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Oh what a wonderful day that was. I was pretty much there for the parade, and took a nice brunch of photos. The day started off with a lot of overcast going on for much of the day. There was also some breeze and it was rather cool out. Strange for the summer but then again, June gloom. Along with music, dancing, and feathers everywhere, how can you go wrong with such an event? The sun eventually came out, but by then the buildings where creating some cover for me.

Now, it’s time to get wild.

That was a big, wild party, as it always is. But kind of feel it was smaller this year. Not sure why since I do believe it’s quite exciting. And I see a lot of people in the crowd enjoy it.

Anywho, here is a pre ire of what’s to come.

This was a nice bit of info to uncover yesterday. I know what i’ll be doing this weekend. At least, the time I’m not out and mostly not covering the Hollywood Carnival. Oh boy.

The emojis, it’s just to much of what is being made of them. First the movie that looked bad, now this? Are we doomed?

Someone said to her it’s like Wakanda meets Japan.

Came across this nice mural, of some skeleton, on an undead pegasus, fighting what looks like a hydra. Neat!

Another gathering happened this weekend, and got a nice handful of photos.

It’s that time of year again, where I make an update on what I wold look like if I was in the show South Park. Feel free to make your own here. I think the guy that holds that site up has the best avatar maker.

I when hiking with the GF and before we got on the trail I spotted this rattlesnake. Stopped her and we started taking photos of it. Then other people came over and also started taking photos of it. This is the world we live in. I’m ok with that part.

Coming next weekend, a long parade taking up much of hollywood blvd for a long period of time. With dancing, music, and all kinds of craziness that everyone enjoys. Along with the Cultural Village with performances from a number of musical and dance acts. I would say this event is about as wild as pride, so you can’t go wrong in going here.