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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

So a pipe at my place feeding water to the sprinkler system came apart, so I decided to fix it. Well, things were going well, then a connection came apart. fixed that and found a leak, redo, and another connection comes apart. I used up so much and this what that one segment looked like till the whole things was redone, and another leak was found. fixed that and all became good. So tiring.

Doing a little shoot with the GF for testing reasons. I think it came out well.

Sometimes when adventuring at night, you find an opportunity to get a nice photo you didn’t expect to take.

From that shoot out at griffith park a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I went there.

Over in Long Beach around the pier area. Got while there for Long Bach Comic Con. There were lights shining on it and changing into different colors. Seemed neat to me.

Found this during the weekend Long Beach Comic Con was going. I was by the convention center, was late in the evening, and watched as lights shined on these pillars and changed colors. I thought it was pretty neat.

While at the shoot out at griffith park. Stinky Pete the Prospector from Toy Story 2. I’m still finding myself disappointed with the tamron lens.

On sunday there was a cosplay shoot out going on at griffith park. I was there shortly and only go ta few shots. I used my tamron lens in hopes things will look fine but think I’m going to give up on it now. I don’t know want to deal with it anymore. I did some fix on this photo, in hopes it can look better. There are a few more photos, but here is this for now, Rocket from Gradians of the Galaxy.

While heading to the Redbull Soapbox Race, and heading to the wrong entrance. I saw this at the chinatown gold line station. Thought it looked neat.