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An old photo of this scrub jay that I took with a, rather large lens attached. I’m hoping eventually I’ll get another lens like this, or with more zoom so I can get shots like this again. But I would also like to see more interesting wild life around too.


What? Who? Oh

A road trip I was on awhile back. Seen in Texas of all places, no surprise. I’ve always questioned how people can come to believe in such ideas that in my mind doesn’t make any kind of sense. It just seems like an obsession to me that some people believe they need to dedicate their entire lives to a figure that I honestly believe doesn’t exist.

If it makes them happy though, fine, whatever, just don’t cause problems for others.


Take The Shot

This morning while on facebook I saw a headline on the top of my feed that I thought was from a hoax site. Then when I got a better look at the name of the site it I realized it wasn’t fake. That is when I learned Kobe Bryant had died, along with a few others in a crash.

Being from LA this is a pretty big deal because he played for the Lakers for a very long time, and helped led them to win the finals for years. Now, I’m not really much of a sports fan, let along for basketball, but you still feel affected. never met the guy, nor been to any Laker games, So I figure I’ll use a photo I got as a game while in Moorpark.


Lemon Drops

When you find the tree at your place is developing a very different looking lemon. Not sure it will taste any different anyways, but also sure it will be more annoying to cut up.



Old photo from Moorpark. So I understand the teams to play in the super bowl are set for this year. I didn’t care, and like usual I likely won’t care enough about the game to watch. For anyone else into that, I have no problem with you enjoying it, because there is no rules saying what you can or can like. If it makes you happy, and not causing problems, then it’s all good.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’20

As much as I enjoyed my day there, I sadly didn’t get much. A lot was happening in the convention center, and much of it was part of a dance completion. So some of the people from that might be noticed in the background while in the lobby area.

Then when I entered the exhibit hall, there was defiantly less floor space used up. Of everything it turns out why the convention happened so soon was because other dates were already taken up so it was either set it at an open weekend earlier on, or not happen at all.

On top of the fact another nerdy convention was also happening that same weekend, and that didn’t help much at all. Hopefully next year won’t have this issue. But one upside was seeing some of the people there for the dancing event were rather fascinated with seeing the cosplayers. I let them know most of us are cool with them taking photos of or with us.

Because you should never be scared of cosplayers. Well, most of us.


Keeping Steady

From Moorpark. Now and then the schools head officer would set up this little game. Put on this pair and beer goggles, and see how well you would walk along the line. I tried it once and didn’t stumble around because I knew it was just an illusion. I got called a cheater but we still had a nice little laugh about it.


Activism Art

Awhile back while in Moorpark, for some reason the college decided it wanted to do a theme for that school year, The year of Science and Religion. I have no idea who thought this, or why it needed to be done, but I hardly cared. A fellow graphics student saw the poster, who like me, wasn’t much a fan of religion, stole it, decided to make something with the poster and added his own protest to it making use of the same imagery.

We were stunned to discover the poster was returned in a modified fashion but at the same time, we all thought it looked cool still.


Street Fruit

Awhile back I came some idea some people have posted around about helping to make it easier to grant access to food to these who have trouble affording it. The idea is to grow fruit trees along city streets so people can pick them and have something eat.

This idea might not be the best because it could attract certain pests, and create a mess with fallen fruit. But another upside is it can help fight pollution.