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Archive for the ‘Creatures’ Category

I had a lemon tree at my place, and one day it was discovered there was a small nest in the tree, belonging to a couple hummingbirds. Most of the time I checked them out there was just one, but this instance I saw both of them. Just wish I could pet them but that would freak them out.

Ducks at the canals in Venice. I really do think it’s something anyone should check out when they have the chance while in the area.

My dogs got groomed recently, and they got little bandanas to wear. One of the cats got one put on him and he’s been trying to deal with it. Pretty sure he doesn’t care much anymore.

Another shot from Venice canals. I don’t know why but something about ducks I just like.

It’s not often I see a macaw, let a lone one that is mostly, if not completely blue. I always thought they were pretty cool looking birds.

The other day, while still morning, I looked outside real quick and noticed something walking up the street. A lot of somethings that I know to well. Ducklings walking along with mom. Oh the happiness of seeing the little things I felt. There was a few times mom jumped on the curb and the little ones needed help up. I was more then glad to do that, 4 times.

Ducks I saw in the canals in Venice. I was oddly excited to see them, despite the fact they aren’t hard for me to find anyways.

While at my place I saw this things just walking along. So I did the one logical thing, take it’s photo. If only I had a proper lens that can do macro shots like my tamron did, before it stopped working on my camera.

I still try. And it as funny watching my dog sniff it.

Awhile back I was at the Science Center with a friend, and there I discovered an aquatic exhibit. Of the times I’ve been there before, I never knew about that. It’s also been a really long time since I was there too. Someday it will happen again.

Got something in the mail for the dog, not sure he’ll like this.