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Me in South Park ’20

What I believe is my longest running annual tradition. And it couldn’t have been stopped even with covid still on the rampage. And if you ever have inter in making yourself too, have at it here.


All Lives Matter March ’20

Last week the people from LA Pride made an announcement of a rally to show solidarity to the black lives matter movement. Then they posted about a couple of mistakes they made like not having enough input for the black community. Well, everything is now set, and there will a rally that should be good to go this sunday. Honestly I don’t like much the fact the word, all, is in the name but that’s not up to me.

I would totally love to join in because I have no problem showing my support. And I hate being locked up but the corona virus is still problem. But knowing how big this could be that has me really worried. All I can recommenced to do is follow Department of Public Health recommendations and hopefully it will help reduce the rate of infection.

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd 0

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd

No, we can’t, and I won’t allow it to be either because this is a consent problem. There needs to be police reform. But I do believe Hasan Minhaj says it far better than I ever could.


Eat The Rich

I remember as a kid learning about economic systems like capitalism and communism, and had this idea in my head both these concepts were some kind of direct enemies of each other. Years later doing my own research for my own entertainment I notice some interesting commonalities. You read about some of Smith’s writings and find he was about helping the public because how they get cheated, much like what Marx had in mind with his work. Then I later came to realize Marx apparently thought Smith has some good ideas but hated how they were what he saw was corrupted. So then when he wrote his books it seemed to be conceptualized as a from of capitalism, but to more an extreme.

Now something else I’ve done that’s entertained me is posting this Smith quote by itself without any context of where it comes from. Then when they would call me a communist or socialist based on my comment I would share this one image I found years ago showcasing the origin of the line saying “So why do you hate capitalism?” The excuses the other person makes to defend themselves, like claiming “you put that out of context” when that is the context. Saying the line is fake, or or just making something else up completely. It’s great.

But, I want my own image to share of this line. So I made this, and grabbed the image from here because I’m feeling a bit to lazy to actually make something.

Stay The F At Home 0

Stay The F At Home

Which is what I’ve been doing for several weeks now, and it sucks. Because at this very moment I should be on my way back home from wondercon, but because of the entire situation it’s been postponed. Anyways, several musicians have been making their own songs in relation to the lockdown, and I got to say it helps keeps me entertained. At least, for now.


Do You Not See It?

A comment I’ve commonly come upon from trump supporters on a story about trump himself behaving badly is how everyone is just “trying to make him look bad.” Really? Thi sis well documented, and we are all watching this happen in real time.

Now, I’ve never really been Spongebob fan. I’ve seen the sho wand don’t care much for it, but it’s clearly memeable. You can always find people stumbling across a frame from the show and use it to get some kind of message across. I figured one I thought of would work in this situation.


Another Casualty

I was looking forward to doing this again for a long time. I believe the last pillow fight happened in 2017, and I was at Wondercon during that time, which was in Anaheim so there was no way both could happen. I was ready for this and have been letting friends know and asking them to spread the word. But unfortunately because of the corona virus, I had to cancel the event.

The last one I did was in 2014, which is when I took the photo here. And today I learned LA Pride is being postponed, which to me does not sound good at all for any other events. This is not a good year.


That Would be Nice

Nearly three years ago facebook added a feature that I very much like. The ability to add a background images to text posts. I like it because it’s a good way to bring attention to what you have to say. What I don’t like is the limitation, more so on what you are given when on the computer. Not sure why this is but I would like more options to be added because much of the time I prefer to post form a computer.


Or Needed a Hug

Recently a friend shared a post on his facebook page showing album covers of pop artists during the late ’90’s to early ’00’s, like of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and NSync saying “if you listened to these albums as a kid, you’re gay now.” That sure explains a lot about me, being that I didn’t listen to that kind of music, still don’t, and I’m not gay. So because I can I made my own version based more on music I listened to more of during that time.

I happen to have 5 of these CD’s, 6 if the copy of The Black Album from Metallica that was burnt for me all those years ago is valid. And even thought my copy of Smash from Offspring is a burn, I still consider it real because I did have the original CD. It just ironically got smashed.

Streets of Rage 4 0

Streets of Rage 4

As a kid one of my favorite games was Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Genesis. Though I was more a Nintendo fan boy, while still am, I still enjoyed that game a lot. But over all this genre of game, the Beat ’em up I liked the most of any other at the time. Others like Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and Alien vs Predator I could also play through. I like the arcade versions of such games most because you could play with a few other people and there was just something so much fun about teaming up and taking on a big bad together. That might be why I enjoy taking on rare mobs and raid bosses on World of Warcraft so much.

Then last year I learned about this game in the works, and recently they announced 4 player co-op and released this video to show what it’s like. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy this.