Monthly Archive: February 2019


Over Compensating Much?

Anyone see the Cohen testimony today? I saw some of it, heard other parts no the radio, and even thought I didn’t have a chance to see all of it, what I did was crazy.

But one guy in particular, Mark Meadows was trying to give an example of why he didn’t believe Trump was racist by, basically putting on display a black women working in the administration with him. Must have been a bit uncomfortable being used as a prop. Well, political prop. And then this kind of old video of Meadows came out which made things slightly interesting.

But if you ask me, is Trump racist? I don’t know for sure, but I believe he is. That and many other things. But one thing for sure I know is that he’s a pathological liar



Well, it was his turn to goto the vet, but it was just for a check up. The vet said he’s in good shape. And much like his sister did before, he went in the sink. But unlike her, he had more trouble fitting in because of how much bigger he is. There is reason I call him my little monster.



Saturday was an event on Pokemon GO! for 3 hours there was a window where you can catch this rather rare pokemon, but you had to do by competing research tasks. I was able to get 3. The reason I decided to get more then one is it turns out, it can evolve into two different forms.

So, why not create less of a hassle for myself?



In todays adventure in completely stupidity, some guy gets offended by a post I made, and goes insane.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’19 Photos – Day 2

And now the rest of them. I got there later then I had wanted took and left earlier, but still was able to get a bunch of photos that I still think came out nicely. I rained some during the day, then get really windy, but at least it was nice inside the building.

And my favorite part, the convention took place on what I like to call, the sunny side of the building, because of how the light comes in from the outside while in the lobby.

Now to figure out what the next adventure is.