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Archive for February, 2017

Don’t worry, I’ve seen video of him saying each line. If the fact Trump is a pathological liar wasn’t bad enough. Things are just looking worse.

Another shot form Long Beach. I don’t have much to say but like that my lens is back. it really does look nice.

While in Shoreline Village for the MardiGras event. I was there maybe an hour, hour and a half, and really didn’t find much to be going on at all. I have one other photo to post but that’s kind of it. Another friend who was there posted some other photos and videos fro after I took off and looks like out picked up some after that, but not as much as I expected over all.

Anywho, I at least got to test my lens, see how well the photos come out. I have to say, happy with how it came out, but get errors after 2 or 3 photos. I’ll try to figure this out. More time to test for the next few weeks. This will be fun.

Found this while in downtown. Only fitting.

I just got my good lens back again after having a different problem this time. In just having a connection error so it couldn’t be used. I plan on heading to Long Beach again in the morning after finding out about this so it should be a good test run for a day. I played with it some today and all seems to be fine other then the fact some images seemed blurry but that was kind of fixed. Just need to look more carefully at the photos. Some errors are still happening but if they persist in the next few weeks i’ll have to have to checked out again. I really don’t want this thing to be more trouble.

Pretty sure I need an updated version, since it’s a month old. But this is what I can find as of now. I’m looking forward to the science one.

I came across this video today, figured i should share it. Though i would like to be a part of the entertainment industry still, because i would like to be a part of some grander thing.

if there are issues watching the video, check it out here.

A lot of claims of such a thing about mainstream media, to justify the fact they don’t always do stories that come to the favor of the person watching. The denial of what is reality is astounding, even if you show evidence it gets brushed off. There is fake news out there, but some people are unable to tell the difference.

In the end, this is what you look like when you cry fake news.

Also when pretty good, but get there later then I expected because of delays on my train going down. Didn’t remember raining much at all while there either. Well, I had my coat with me so that was helpful anyways. Not a lot to say of what happened, got lots of good shots, and but over all enjoyed my adventures.

Alright, now time to wait for the next party.

Day one, took a while to get down, and the rain from the last few days didn’t help. But by the time I made it to Long Beach it was sprinkling. Over all everything was pretty good, and the sun ended up coming out in the afternoon. Plenty of good shots during the day, lots of good costumes and humor. But something I really should do is record video, because now and then there is something silly that happens that needs to be caught on camera.

Anywho, here is the the set for the first day.

The rest should be going up tomorrow.