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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Well, I got to do this party this year. I missed out last year because I had other things going on. Over 500,000 people. That was a big party. I got to see plenty of good signs, talked to some awesome people, trolled the just over dozen trump supporters, and saw the guy that I’m pretty sure tried to pick a fight with me during politicon last year because I just said calm down. And then I ran into a fired I haven’t seen since halloween 2 years ago.

I also took a few other photos around Little Tokyo with the GF and got a few other thing sin the Arts District. So, plenty of other stuff coming.

So hold on to your butts, and don’t grab that pussy. Unless that pussy gives permission.

With football season coming to an end, and I have no actual idea what’s going on and who is playing what right now. Sadly still people crying about football players exercising their right to peaceful protest that has to do with what they find an injustice. I saw let them speak. They have the right, and if they can’t do so there, then where?

I got a few photos while there. Spent most of what little time I had there looking for free samples and eating them. Who knew an event promoting health and fitness would be such great place to have breakfast?

Well, time to pump, yourself up.

And here they are, my photos from the day. As much fun as I had this year, I feel a bit lacking in photos. As I mentioned before I started the day at FitExpo with my GF. Before heading out, I relaxed some to help get myself ready for the next event and I got a call from one of the ride captains asking if I can cover for the Willowbrook group because he was running late. Since I was close enough, and had planned on going there anyways I agreed. I had a nice handful of people with me.

There ended up being a slight set back with our train taking us downtown was late, so we missed the connection to Union Station we wanted, and we got there with little turn back time because the next step going to Santa Monica. I ended up rounding up the last group of people and we missed the train we wanted heading over. But with luck we were able to met with everyone in Tongva Park before the debriefing. After that was the after party at Ma’kai.

Then after I got home, I crashed so hard. Sign of a good day.

It took a little while, but they are now online. I had other stuff to post. I have to say, I enjoyed this new years more then any other, and it was all in thanks to my GF. The night started off going to the Village in Woodland Hills, and just being ourselves and taking photos. Then we got to the orange line just before 9, because from that time till 2 am, all metro lines were free to ride. They do that to help reduce the amount of drink drivers during that time because everyone is partying.

Some shots I got from the Harajuku shoot last week, that my GR was the most focus of. I decided to make a separate post for her individual photos. Why? because I can.

So, photos from that small party, I didn’t get much of everything there, mostly my GF, which will be a separate post. Also, there was a kitten there.

Doing a shoot with the GF with lights on a string. Happy with how it came out.

Not many useable photos. But glad I got something at least, from the short time I was there. To bad this is the last one ever too.

While Santacon was happening, so was this on Hollywood blvd. A rather large set up of what I would say are black jews, which I’ve heard they are often quite angry. Well, sects of them. Some people have no chill.