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Archive for May, 2017

So as news broke about what Kathy Griffin did in a photo, she later on apologized saying she went to far. Many people displayed their displease for it, which is understandable, I thought it was kind of lame, but you also have to remember some of what happened while Obama was in office. I don’t remember much outrage from those who would call themselves conservatives during those 8 years. And then there is Ted Nugent, Which remember, he was also in the White House.

Well, Trump posted this on twitter, no one knows what is going on, but it because something really funny. I have this made so far. I asked some friends what fonts scream out to them, covfefe, and one said something cyrillic.

One of the Tuskegee Airmen who fought back in World War 2, taken while in Moorpark back in 2008. I figure why not post this on Memorial Day. My main regret is not getting a photo with him.

Not only did the Tuskegee Airmen fight against the nazis, but the racism from their fellow countrymen and proved they are more then capable of their job.

Old photo from an old trip. I”m sure that will steer people away, but what if the person is really good. Guns do get stolen, so you never know.

While ago Elton John and youtube were doing some kind of contest to make a pitch for music videos for 3 of his songs. Rules where given on what kind of ideas you have in mind for whatever you want. I had one for the song Tiny Dancer, but sadly my pitch video came out like crap because of wind. I didn’t have time to make a new one so I just didn’t bother and decided to wait to see what came out in the end. Below is that video. Rather different from what I had in mind for the most part, and I kind of feel mine would have been more interesting. But, oh well, but the fact Marilyn Manson is also in it, so that gives some points for me.

The other two videos done were for Rocket Man, and Bennie and the Jetts. Bennie and the Jetts I would say is my favorite of the bunch. I hope something like this happens again, so maybe I’ll have another chance to make something.

Awhile ago I posted about how I believe the new logo for the republican party should be of some kind of Crocodilia. The reason is because I would watch those involved with the party mindless attack everyone, while seemingly eating their own. Found it kind of disturbing. From watching many republicans in congress keep taking the side of Trump, despite all the stupidly he is taking part of that I keep seeing almost everyday, and so few are actually speaking out against it.

If you ask me, they are spineless. Which comes to why I believe now the logo for the party should be that of, a tapeworm, because no one likes it, and don’t nothing but feed off it’s host.

Kind of hard when there is just one piece left to complete most of the possible prizes. Well, actually I do have a prize that I’ve won, a $5 card. All the pieces were attached to each other, so no need to rip it up.

I know this trailer has been out a little while. Been watching that and clips of the movie already out. So can’t wait to watch this, and i’m really hoping it comes out to be a good movie.

They are online now, that was a fun day, and was in the parade with Queer Nerd Alliance. Got there a bit earlier then I expected, which was fine and got to see more this time then the last 2 years I was there. It was also kind of nice having some ocean breeze come in to cool things off.

I also get more photos this time around while there. Nice to be there for a parade, especially since LA pride isn’t going to have one this year. I can only hope there is still some partying going on along Santa Monica blvd after the march is over.

But for now, check out this party.

While on me way home from Long Beach Pride today, I remembered something I noticed if you are at a high enough elevation is how many trees there are going across the town or city. Even going through south LA, there are trees everywhere. I think it’s pretty cool. Anywho, my photos from pride should start going up tomorrow, so brace yourself.