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Archive for July, 2018

There was an interesting video that came out awhile ago with Trump. Which was celebrated because it was indicated he was talking about one group of people many far right wing, american conservatives already had disdain for because of the actions of a few, as of which most of their peers condemned.

Unfortunately there was already a group here in the US which followed ideals which promoted hatred against the LGBTQ community, along with those of other faiths, independently minded women, and others that down follow the same kind of ideals they hold on to, which completely involves controlling the lives of others. And they do so in the name of salvation. I learned long ago that those who try the hardest to prove how good or great they are, the more sinister their actual intend. I also know not to trust people that proclaim how important it is for them to save everyone. Because they don’t.

My girlfriend asked if I can post something for her. I’m kind of in a content drought so I’m glad she sent this to me, so I have something to post about for the day. We are currently living in a dangerous time. There is a disdain for the arts and intellectuals that has been ever growing. To be rid of such things will only go bad for the masses and make them easier to control, entertainment will be mindless and would only exist to glorify figures who only wish to rule. We need to back each other up.

I recently began selling me designs on Society 6. Supporting local artists by supporting, donating, and/or purchasing their work creates a relationship between culture and community. One’s form expression can be another’s inspiration. We’re living in an age age where the arts are in danger of losing funding, so supporting the arts starts with supporting your local artists and writers. So if interested.

An old photo I got while in Moorpark of a speech during an event happening at the school for business students. I like his pose there.

My GF recording some video of this to using my camera. Figured it would be nice to share.

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While in San Diego last weekend, we did a little shoot. We had planned to take more in other places but didn’t happen. Instead we just took a few in this tunnel over by the Old Town Station. I still like it.

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This was my final day there, and I got many more photos during this day. There really isn’t much to talk about other then the fact that I saw plenty more.

And hopefully I’ll be there again next year.

While in San Diego I was checking out Waterfront Park with the GF, and we saw this strange structure in park. From what I could tell from a distance it looked like some kind of hydra to me, but as i started to see the base it started to look more like a tree. I was hoping that it was a hydra. Oh well, it’s all good still, and kind of cool looking.

Though, even thought I did not have a pass, my girlfriend did. And while she was inside checking out the con for her first time, I was outside covering other things happening, which was still plenty. I didn’t really get a lot of photos during my time there but is enough to share.

So check out this small batch, there is more coming.

While in San Diego during Comic Con I heard there are a lot of the Pokémon around the convention center, Unown. And the ones can end up spelling the letters, Comic Con SD. I was able to get three, but that was pretty cool. Just need to get the rest of the letters.