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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Well, that came out to be a really good day. I got there a little later then I had wanted to, off of maybe at least 4 hours of sleep. But I was ready for this.

It was raining on the way down while taking the metro, and I was worried the ground would still be a bit wet because skating on a wet surface is not fun. It was mostly dry by the time I had my blades on and started going up and down the route. getting everything I could. As the day went on it did get warmer, and when the parade ended I kept going up and down the street to get anything else I can find.

At one moment, while walking on the sidewalk I heard this thump, looked over and see a cup that feel out of the window of a top floor apartment. I got their attention and the person came down stairs to put up the cup and invited me up to join the party. So did not expect but I liked. Guy also had a nice view of the ocean. After I was done there I went back down to take more photos and headed back home soon after words.

Oh what a glorious day.

This was my first time doing this convention, and the first time I was inside the Ontario convention center. though a bit small, it’s a pretty nice looking place. And I have to say, the lights in the exhibit hall were pretty good. I’m finding myself rather happy with how they come out.

I would say I got a nice set of photos for the amount of time I was there, which was most of the day. I also recorded a couple of short videos of friends being silly, because that’s always awesome.

Would do again.

The fight over reproductive rights has been raging on pretty hard lately because of states like Alabama and Ohio working on passing messed up laws when it comes to abortion. Unfortunately the “prolife” crowd are listening to idiots that either don’t know what the hell they are talking about, or are straight up lying.

Somethings to clear up, post birth abortions are not a thing! Late term is only legal in dire cases! and an ectopic pregnancy has to be aborted, it’s not possible to plant a fertilized egg to a uterus in such a situation! Also the entire “prolife” movement never started as a fight against abortion, but that of birth control because church leaders want churches filled up more. That and they want more bodies to send to war. Also, have you ever notice how so many “prolife” leaders are church leaders? and how many church leaders themselves have been exposed to being #sexual #predators? Gee, you wonder if their is a connection? Now, do the followers understand what they might be unknowingly supporting?

Further more, if you see a person hanging around some place displaying their morbid signs, find a way to get them to admit they are being paid to do this. I got this chick to while in Moorpark while trolling her buddies and eating a sandwich in front of them over 10 years ago. Oh, and try to record them saying it too.

I don’t understand, what is it? And how is it a problem?

Old sports photo of mine from a Volleyball game in Moorpark. I have to say, womens is more exciting then mens because I really enjoyed watching them serve the ball. How they toss the ball so hit into the air, leap so high and BOOM, right over the net.

While at my place I saw this things just walking along. So I did the one logical thing, take it’s photo. If only I had a proper lens that can do macro shots like my tamron did, before it stopped working on my camera.

I still try. And it as funny watching my dog sniff it.

Awhile back I was at the Science Center with a friend, and there I discovered an aquatic exhibit. Of the times I’ve been there before, I never knew about that. It’s also been a really long time since I was there too. Someday it will happen again.

Old photo I got in Woodland Hills at one of the malls there. Saw someone playing with one of these little drones they were trying to sell. I hope they did.

During my hike with a friend over by the mini bloom in my area. She wanted me to get a photo.

Old baseball photo from Moorpark. Because Baseball season has started again. And in other news, is it Saturday already? I want to see End Game already!