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Where everything became pumpkin spice, or, just pumpkin in this case. Well, that’s different. Well, anyone think this is getting out of hand? or find this funny as some companies go over kill? Doesn’t matter to me.

Kind of something that’s been floating around in my head for awhile after getting my Link Hoodie from Six on Clothing. I ended up making this drawing real quick today. I plan on doing this during Nerdbot Con this weekend, minus the gun, because I don’t have one. And if you notice I drew the gun on the left hand, because Link is left handed.

Well, the door with covered up. The glass had cracks in it seems the best way yo keep the cold in was to put in this piece of cardboard. Well, do what you can, with what you have.

I came across this post on my Facebook feed and couldn’t help but to think about how much it didn’t make actual sense. First of all, many athletes do work in their communities. Lately many have been kneeling in protest to help bring attention to some issues today, enraging some people who some people who seem to think because you have a well known name, you have no right to you own freedom of expression. And then we have a guy in elected office saying such people need to be fired. The very same person that is about everything, the very people who support him, claim to hate.

Anywho, saw the image, and thought to myself there needs to be some editing done. And now it sounds about right.

Back again for the second year, Nerdbot Con at the Pasadena Convention Center. You know, the same place Politicon happened? Coming next week, Saturday on the 30th for one day. I was at the first one last year, and I gave to say it went better then I’m sure anyone expected. Sure this year will be better.

When you are playing Warcraft as a Draenei, and you see the world where your people come from. I don’t play a whole lot, but i often forget what is in the sky now and then.

Though, it would look better if the sun wasn’t kind of directly hitting this piece of glass. And i just thought of how to deal with that problem for the next time. How to pull that off though? Or, at least have the space to carry object around.

Well, this show will be on netflix before the end of the year. It was pretty crazy seeing him in Daredevil, and his own show looks like it will be more insane.

I thought I posted this before. Seems not. I’ve seen plenty of chatter of people asking where Obama was during Katrina, when he wasn’t even president at the time. Strange selective memory. But I do remember after one major hurricane that hit, he was there for the after math, and did was a proper leader should. I don’t think a disaster is a proper place to have you a person sees as a rally.

What does that even mean? I mean, really?