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Get it, because my cat is a calico, and it’s a play on casual friday. My cat is silly. You can all laugh now.

I understand the Super Bowl is coming up soon, so why not post an old football photo i took while covering a game.

After I ran into a friend of mine during the women’s march recently, she told me about some hidden garden she found out about in Little Tokyo. What she described to me sounded like the area near where Ronin Expo was last year. But for fun, I decided to also show her this place on the top of some hotel nearby.

As someone that has always liked superheroes, this looks awesome to me. And wow Wasp looks way badass. I would say waiting for july, but right now more waiting for it to be the middle of february so I can watch Black Panther, which I hear is really good.

I’ve been a critic of scientology for many years. I’ve met a number of former members who have spoken of some horror stories of happenings from within the organization, including that of women being coerced into having an abortion. Meanwhile Joy Villa, who is a scientologist decided to wear this dress at the Grammy awards last night. Seems she is trying really hard to get right with the Trump support base. Could this be a scientology ploy? They do make efforts to get in the good graces of officials from both major parties in the US. Peoples Temple did the something, and they ended up assassinating a Congressman.

So I question, What are you up to Scientology?

Wasn’t really in the plan to goto this convention, but the GF was going and wanted me to join. So I did my usually thing and took photos. It took place at the Ontario Convention Center which I’ve never been to before. I was only there for a day and got some more photos than I expected.

So here is it, the set I got from my short time there.

During the same day as the Women’s March. Now this is online. Not many photos, as I tend not to get to much anyways, but a nice little set. Enjoy.

Earlier today, well, not that long ago I saw an article in the New York Times about making some designs for a united korea, since they will be playing together during the coming Olympics. And a logo for Russian athletes to help distinguish where they are from because of stupidity done by the Russian government for doping. That’s all talked about in the article. It also talks about submitting possible design ideas for either the Russian or the united Korean teams.

I made this using elements of both flags. Also asked for it to be a square design. I hope they like my design.

While at the Women’s March as it was coming to an end, I ran into a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while. She told me before the rally she found some kind of secret garden in Little Tokyo but wasn’t sure where it was. It sounded familiar to me so I went with her and found it. After we went to the Japanese Village and found this wishing tree. She wanted me to get a photo of her with it. Because she is fun.

Before the Women’s March, I hung around the Arts District, as I have mentioned in another post before and did a mini shoot. Both of us have a fascination with graffiti and bright colors, so it all works out.