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Archive for the ‘News’ Category

As everyone knows that I’ve always has a fascination with superheroes since I was a little kid. Four shows I’ve been watching form the start are coming together that are part of the DC TV universe. Loosely based off of Invasion! I am excited for next week.

More of my costume for halloween this year. Good way to help promote myself I figure when I’m out in West Hollywood. Excited for this once again, as I am every year.

Seen Luke Cage? I have, but the swear jar, gag as I would call it get to me. Hopefully this sells well. and I also decided to make it in the style of the shows title.

Coming this saturday, for just one day. I do believe they are aiming for something slightly crazy so lets see what happens.

I know I told some people photos hold be online by monday, but from the looks of it I’ll start pulling them online by then. I got home pretty late, tired, but feels good still but had a lot of editing to do.

I had someone ask if I can make this drawing into a shirt. I’m sure no one will buy it, but if it does sell, I’ll be happy.

I remember hearing about this happening awhile back, then to see for myself, pretty cool. Though I’m sure i’ve posted a photo of this place before, which isn’t really an eatery of any kind, but a tv/movie set.

Well, for all those people that try so hard to get theirs to notice them, sometimes there is a sad reality.

I got a lot of photos to edit. During sunday I was going as Timmy Turner, so hopefully I can get to some of them photos taken of me. But till then, a group shot from another friend of a bunch of us playing with a joystick.

My feet hurt so much from all that walking. The day started off at Olvera Street in downtown. Mainly we just gathered around and went a bit whacky. After a while we headed to our next place at Grand Park where we played, reindeer games. One involving throwing a reef on some giant candy cane between a persons legs, twister, hungry hungry santas, and make santa pyramid, or at least, tried.

After that we found ourselves going to a bunch of different bars together just east of Pershing Square. And at another park around that area, more games were played, which was basically seeing how far you can throw a small christmas tree. One of the bars we were at had a lot of pizza brought over, and I mean a lot. Hoping all of it got eaten. The last location for the night named was Jumbo’s Clown Room in east hollywood, which I did not go in because no cameras where allowed. As I was heading out I found some other santas and let them know of the No Pants Metro Ride next month. Now I have that to look forward to after Star Wars comes out.

How much longer will my feet hurt for?