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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

With football season coming to an end, and I have no actual idea what’s going on and who is playing what right now. Sadly still people crying about football players exercising their right to peaceful protest that has to do with what they find an injustice. I saw let them speak. They have the right, and if they can’t do so there, then where?

Doing a shoot with the GF with lights on a string. Happy with how it came out.

While Santacon was happening, so was this on Hollywood blvd. A rather large set up of what I would say are black jews, which I’ve heard they are often quite angry. Well, sects of them. Some people have no chill.

I often forget that still have so many photos from games I’ve covered. I miss that kind of thing.

Not sure how good that chain is keeping it locked up. Well, I just hope no one stole it. I also doubt it was stolen too.

When you are dressed up to to a strange performance at an event with a lot of people watching and you are pound of yourself. I would be do.

I mean, who doesn’t play 3 or more games at once?

So a pipe at my place feeding water to the sprinkler system came apart, so I decided to fix it. Well, things were going well, then a connection came apart. fixed that and found a leak, redo, and another connection comes apart. I used up so much and this what that one segment looked like till the whole things was redone, and another leak was found. fixed that and all became good. So tiring.

Doing a little shoot with the GF for testing reasons. I think it came out well.

Sometimes when adventuring at night, you find an opportunity to get a nice photo you didn’t expect to take.