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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

So a pipe at my place feeding water to the sprinkler system came apart, so I decided to fix it. Well, things were going well, then a connection came apart. fixed that and found a leak, redo, and another connection comes apart. I used up so much and this what that one segment looked like till the whole things was redone, and another leak was found. fixed that and all became good. So tiring.

Doing a little shoot with the GF for testing reasons. I think it came out well.

Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet, but I would like the rest of this month to speed up anyways because November tends to be a rather boring month for me. Want it to be December so I can join in for santacon.

Sometimes when adventuring at night, you find an opportunity to get a nice photo you didn’t expect to take.

So, got my cats a thing, it took a little while but she climbed into it. She was happy.

And finally, the last of the photos from Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (haha, mouthful of a name). Oh, I forget to mention while there, I met the creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Butch Hartman. He had a table there and I was given a fidget spinner with his likeness on it. Such a nice prize.

And finally, it has all come to an end.

Well, once again I have over 100 photos on the last day for this convention, so once again I’m splitting into 2 albums. It was also a great day, I was there as Timmy Turner, with my new pink shirt that is a much closer shade of pink to my hat. And, I got to meet the video of Wanda from the show. She noticed me in the costume and told me she was Wanda, and knew I wanted a photo with her.

Such a good day, and the rest is coming soon.

Now, they are online. I got there a bit later then I hoped because one of my friends that joined wasn’t feeling to well for a bit, so I helped them to recover, then conquered the night. I got to see a lot, and really didn’t have as much trouble moving around in some places as I have in other years past. I found that nice. I was there as Manchester Black, a DC Comics character who has fought Superman before. It was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I had a few people ask who I was, which I understand because he is kind of obscure.

Anywho, enjoy the photos, and the last one of the pumpkin I carved, of a no wifi logo.

And here are the rest of the photos from the second day on LA Comic Con this year. I still have a lot to do, like day 3 photos, and what I got from West Hollywood on Halloween. Day 2 ended with an after party nearby with Black Eyed Peas playing, but, I don’t really care much for them really. Over all I’ve been having a good week, and hopefully there is more to come.

So hold on tight, because it’s heading your way.

So many photos on my first day there, I’m making to album sets from the day. I meant to get there friday evening but got delayed heading over. Stayed in Little Tokyo and took the metro over. The entire day went well and I enjoyed myself more than I expected, and I knew I was going to enjoy myself.

I’ll be posting the rest of the photos during the week, and Halloween is coming up so I’ll be posting photos from that during the weekend too. I look forward to my busy week, and showing the rest of you my adventures.

So brace yourself for the coming onslaught.