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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

Because I took this photos the day after Cinco de Mayo, while I was at Olvera Street. I was hoping to meet with some friends but I got a little to bored before they got there, much later then I expected. Oh well, at least I got something for the day.

I’m pretty sure i’ve posted a piano at union station photo before, but not this one. If you happen to be there, and know how to tickle the ivories, have at it. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Another shot form Long Beach. I don’t have much to say but like that my lens is back. it really does look nice.

While in Shoreline Village for the MardiGras event. I was there maybe an hour, hour and a half, and really didn’t find much to be going on at all. I have one other photo to post but that’s kind of it. Another friend who was there posted some other photos and videos fro after I took off and looks like out picked up some after that, but not as much as I expected over all.

Anywho, I at least got to test my lens, see how well the photos come out. I have to say, happy with how it came out, but get errors after 2 or 3 photos. I’ll try to figure this out. More time to test for the next few weeks. This will be fun.

Another photo from New Years over a month ago.

Interesting building we have.

During the Night on Broadway event. Ran into a friend of mine with his squad.

While in Downtown I ran into this street fair, Night on Broadway. From what I understand it’s to bring more attention to the area, make it lively and have more people hang there and shop. I found out about it while I was there, and I always enjoy walking in the middle of a street.

And I agree, especially during his times. Might be a dark era, who knows, but don’t let anything stop you.

Photo from the Orlando vigil. A lot of people in the LGBT community have been feeling uncomfortable for awhile, in part because of newly sworn in VP that has a history of not liking the community, and the LGBT page on the white house website being taken off. These next 4 years are going to be scary for plenty of people.