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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

I am down in Long Beach this weekend for the Comic Con there. Doesn’t seem to be to a whole lot going on, but still covering it. But for now here is a quick shot I got in the area by the hotel that shares the same lot as the convention center. No cosplayers for the moment, just background.

Let me in the game! Football season is starting up again, I believe. Been hearing some light news on it lately so I figured it makes sense to post an old photo from a game I covered in Moorpark.

There was a big raid event in Pokemon Go! Three hours in a chance to catch a Suicune, and a chance it could be a shiny. I took part of two battles and didn’t get one either time. So lame. But before the first battle took place I noticed a lot of people around with their phones out, ready for action. Not often I have an opportunity like this to get people in their natural state.

Another shot of the, planter bridge as I shall call it in Long Beach. What I’m most interested in is knowing what is being made with the construction stuff on the other side of these plants.

Awhile back I came across this car that was egged, then later to see the driver window was broken. And the last time I saw the car, it looked like this. Yeah, that’s right, all the tires are gone, then after I took this photo, the entire car was gone too. Talk about a tough break.

In Long Beach near the convention center, that is part of a walkway that helps connects both sides of the building, there is this. It’s a bridge that also acts like a type of planter. There is also construction going on directly along the walk way but i have no idea whats going on. Well, hope to see soon enough.

I have no idea where it came from, but I was just walking around and suddenly, watermelon just sitting there in the grass. I just don’t get it.

Another shoot from the near top of the Bank Tower in downtown. The fact I was this close to the actually roof of the building is pretty cool. But, this isn;t the highest I’ve been. When I was a little kid I was in New York, and during that time one place I went to was the Empire State Building. I don’t remember a lot from that, but do remember getting to the observation deck.

On saturday night, I was at a party in Downtown, in the Bank Tower. That was my first time in that building, since being around LA most of my life anyways. And yet, this is also not that surprising for most people I believe.

And near the very top of that building, what a view.

Likely the last shot from my adventure at the canals in Venice. I don’t have a lot going lately.