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Archive for the ‘Shark Attacks’ Category

Some asked if the one shouting was yelling shark, when he was really speaking of how cold the water was. He was thanked for not warning the other humans and will always be spared.

I saw a post on George Takei’s page on Facebook, this is what happens when you give me ideas.

And it was quite a blood bath. So many victims feel prey to the shark. And what a way to end Shark Week to.

So since I am unable to use the current version of the shark for my attacks because of how I drew it out and I wanted to make them again I figured start using 2.0 for them. It still works, why not?

when I was at AX ’07 and was at a friends beach house, when I walked to the water saw surfers out and about, and look who comes out to join.

to date this has been my last shark attack

Taken at Anime Expo ’07…
first shark attack using version 3.0, it’s forever going to be used as my logo but I want something that works better for photoshop. I can always draw something new but I want more flexibility and control with it for later works. so now I must really learn how to use 3D programs, I know this and that in Cinema 4D but not enough to really do something with it. We can only wait and see what happens later.

even the water in your malls and backyards can hold a danger lurking around for you to eat.
note: this is my first shark attack with the camera I have now, or the first one that I liked I don’t know.

you know how golf courses rather you didn’t get your ball out from the water? now you see why

A little advice, never, never tell me there are shark swimming around New Orleans, never. it will give me ideas.

water water everywhere, shark will come out and eat you