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Archive for the ‘Manipulations’ Category

During Wondercon, a friend went over as Prince Charming from Cinderella, and had an idea for a photo. The idea was to have a line of Disney princesses waiting to see if the glass slipper fit on them. I wasn’t there to see this happen, because if I knew this was going to, I so would have got this shot.

But I digress. There was a problem with the photo. The Cinderella was in front, kind of killing the joke. And there was two other people in the background that didn’t need to be there. So he asked if someone can do a little photoshop, take the people in back out, and also remove the Cinderella in front. I just moved her further back in the line because I felt it didn’t seem fair to be completely taking her out of the image.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m a bit rusty, then when I do something again my reaction always seems to be, “nope, I’m still dangerous with this program.”

Sometimes you came across someone’s postings on Facebook and you just wish there was more choices available because of the shear amount of suck that is their existence.

If you’ve seen the White House Correspondents Dinner, or at least clips of it from Saturday night you might have noticed a certain comedian go up on stage. Some people became offended by jokes she made about how Sarah Sanders looks, only to find, she didn’t. Personally I would say she was complimenting her make up work, while also talking about how she lies so often. Or at least I believe Wolf was complimenting her, or maybe it was sarcasm. Then the outrage from a number of people defending Sanders who seem to have very short memories. I also wonder, how is it that entertainers, specially those who make jokes, should be put to a higher standard then those who are supposed to represent us? Including one who has encouraged violence.

So, this was posted on reddit, and I did a photoshop.

I remember as I kid learning about drugs in school, what they do to a person, and how it effects others you know. Well, never did anything but in a way also feel lied to. From what I understand some effects are exaggerated, and the bigger problem is more the addiction. But there is another problem I would of liked to of been addressed when it comes to such a thing, that some people will take advantage of and you’ll just end up trading one addiction for another. Thus creating a really disturbing new behavior.

I’ve been seeing stories about this for awhile, and never really noticed a problem. I’ve also seen comments from other people talking about assaulting a transgender person and one involving a cop bragging about it. But as much as some people cry out about one group of people making people feel violated, they completely forget about another that is more likely to.

During the Chinese New Year parade saturday. I swear, almost every parade I’ve been in or seen around LA has some people with their signs. Last time I completely wiped what was on a persons sign and added my own text insulting them was at comic con last year and decided to do so again here. I think I’ll start doing this for now on and hope it spreads far enough to where the person in the photo will eventually see it.

A photo was posted on reddit requesting some photoshoppings of it. Only idea I had in mind really.

So this seems to have become some kind of meme, and funny one at that. I decided to of course make one of my own and the only idea I had in mind is to use a screenshot from Not Another Teen Movie, which I do remember watching, and it was was kind of funny, at the most.

Well, it’s going to be a while till the new Captain America movie comes out, which I will watch, but first, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then Terminator Genisys, and Ant-Man, the new Star Wars movie, Dawn of Justice, and likely at least a handful more of movies. I have so much to look forward to.

Well, the internet did go crazy after this got online. Personally, I don’t like Kim Kardashian, never really did. At first I didn’t care about her, figured she would just go away soon after people started talking about her but nope, I still hear about what she is up to and it’s difficult to avoid.

Now I’m sure as anyone checking this page would know, there have been a number of other people that have photoshopped the original photo. Many of them funny, and even buzzfeed got in on it with some of the guys form the site doing a shot of themselves doing the same thing. Well, as I can only say, I really hope she just goes away. Also, so many adjustment layers.