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Shadowlands: Story Trailer 0

Shadowlands: Story Trailer

The release date for the new warcraft expansion has been announced, again. They had to delay it because there was work to be done on it still and they believed they date set before was too early. I’m always ok with stuff being delayed because it shows they are willing to take the time to make it just the right, with as few issues as possible.

I know I’ll playing for awhile longer because I don’t think the covid problem will be ending any time soon. My best guess is things will be cleared up, or mostly by summer next year. It will be nice to go out and cover events again.

Tenacious D – Time Warp 0

Tenacious D – Time Warp

Election day in the US is in a week, and I’m really hoping this goes right. As in, trump loses. If you haven’t sent in your mail in ballot yet, do so now. If you rather goto a polling place, be sure to mask up and keep your distance from others to help prevent the spread of covid. I had mine sent in. But I’m the only one encouraging the vote. Tenacious D did a cover of Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, because who says artists can’t express themselves?

Now, I’ve seen that movie twice in theaters. But as we all know seeing anything in theaters has not been possible for months because of covid. Even thought I think the movie is overrated because I don’t really care much for musicals, it was still kind of fun. I still remember the first time I was there, one of the crew people wrote “cock” on my forehead and one of the people in the shadow cast rubbed her crotch on my shoulder. Good times.

Animaniacs 0


One of my favorite cartoons as a kid is coming back. What really got me about this clip is when you hear the line “clean vectored outlines” because I felt as if they were taking me, as someone that just happens to be a graphic artist. I’ve even made a drawing of Wacko for a flyer promoting no pants one year.

I was actually interested in animation as a kid and wanted to be a cartoonist, but slowly lost interest while in high school. But, still will watch cartoons to this day, and still remember how to do some animation. Just, I don’t have the will to work an entire skit. I’m just more a still guy.


Stop Asking!

If you’ve been on facebook, instagram, or twitter you might have seen some reminders on your feed to register to vote. That train has long left the station. It was a proud moment for me when I finally got to vote. It was something I’ve been wanting to do when I was a kid because it made me feel like I could be important. That election didn’t go as I wanted, but I did it again and didn’t stop, and will never stop.

The Supreme Court 0

The Supreme Court

John Oliver did a pretty good segment (as all of them are) on this. Just over a week ago when I news broke RBG died my immediate thought was, “We are screwed!” And it’s all because of one guy in the senate decided to play the long game, and it worked for him. Even if a new justice is picked and Biden does win, I have reason to believe there will be problems just because of this.

Super Mario Bros: Direct 0

Super Mario Bros: Direct

The first Mario Bros game come out 35 years ago. One of my favorite games as a kid then when I beat it on my own I felt like I really accomplished something. I would say my first game that I was really into was Pacman, but Mario was far more interesting to me in every way. Now Nintendo has announced a bunch of new games from the series that I’m sure I’ll end up playing some of.

Shadowlands: Release Date 0

Shadowlands: Release Date

This info was revealed yesterday. Pretty sure I made a prediction that the new warcraft expansion will coming out in October or November, but I can’t find where I said it. Well, I’m still working on leveling up characters and it is exhausting.

Former Chief of Staff of Trump’s DHS.. 0

Former Chief of Staff of Trump’s DHS..

Speaking out against trump after working with him. It’s just, how can someone so awful still have people unquestionably stay in line with this moron? I help to see more republicans or others with more conservatives points of view turn against trump because we can’t deal with him anymore.

U.S. History: Last Week Tonight 0

U.S. History: Last Week Tonight

Something I want to post from John Oliver’s show.

Why? We need to learn about our actual history, about the mistakes we’ve made and problems we’ve causes or allowed to happen at the expense of other people around the world or other americans. Like some of what happened to black people, native americans, asians and others. It’s not about saying “america is bad” no! it’s knowing what we’ve done wrong in our past so we can do better. We can still talk about the good we’ve done like fight off nazis (but also mention they’ve been here too) and sent people to the moon. As John mentioned in this segment, if you don’t teach our real history, you are teaching white supremacy, to something along those lines.

Bill And Ted: Face The Music – Trailer 2 0

Bill And Ted: Face The Music – Trailer 2

Another trailer came out today, this one has a short clip from the scene I was there for. Couldn’t find myself and I doubt I will when the movie comes out. From relooks of it when i see this movie it will be when it comes online in about 2 months. Because there ins’t going to be many theaters running for awhile. But I’m still excited.