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Archive for the ‘News’ Category

My feet hurt so much from all that walking. The day started off at Olvera Street in downtown. Mainly we just gathered around and went a bit whacky. After a while we headed to our next place at Grand Park where we played, reindeer games. One involving throwing a reef on some giant candy cane between a persons legs, twister, hungry hungry santas, and make santa pyramid, or at least, tried.

After that we found ourselves going to a bunch of different bars together just east of Pershing Square. And at another park around that area, more games were played, which was basically seeing how far you can throw a small christmas tree. One of the bars we were at had a lot of pizza brought over, and I mean a lot. Hoping all of it got eaten. The last location for the night named was Jumbo’s Clown Room in east hollywood, which I did not go in because no cameras where allowed. As I was heading out I found some other santas and let them know of the No Pants Metro Ride next month. Now I have that to look forward to after Star Wars comes out.

How much longer will my feet hurt for?

Yeah, they are now for sale, you can get them in light or dark.

I don’t even know, so don’t even ask. What makes people think this is something they should make? Who buys this?

So I am here in Louisiana, and here is near where I dropped off from my bus on my way over in Ruston.

The trip wasn’t exactly eventful. But at one point in El Paso as we were about to take off, but a police dog came in and did some sniffing. It starting barking at a bag and there was a guy that tried to rush out. Poor guy got arrested for carrying what looked like a lot of weed.

Well, let’s see what else happens during this trip.

Last night while working on my computer one of my cats desides to jump on my lap and rub her head on me. I decided to record this because it’s adorble.

Forgot to post this before. Oh well, always time later. I was only about to find photos of me as Timmy Turner. If I find any others I’ll post here.

My computer is at the shop right now, so far I know the power supply needs to be replaced. Video card might also have problems but I’m hoping not because that would mean more work for it. All I can do for now is wait. I’ll try to got some other photos for now with the iPad because that’s what I have to get online and post on here.

Oh, and to make things worse, I got an email from Blizzard for me to get in on the closed beta for one of their games in the works, Heroes of the Storm. Such wrong timing because I wanted to check that out. What I would be doing with it is helping to spot bugs and help with balance which knowing me I wouldn’t find any issues, I would be to focused on playing it.

Also for now, to help keep myself from getting bored, for anyone that comes by, recommend some movies to watch for now? I like stuff with awesome visual effects and action. Like a superhero movie, sci-fi like Starship Troopers, or fantasy like Lord of the Rings. Do comment please.

It’s been awhile since I covered a flashmob, and been wanting to for sometime to. I also got some video form it that will be part of a much larger video later.

so for now, enjoy the photos.

The band made a post looking for people to be in a new music video they are making for their song, Dundalk the Brave. I asked if it was cool to bring my camera so I did. Took some photos, recorded some video which I’ll give to them when the chance comes or them to use.

We also had some other fun while there and acted a little wacky. Because we can.

I met him a few years ago, he was a former scientologist and the roommate of another friend of mine. It’s a little weird when you find out someone you know dies, but to me it’s a little weirder that this was less then a year from out last encounter. This was back in march when we were protesting at a scientology event, the LA Org Re-re-reopening as we called it. This was the last photo I took of him.