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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Tomorrow is friday the 13th, and what better way to celebrate then with one of my old girls, the beast herself. I once had a dream she came back and I was introducing her to the creatures I have now. I’m just still surprised she didn’t make her 20’s, because she was a heathy cat. Well, 19 was close enough.

And finally the last of the photos form the event. More people during the second day which is nice. No other events were taking place in the building to some had the entire run of the place. Despite not getting whole lot, I got a nice amount of stuff for what was there.

And after I took part of some pokemon raids going on nearby after it all ended.

Day two definitely had more people there, which is odd because saturdays tend to be the bigger day. Getting Down there wasn’t entirely fun since there is still work going on with the blue line. Thankfully it’s set to compete sometime this month so next time I head down there it won’t be as much a problem.

Other then that it’s just another convention day in Long Beach.

I got there kind of early in the day with my GF going as a Steam Punk Catwmoan. The Convention took place on the Boardwalk, or what I like to call, the sunny side of the building because of how the light comes in through out the day.

There was also two other events happening at the Convention Center. One on the other side of the building, and the other event was some kind of Jehovah’s Witnesses type of con. I don’t know, but I”m sure some of them thought we looked cool.

Always fun how things come together.

Been waiting for this all month. Not as big as last year, likely because there were two other major conventions going on this weekend. DragonCon in Atlanta, and CrunchyRoll Expo, which had a problem happen

More photos to come as the week goes by.

Wasn’t there as long for the last day, but was still able to squeeze a good handful of photos in.

That’s pretty much all I can report.

I am down in Long Beach this weekend for the Comic Con there. Doesn’t seem to be to a whole lot going on, but still covering it. But for now here is a quick shot I got in the area by the hotel that shares the same lot as the convention center. No cosplayers for the moment, just background.

Day 2 was a bigger day for sure, but still didn’t exactly get a lot. It was a small convention after all, and is kind of a revival of another con of the same name last happened at the Long Beach Convention Center a few years before.

Lets just see how this goes in the future.

First time doing this con, but not to this area. This is where BentCon took place on it’s last year it happened. I didn’t exactly get a lot of photos, because I was only there for so long, but most of them were on saturday.

Not a lot to take about right now so I’ll do more of it on a later post about the event.

Let me in the game! Football season is starting up again, I believe. Been hearing some light news on it lately so I figured it makes sense to post an old photo from a game I covered in Moorpark.