats like them. Well, my place is a mess, time to clean.

At least, I think thats’ what she thinks she’s doing, well, but is not because I can see her.

Every time I got up up from my chair, there she is. Even for a second, and I watching jump on the seat right there. Cats.

While you are at the park, and there are people tossing a bunch of bread and the birds are really happy.

So I learned that is today. Would have never known if I didn’t see a bunch of posts online today about it. So here is an unpublished photo of one of my old girls.

It’s what she does, most of the time, and look for a new favorite place to take a nap for the week.

As in friday the 13th. I was covering an event that day and by the time I left it was to late to post anything. As people know I like to post a photo of one of my old girls on that day, because, black cats. Here is another I believe unpublished photo of Cybil, looking adorable as she always did.

I always enjoy seeing there guys, not sure why, but just think they are cool. Just wish I can get up close to one again, like one I saw long ago that I actually got to touch it’s feathers.