Monthly Archive: June 2020


Open Trails?

As things are slowly opening up, but I think it’s still a bit early knowing some people did not follow stay at home orders and allowed covid to spread because of their carelessness. Honestly, I don’t think going on hikes is too bad an idea, depending on where you are going. I mean, you aren’t encountering a mass of people.


Needs Context

I recently came across those photos of some old dude getting beat up. I immediately knew there was more to this then what we are seeing, and with the help of others online, before I can even decide to look, I was provided. I love it when all the work is done for me. But this is the wild part, no matter how solid the evidence is, you will have those who will make any kind of outright lie. Where are these people coming from?


Desk Time

Since I go this desk, my cat seems to like hanging with me like this fairly recently in this fashion. Just sit in front and watch me as I use the computer, or nap. Good thing she’s small, and doesn’t excessively block the screen like my old girls did.


Scratching Board

I have these kind of weird looking cardboard, strips I guess you can call them for my cats. They use them to sharpen their claws. Sometimes they claim on them like this and just kind of sit.

Smash Bros. Min Min DLC 0

Smash Bros. Min Min DLC

Been awhile since I played this game, which, I did beat the main story line. That sure did take a long time. Something That I like about more modern games is how easily updates can be made for them giving longer replay value. Well, can’t wait to see how she plays, when I get the chance too.


Diving In

I think the most unfortunate thing about that fact for some reason the “`” key, right next to the “1” is for some reason also taking screen shots, is that sometimes I accidentally take screen shots now and then. But I guess this was a worthy one.



When the 7th generation pokemon games, Sun and Moon came out, new versions of some first gens were made and called Alolan form. With the newest, Sword and Shield there are now what they call Galarian forms. There are now three different version of the pokemon, Meowth. And each version is weak against fighting types.


Lizard Hunting

One of the the first things my dog does when she goes on in the morning, searches for lizards on this blocks at my place. Not much else makes her happier.


Galarian Farfetch’d

It’s been rather difficult doing high level raids in pokemon go because of covid, so getting a legendary is not possible because I just can’t go out in a place with many gyms out of risk of catching it. But this interesting new pokemon for the game is popped up, which has been far more common than the regular version. Nice to see Galarian versions popping up now.