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After so long from when I first heard daredevil will be on netflix and seeing how good that show was, then watching the other shows, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, which that itself was kind of, ehh. I knew this was coming in the long run and it’s almost out. I know it’s meant to be a miniseries and I’m sure it will be enough for me.

At my place I have a bag that I put stuff in meant for donation, for when I’m ready for a pick up. Cat found a new favorite place to sleep for the week.

Got this at a rally in West Hollywood awhile ago. Wasn’t a lot happening that day and the rally was kind of tame. Lame. I pretty much got photos of pets that day.

I understand there are plenty of people that don’t like snopes, and I do understand why, since the site debunks many claim made by people they wish to believe. Fact checking is important because so many people see a headline without reading the story, or they just believe anything written up that was made up. One group of people that doesn’t like Snopes are those who have more a conservative mindset, but they also debunk claims made about conservatives. Claims like what Trump said republican voters, and another made about Mitt Romney’s family. Which I did tell him about when I met the guy, then told him that when I checked snopes, they also confirmed the story was a fake.

We live in a world of alternative facts, and they needs to be fought. I have to be honest, I don’t shy away form what I believe and say what I want, but I also do try to be honest. So lets help on one of those sites that mades an effort to get the truth out there.

I’ve only seen video of cars getting hit, never seen it in person myself. Car always pulverized. Though, I’ve also been on a train that hit a person, and that was way annoying.

Coming up next week. Been waiting awhile for this to come back, and plan on conquering even more.

A month from today, this will be happening throughout much of North America. Where I’m at I should have around 70% of coverage. Not a total, but still, pretty cool. I’m pretty excited about this, and hope sometday I’ll get to see a total solar, but for now, I can do with this.

And for the moment, Vox did this pretty good video explaining when and how they happen, for those not exactly sure whats going on.

I’ve seen this accessory before on some cars, but never had the chance to see it up close till recently. I don’t know, I think it looks cool. If I had a car, would I put that on? no, but still think it looks kind of cool.

Last year while I ran into the AIDS Walk in downtown. Little did I know that I saw the Drag Queen known as Latrice Royale preforming. I remember the choir they led at Dragcon this year, which was so good.

Ever been a big cat about to take an army of noble men and women into battle?