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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

While talking to my GF, she told me about this fashion style from Japan call Harajuku. She also told me about a gathering happening in Little Tokyo of it with a few others taking photos, and asked me to join her. I of course took photos, because, it’s me, and I got to have an adventure, which is something I always do enjoy.

Well, you learn about something new everyday, and sometimes it’s interesting.

So, my dog i guess got into something with blue specks coming off if it. Wiped some of it off here by that time and realized I should get a photo. She doesn’t seem bothered.

From that shoot out at griffith park a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I went there.

Over in Long Beach around the pier area. Got while there for Long Bach Comic Con. There were lights shining on it and changing into different colors. Seemed neat to me.

Found this during the weekend Long Beach Comic Con was going. I was by the convention center, was late in the evening, and watched as lights shined on these pillars and changed colors. I thought it was pretty neat.

Not as many photos on this day. Got there a bit later, and was a Gryffindor. Went around and got plenty more photos, and it was avoided going outside much as possible, because it was still wrongfully hot. As the day was coming to an end I discovered nearby the proper protesting the convention. There is video in the post yesterday. As everything was going to a close, it started to rain, and went back to where I was staying.

I had a really good weekend.

And now, from the final day of the party.

Well, here are the rest of the photos from day one. Not much else to talk about since i’m pretty sure i about covered it in the first post. Well, a friend was the lead guy for a spiderman gathering, and asked me to take some photos form that. I did.

Well, more stuff to come, hold on for now.

Yeah, I got a lot of photos that day. The morning was kind of miserable for me because the Tracer I was going with had to take her gun back to where we were staying because, no guns, prop, toy or anything. I took it back myself and it was still morning by the time I was at the convention center again. As the day went on it was going better. And even thought many people that would have been there were at Dragoncon this weekend, I got plenty still. So much, I decided to split day 1 photos into 2 posts.

So here is part one of day one from this party this weekend.

While at the shoot out at griffith park. Stinky Pete the Prospector from Toy Story 2. I’m still finding myself disappointed with the tamron lens.