Monthly Archive: December 2018


Top 9 of 2018

And now the year has come to an end. And I take it out by posting what was labeled my most popular posts on instagram for the year, as I have done in previous years.

I would say I’ve been pretty lacking in posting on my page this year, and disappointed in myself for it. Lets hope for next year I’ll do better. And be sure to follow me on instagram for any random photos I post on there.


Rainbow Knit

Another neat thing we saw in Melrose. From a distance you aren’t sure what the rainbow is made from and when you got up to it you see, yarn.


I Have You Now

And the newest mythical Pokémon in my arsenal for Pokémon GO! Celebi. That was a lot of work to get so many different tasks done just to catch this one. And now it’s over, and have to do more, for other stuff… uhh!


Dirty Hippies

I wonder if I survived the snap? Or lived long enough to see it happen? I ask this because I think I can now say I’m officially in the MCU, via the Marvel show, Runaways, with season 2 now on Hulu.

I’m in a flash back scene taking place in the late 70’s. I’m on the other side of the chair on the right side of the screen. I believe you can see my head and part of what I’m wearing from the bottom of the chair you can see through. You might be able to see my feet too.

That was not fun pretending to be sleeping on that floor, because it was wood. But hey, background acting life.



So much going on is this dark space with a single color made into shapes of it all.