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Archive for the ‘News’ Category

I got a nice bunch of photos this year, but for some reason this seemed a little smaller. I believe part of the reason was because the event page was made so so soon before it all happened so not as many people knew of it coming.

Anyways, I started off in Culver City, as I was the ride captain of that group. I had plenty of people I led, got them to Union where we met with the others coming from North Hollywood, Koreatown, Pasadena, East LA, and Willowbrook.

And well, the rest of the story will be on part two.

I didn’t get much in photos during this event. It might have been a good idea if I left much earlier in the day too, then I could have covered more, but noooo…. I had to wait till it was 9 to get on the metro so I can take advantage of the free rides from then till 2. Hopefully next time LA Metro will decide to start that up much sooner next new years eve.

Or maybe next year I’ll just go directly there.

In the last few days heavy winds have been going through California, and like always, it brings about fires. It’s what we get for living in such a nice place. That and the high costs of most things.

To make things worse some areas are getting their power turned off to help prevent fires from being started by electoral equipment. And even thought the power lines around my place are underground that didn’t stop the blackout from happening this morning, and still happening into the night.

Then to make it worse, the fires made it more difficult to go on my, outing, for the day. I hate wind.

While on an adventure I came across this couple who recently got themselves kittens. And those who know me best, know one of my missions in life is to pet all the creatures. I still remember when mine were babies 5 years ago. So adorable, and playful, especially upon my feet as I slept. Now I have to make sure the birds and lizards around my place are safe.

Well yesterday was a long and tiring day that prevented me from posting anything. But I’m back, and awake. Ever heard of the show, The Politician? Well I was on set for that. I watched through it but didn’t really catch my interest to much, but I know others liked it a lot. But I do have to admit there was some funny things that happened. I was there for two different scenes, The first involved a reenactment with Reagan from when he was in office. I was off to the side watching as everything was going down so I never really had the chance to be on camera.

The next was related to Ford, which was cut from the final product. Sigh. I spent a a large part of 10 years in highly uncomfortable shoes, and nothing on the broadcast to show for it. I also had a wig on for the first part. That was exciting at first, then because very painful. I don’t know how my friends that wear wigs in their cosplay do it. Well, that’s the background actor life.

And the rest of the photos form the day. As mentioned before, I spent my time outside. Not much else to report, other then the fact it was pretty hot out. Still enjoyed myself.

Because the Gas Lamp is always exciting anyways.

This was my first do there. I know, kind late into the weekend. I didn’t exactly get a lot of photos, but is just enough to where I decided to split the album.

I pretty much spent my time outside, since I didn’t have a pass to go in, but there is still a lot going on in the area, including the Gas Lamp.

More to come, so be on the look out.

And then there was the last of them. What made Anime Expo this year seemingly different from before was the fact it was unseasonably cool outside. Especially in the morning. The first two days I found myself regretting wearing shorts because of that. And when I was Loki on day 3, it felt kind of nice, till it was about noon. on the last day i was Timmy Turner again, and had pants on.

I spent the day exploring and taking photos, so really not much else to say. But it was still all good.

I recorded a few videos. Some with my phone, and with the SLR. This is just the first. There is also photos coming.

I recently got another gift from Blizzard for my use of the Battle.net program on my computer. I get the game, Destiny 2, for free. Because it’s been added to battle.net for a year now. That’s cool. Well, it was announced during Blizzcon last week. But there is a problem, it’s not on mac, which I use. It’s funny because the developer, Bungie, used to only make games for mac. I wonder if it will eventually be on that platform, so I can show them this screen shot and say “hey, I couldn’t claim it because I couldn’t play it.”