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Archive for March, 2018

When you are walking about downtown and find this chair tied up looking unhappy. If only if it was also given some intense looking eyebrows, then I would have called this, Angry Chair, after the Alice in Chains song.

While taking a photo of these people, at first, a guy that I guess they know there asked me to record some video. Now, I haven’t played Mass Effect, which is where these cosplays are from, so I don’t really know whats going on. So, i’ll just leave it at that.

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Start sending them. I’m sure it will be all good.

The final day, and that was an excellent adventure. And here it is, the last of the photos taken during the weekend. There should be some more video coming of other still stuff that went on, which I’ll post later.

But for now, enjoy the rest of the show.

And here it is for day 2, I got there much later then I wanted to, for reasons, but I made it anyways, and was able to get plenty more photos. Once again, not much to say, but had fun still.

Now behold the adventure which was had this day.

Already, here is the start of it all. It was a pretty good day, got there a bit earlier then I expected, and by a bit I mean before everything was open. Not really a lot to describe that I can think of for the moment, so here is what I got. The rest of the photos will be coming during the week.

Now, for the start of this party.

Last day of wondercon, and once again video with Sin Twisted as Samara from The Ring. I’ve seen her in this before, but this time did video. Shes always entertaining.

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Day one of Wondercon is over, and I made a quick drawing on a friend going as Tank Girl. I was telling her about the movie Hesher, and how I went as him on Halloween one year, I walked around West Hollywood without a shirt, and a stick figure on my chest shooting itself in the head. She liked that so asked I can draw that on her. I liked that idea.

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Well, this looks like it could be funny. The first movie was really good itself. Who would have expected a superhero movie with violace, mad swearing and a lot of sexual references would work? Wait, I knew it would.

My GF got herself one of these for experimentation reasons, So I got this one photo with it. Still a lot for me to test with it. Still neat. And King Kong is now upside down.