Monthly Archive: December 2019

On Set For Grand Hotel 0

On Set For Grand Hotel

A while ago I posted a screen shot from the broadcast for the show Grand Hotel, where you can clearly see me skating around. Then recently I discovered the show was canceled after finishing the first season ended.

But anyways, I came across this video that I find kind of creepy from set, and you clearly see me in it, again. Along with Eva who was directing the episode, with her baby.


Top 9 of Instagram of ’19

There are only a few more days left of not only in the year, but of this decade. And as I do every year I am posting my top 9 photos from instagram. I’ve been lagging pretty hard posting on there this year. Part of the reason is because I was busy or couldn’t figure out that to post. Though, the old computer dying also didn’t help either.

But anyways the 20’s are upon us and I have no idea what to look forward to. Part of me is excited but I also have worry of what could happen. I remember learning as a kid about what was known as the roaring 20’s a century ago where there was great economic growth which in the end came crashing hard. I’m not exactly feeling to optimistic, but what ever happens I will keep doing my thing. At least I’ll try.


Fighting Together

The people that know me most know I how I feel about religion, but at the same time I would never deny the freedom of religion of others because it will just cause more problems. Yet there is a problem with some religious people that have this idea their way of live should be absolute because of how much harm it will do to everyone, including those who follow such ideals.

A couple of other things those who know about me best is that I listen to Heavy Metal, and am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, which are two different groups of people, among others who have been attacked by such hardcore faithful. Why not join hands and scare away those who wish to do so much damage to others for their own selfishness? Then I made this. It’s simple, but is still passes.


Street Fruit

Awhile back I came some idea some people have posted around about helping to make it easier to grant access to food to these who have trouble affording it. The idea is to grow fruit trees along city streets so people can pick them and have something eat.

This idea might not be the best because it could attract certain pests, and create a mess with fallen fruit. But another upside is it can help fight pollution.


Lego Shark

I think I had a nice christmas this year. But one thing that stood out to me most was the lego. I used to play with it all the time as a kid, because there was something about creating your own world to help escape the reality of your own that made you so miserable. Maybe it was being involved with the creation of something I just enjoyed more.

Might explain why I liked Sim City as a kid, and the World Editor in Warcraft. What I ended up doing with the lego I had as a kid was sell it to a friend for her kids. They wanted some themselves but it just cost so much. She got a lot, for cheap, and I was totally ok with it too because otherwise I would have just sat there and not get played with at all.

As for this, I’ll just put it on display. That’s all I can think of on what to do with it.


Winter Beanie Pikachu

The holiday event for pokemon go has started, and now there is a pikachu with a winter beanie. I not only got one but it’s a shiny.


Christmas Time in the City

Something I kind like seeing while out during this time of year is seeing all the decorations set up at not just homes, but office buildings, parks, and other places.

Tenet 0


Well this movie looks like a total trip. From Christopher Nolan who gave us the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception so you know this is going to be something crazy.


Winter is Here

Today is the winter solstice, meaning this is the shortest day of the year meaning, the days are going to start getting long again. Yet a popular saying as of why winter happens has to do with the beliefs of some people who claim the figure known as Jesus is the reason behind such happening. That is of course false because it entirely has to did with the tilt of the earths axis.

But, I also remember as a kid learning about this story from Greek myth of Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter and Zeus, who was kidnapped by Hades, who also happen to be her uncle, by both parents. During her time in the Underworld her mother became enraged and decided to let freezing temperatures exist and cause plants to die till Persephone came back. While hanging with her new husband she ate seeds from a pomegranate thus making it so she belonged there.

Eventually a deal with struck making it so Persephone had to stay in the underworld a few months a year and during that time Demeter allowed winter to happen basically as her way of going strike. But that’s how old myth works, don’t know how to explain why such a phenomenon happens, make something up.


Snow Capped

Taken awhile back from my adventure at Pyramid Lake. I should make some time to go up there again if there is any snow there because I need to got shots like that again. That and hopes I could get a snowy Castform on Pokémon Go.