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Archive for October, 2019

As Jennifer Lopez says in that one song of her’s, that I never that was that good at all. I’ll be heading to West Hollywood tonight, as I always do during this time of year, as a tuxedo cat. I know, kind of lame, but also kind of cool. Oh! and I have power back!

In the last few days heavy winds have been going through California, and like always, it brings about fires. It’s what we get for living in such a nice place. That and the high costs of most things.

To make things worse some areas are getting their power turned off to help prevent fires from being started by electoral equipment. And even thought the power lines around my place are underground that didn’t stop the blackout from happening this morning, and still happening into the night.

Then to make it worse, the fires made it more difficult to go on my, outing, for the day. I hate wind.

While on an adventure I came across this couple who recently got themselves kittens. And those who know me best, know one of my missions in life is to pet all the creatures. I still remember when mine were babies 5 years ago. So adorable, and playful, especially upon my feet as I slept. Now I have to make sure the birds and lizards around my place are safe.

While on the subway yesterday I got a short video of us on our way to Highland. Small preview of what is to come. I’ll be able to post the photos from this, and Running of the Clowns once I have the ability to edit photos again, which will hopefully be this or next week. So this will be hard for a while. In the mean time enjoy this clip.

Got another holiday event pokemon in a costume. Seems the only place you can get the gen 1 starters in costume in the game is during a raid. Well that’s not going to stop me.

It was bad enough seeing all these Frozen related products being sold, especially as some kind some meals. But since the new movie is coming up promotional food items are for it are happening. Disney really is going to milk this huh?

That awkward moment where I was placed in a mental health facility and they also happened to of been recording a episode of the show SWAT. This is pretty much my scene, relating to a person escaping the place.

Looks like it was part of the introduction sequence of the episode. I believe that is me in the back outside walking by. I mean, that kind of does look like my hair from what I can tell. I don’t know, I could be wrong. But that was a long day.

I’ve been waiting all year for this. Mainly because I knew what I wanted to go as since last year. How I got the idea has to do with my background acting stuff. Which I believe another show I was on might have aired, I’ll check that later. Any who, I am almost ready, I just need to get one more thing and my costume is good to go. To bad this simple thing is hard to find, at a low price.

After so long the final trailer for the last Star Wars movie (at least, from what I know) is out. I’ve been waiting so long for this movie since The Last Jedi. Uhh, Is it Halloween yet? So then I can have Santacon, then this movie come out already? I don’t want to do so much waiting here.

Coming up this weekend, and my god I need a new computer badly. I’m hoping it won’t be much longer because this is painful. I’ll be there, so be sure to find us at the NoHo Red Line station this sunday and join in with the walking dead.