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Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies 0

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

I’ve been a nerd, I would say most of my life. Been mostly a superhero fan, but always kind of liked other stuff like fantasy, sci-fi, history, mythology, video games and cartoons and such....

Jordan Klepper – Into The MAGAverse 0

Jordan Klepper – Into The MAGAverse

I watched this special the other day, giving more of a view of what was going on during trump rallies over the last year and how everything led up to the siege at the...

Shang-Chi Trailer 0

Shang-Chi Trailer

If you know me well enough, you know I’ve always been a fan of superheroes. Shang-Chi is a character I never actually heard of till the movie was announced a few years ago. I...

How To Be Hopeless 0

How To Be Hopeless

Guess I would say the point of this hour long video from Carlos Maza (yeah, nearly an hour long) is… check your fucking ego! I do that myself, or at least try. I don’t...

It’s a Revolution! 0

It’s a Revolution!

I’m sure everyone heard the news of what happened in Washington DC today. Holy crap did that cause some stress because I had no idea what was going on. But through out the day...


Top 9 Of 2020

It’s nice that this god forsaken year is finally coming to an end, only to likely become a very crapful at least first half of another year. That is at least my best hope....

Animaniacs Silly Sing-A-Long | Catch Up 0

Animaniacs Silly Sing-A-Long | Catch Up

About a month ago the Animaniacs reboot came online. I have said it was one of my favorite shows from the 90’s and I wan’t disappointed. I don’t think I laughted as hard but...

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 0

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Disney had a nice big event today, showcasing trailers, teasers, and other little bits on new info on coming movies and shows. It was a long day watching some of it and I even...

Pennywise – Christmas In Hell 0

Pennywise – Christmas In Hell

The holidays have returned, to my dismay. For the longest time I didn’t look forward to them because it was cold and was miserable because I always felt I had nothing to offer. Then...

Shadowlands: Story Trailer 0

Shadowlands: Story Trailer

The release date for the new warcraft expansion has been announced, again. They had to delay it because there was work to be done on it still and they believed they date set before was too early. I’m always ok with stuff being delayed because it shows they are willing to take the time to make it just the right, with as few issues as possible.

I know I’ll playing for awhile longer because I don’t think the covid problem will be ending any time soon. My best guess is things will be cleared up, or mostly by summer next year. It will be nice to go out and cover events again.