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Archive for the ‘Photos’ Category

Some shots I got of my woman. Pretty sure Au means gold.

So there was another gathering the other day, but this time in a different location in Little Tokyo. All i really did there was hang around, but did get this group photo, because I can.

Only right to use a line from he movie, Bowfinger for this little piece I found in the Art’s District.

I should do that more myself. Also, sometimes photos in some places are a bit difficult because of lighting. Either will be to dark or too bright, so you got to adjust just right.

Well, I don’t know, this game was so long ago I can’t remember how it went down. But I hear baseball season is coming again.

Just a little shoot I did with my woman. She works out. She also told me it has to do with the company named on the short she was wearing, sweet sweat

Get it, because, stupid pun, shut up. I saw this bubble bee flying around these flowers and I figured it would made for an interesting shot.

Yes, that’s it, I took a photo of trash awhile ago. I’ve been bored.

You put them in a bag and beat it with the lemons.

Something I’m sure most cat owners have noticed about their cat is sometimes when they lay on their stomach they tuck their front feet under their bodies. My dog seems to do that too.