Monthly Archive: October 2018


Spooky Scary Skeletons…

Send shivers down your spine, Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, Seal your doom tonight…

So many on display for Halloween tonight, even thought this photo was taken a few weeks ago so most of these are likely gone by now. But why do so many of them have ears? that decomposes a lot faster then the actual bones. I guess that’s just the biologist part of me.


LA Comic Con ’18 – Photos – Day 2, Part 1

I got a nice bunch of photos on day two. So many I decided to split the album for day two, in two. It was definitely a more crowded day, but I didn’t feel stuck in the middle of a crowd, at least, not that often. I know some Marvel TV actors were there like some form Agents of SHIELD, and Runaways, who I wanted to see personally. I finished the first season of that show recently and waiting for season 2 to air sometime in December.

Oh well, time to check out what I got.


LA Comic Con ’18 – Photos – Day 1

So it began, The first time I was at LA Comic Con for the first day before it started. Which was in the afternoon, and on a friday. I didn’t exactly cover a lot because there wasn’t exactly a massive crowd, but was still plenty enough to see happen. I would have stayed longer to see Tenacious D play, but that was the last thing happening for the day. Over all like every year it’s been a good con, and so far this was just the first day.

Can’t want to see what the others look like.


LOL, Product Placement

While on my way to LA Comic Con this morning, I came across these two at the red line station handing out these little boxes from quaker, with their bars, and yogurt. It was a nice thing to have while on the way over for my trip, and to eat while there.

So in other words, hey Quaker, care to send me more?


That’s Tragic

Recently I was sent this gift from blizzard to play 3 days of World of Warcraft free. This was sent out to accounts that have been inactive for awhile, which mine has been because since the latest expansion came out my computer has been unable to play anymore because my video card is no longer supported.

At least it’s the thought that counts.



Don’t you hate it when you and your friend are trying to take a silly photo of each other and another person comes i to make it more silly? Did I say hate? I mean find it awesome.


WeHo Halloween ’18

Well, this is a night I look forward to every year since I started going to 2007. And hopefully this time I remember to change a little setting on my camera so I have better shots while it’s dark.


Running of the Clowns ’18

This party came up again, and there was more people then last year, so I would call this a success. Starting of across from the Memorial Park Gold Line station, runners ran through the alleys and streets of old town while being pursued by clowns. A couple of wrong turns were made but over all still went well, and surprised a lot of civilians, leaving them laughing.

The one issue I has is I forgot to change a setting on my camera so I could get more high speed photos. I think it’s because it’s been awhile since I last actively took photos at an event that had people moving quickly. I really need to remember that for next year.

But never forget, to always run.