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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

So other gathering happened this weekend, and I pretty much just got this one photo. Might I also add it was kind of hot out still, but at least we are no longer in a heat wave.

I’m not sure what everyone is freaking out about.

Well, town, since this was in Moorpark long ago.

An old photo I got while in Moorpark of a speech during an event happening at the school for business students. I like his pose there.

While in San Diego last weekend, we did a little shoot. We had planned to take more in other places but didn’t happen. Instead we just took a few in this tunnel over by the Old Town Station. I still like it.

While in San Diego I was checking out Waterfront Park with the GF, and we saw this strange structure in park. From what I could tell from a distance it looked like some kind of hydra to me, but as i started to see the base it started to look more like a tree. I was hoping that it was a hydra. Oh well, it’s all good still, and kind of cool looking.

So what was I up to friday you ask? I was covering a wedding, because I am an event photographer. Well, events are what I prefer to do. No, I don’t post photos from private events unless the person who called me for it give me permission, because that’s just uncool to do otherwise. But I did this time because there was some shots I liked enough that i felt wold be just right to put online.

Well, today was day zero, and this was all I got so far. But, this is a big event taking place in 4 days so be sure to expect a lot. And besides, what better way to celebrate the birth of your nation then to goto an anime convention?

When you find this tiny tree starting to grow in and take a photo of it.

As I was starting to leave Carnival, I saw this guy here holding his sign, and couldn’t help but to recognize him. FernandoLove. Totally forget about him. But why have a fear of hoes?