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Archive for June, 2018

Someone said to her it’s like Wakanda meets Japan.

Came across this nice mural, of some skeleton, on an undead pegasus, fighting what looks like a hydra. Neat!

Another gathering happened this weekend, and got a nice handful of photos.

It’s that time of year again, where I make an update on what I wold look like if I was in the show South Park. Feel free to make your own here. I think the guy that holds that site up has the best avatar maker.

I when hiking with the GF and before we got on the trail I spotted this rattlesnake. Stopped her and we started taking photos of it. Then other people came over and also started taking photos of it. This is the world we live in. I’m ok with that part.

Coming next weekend, a long parade taking up much of hollywood blvd for a long period of time. With dancing, music, and all kinds of craziness that everyone enjoys. Along with the Cultural Village with performances from a number of musical and dance acts. I would say this event is about as wild as pride, so you can’t go wrong in going here.

Now and then you come across a story of people being harassed for speaking another language. To which I say, who cares? and, it’s not your business anyways. I don’t know of any rules saying you have to speak any language here, nor is there an official language.

Why is it such a big deal someone is speaking in another language? Is it because you don’t think they are assimilating? Most people do. I’ve always seen it, and it happens much faster with kids. No one is trying to take over, stop scaring yourself stupid.

That awkward moment you should someone they posted bad info and they block you for it. First of all, the Sanger quote, it’s an edit of what she really said. In the real quote it reads like she is talking about people in general. And then to think you can use a photoshopped image. This is why I find the “pro-life” movement to be a sham. Not only they lie to push an agenda, but it’s really to fight birth control over all.

And now for the rest of the photos. During the parade I found my favorite float made a return, Chipotle, and I got a bunch of buy one, get one free cards. Ran into the Trump Twitter Library. Didn’t enter before I figured I’ll check it out later in the day but ended up forgetting about it. At least it’s open one more weekend here. I also tried out this drink called Peace Tea, which i tend not to like tea, but this was pretty good. Would have another can.

Well, I had an excellent day, and sad it all ended.

Till next time, keep the party going.

Well, that was a nice long day of awesome. I was in the parade with PFLAG, as I have mentioned before. But despite being a pretty low number it took an hour for our group to finally get to the step off point. I’m not kidding. Now, there is some other things to talk about but that will be for tomorrows post where I will put up the rest of the photos. I got a lot that day so here is the first set. My feet were also starting to hurt a lot kind of earlier then usual while my blades were on. Soon after my group was done I took them off because I couldn’t take it anymore.

But anywho, here is the long march.