Monthly Archive: February 2020


Not Forgotten

Ten years, and two days ago, a guy that I knew back when I was a kid had died. I pretty much just knew him in high school and we did have some classes together. Maybe 2 or 3. What I remember most if is one day he brought his guitar and amp to health class. Can’t remember why exactly but thought it was pretty cool.

I found out Mark died, I saw a page on facebook about him and thought it was some weird fan page. Looked into it more and realized what had happened, and felt really bad. So two days ago I visited his site with a friend. Felt like I needed to get this to show how nice a place he is at looks. That and for anyone else that wants to visit they have some idea of what to look for near by. Figured I could be helpful.


Is This Fraud?

I got an email from someone who runs the instagram page, talking about how they like my work and wish to share one of my photos on their page. By doing so they will help bring engagement to my page and will get a number of new followers and such.

Of course I was smelling a scam from the very start and then I saw this line. “I will send you a price list and more information there” which confirmed my doubts. Here is the thing, I don’t proclaim myself as insanely brilliant, and I know people way smarter than me fall for this kind of stuff all the time. The trick is to know the warning signs.


Red Wings

I had to goto Malibu shorty the other day. While there I came across these black birds, which is nothing much new, other than the fact they had red and orange feathers on their wings. Sure I’ve seen something like it before but I was still fascinated. Just wish I had my SLR on me, because it would have been a nicer shot.

Maybe this is a sign that I should bring it with me more often. This also reminds me about how I need a new, better lens for the camera too.



I’ve been getting a lot of spam for the past couple weeks that’s been getting by the filter. But, in order for the comment to show I have to approve it first. Thought I’ve been getting noticeable less in the last few days so that does help me a lot for any real comment pop up. Maybe it was just a fluke.

Kid Cudi 0

Kid Cudi

Along with the photo before, and a few others that I didn’t like as much. I also got some video from that day while on set for Bill and Ted Face the Music. Because the director did say it was ok, and it’s still weird to me since i’m not used to that while on set. I’m also amazing how short of a day that was too because the shorts about of time I’ve been on something I believe was about 6 hours and was for Mind Hunter. Longest, 14 and for SWAT.


At The Ballot

Old photo from when I was in Moorpark. This was from a primary election, I would say over 10 years ago. Since this is also an election year, and california primaries are coming up I figure I should have an appropriate shot some place.


Erase Me!

I was in Hollywood yesterday to be part of a scene for the new Bill and Ted movie, Face the Music. In the scene there is show being done by Kid Cudi, who I’ve honestly never heard of till a few days ago, but thought he put on a good performance. I did see Alex Winter there too but no Keanu Reeves

Anyways, something that was different about this was the director did say it was ok for us to pull out our phones to take photos or video. I guess it’s to help promote the movie. The reason I thought that was a bit strange is that when you are a background actor, agencies like Central Casting (who I’m registered with) ask you don’t take any photos or video on set. Some shows you go on might have to sign an NDA. But, I remember when on set for Stumptown they did ask us to pull our phones out but pretend to record the concert we were at for that scene.

Anywho, Bill and Ted Face the Music is in theaters in August.


Heroes Gather

While going through hollywood the other day, I ran into this. Really have no idea what was going on but wish I was able to stop and check it out. Now yes, I know, not all of them are superheroes, since there is clearly a Mysterio, but who cares? it looked like it might have been fun.

CNY ’20 – Parade End Ceremony 0

CNY ’20 – Parade End Ceremony

Seems I had less video than I thought. Anyways, after the parade had gone by I walked down the street with my friend. We headed to the starbuck at the end of the route to pick some water up and that’s hen I learned about this.

Warning! it gets real loud!



Got myself another legendary on Pokemon go, Tornadus. The only purely flying type pokemon that I know of. It took 3 raid battles to finally catch this guy, and he was a lot of trouble to get. I think the only ones I had a harder time with was Mewtwo and Kyorge.