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I remember watching this show some early on when it started to air. At the time I thought it was kind of funny, but as it went on I found myself getting more and more bored and just stopped watching all together. But clearly some people still like the show a lot and people involved made this recently. And I’m always a sucker for making avatars. At first I thought there was going to be a problem when it came to long hair for guys, but the option is there.

Also found while in Melrose. I’m back home from my long weekend. I was at FitExpo shorty for saturday in the evening, and sunday in the morning. I also took part of the No Pants subway ride sunday, and like every year, it was good. I was a ride captain for the blue line group starting in Willowbrook.

All those photos will be up soon enough, along with a possibly funny, but related video. Stay tuned.

I’m back from that party tonight. And as always I enjoyed it. The last place I was at was Rage in West Hollywood, and decided to do some quick video of santas on the dance floor. Photos should be coming online soon, and I got plenty of them.

But for now, enjoy this little show.

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I understand there are plenty of people that don’t like snopes, and I do understand why, since the site debunks many claim made by people they wish to believe. Fact checking is important because so many people see a headline without reading the story, or they just believe anything written up that was made up. One group of people that doesn’t like Snopes are those who have more a conservative mindset, but they also debunk claims made about conservatives. Claims like what Trump said republican voters, and another made about Mitt Romney’s family. Which I did tell him about when I met the guy, then told him that when I checked snopes, they also confirmed the story was a fake.

We live in a world of alternative facts, and they needs to be fought. I have to be honest, I don’t shy away form what I believe and say what I want, but I also do try to be honest. So lets help on one of those sites that mades an effort to get the truth out there.

Well, after waiting a week after I submitted the file, my covfefe shirt is now for sale. Not sure why it took so long since it’s supposed to take less then 24 hours. I’m likely past the craze, but, hoping fully some people would be interested still. And the fun part, in the underlined place, just get yourself a sharpie and write in what ever you want in either version you get.

You can get the covfefe on top.

Or with the text on the bottom.

One of the Tuskegee Airmen who fought back in World War 2, taken while in Moorpark back in 2008. I figure why not post this on Memorial Day. My main regret is not getting a photo with him.

Not only did the Tuskegee Airmen fight against the nazis, but the racism from their fellow countrymen and proved they are more then capable of their job.

This party is coming up next week, and I’m looking forward to it. Pride season is back. I wonder how many parades I’ll be in this year?

Found this while in downtown. Only fitting.

As everyone knows that I’ve always has a fascination with superheroes since I was a little kid. Four shows I’ve been watching form the start are coming together that are part of the DC TV universe. Loosely based off of Invasion! I am excited for next week.

More of my costume for halloween this year. Good way to help promote myself I figure when I’m out in West Hollywood. Excited for this once again, as I am every year.