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Just a quick snapshot


New Frontiers

Today on pokemon go, the level cap got raised to 50. So I am no long among those on top. But here is the kicker, not only do you have to gain points but...


Wounded Huh?

From the Death Rising event that ended a few days ago in Warcraft. I’m taking a break from sorting photos because there is just so many, and I’m tried of it at the moment. But really, he just looks like he’s sleeping, just like other others. Likely because the sleeping animation is the only thing they had to use for this situation because of how they would get up after patching them up.


Pokemon HOME Event

Pretty much, I’ve found myself hardly playing pokemon go much in a while, for about two months really only doing much of the bare minimum of what I need to do for the day. But I like when sets of special tacks pop up because it gives me some interest again. Sometimes I get it done pretty fast others can take my time but at least it helps keep my mind off of things.


No Dumping!

It bothers me a lot when I see disposable masks being tossed on the ground after use. I mean, there are trash cans all over the place when in shopping centers. Or just place a paper bag in your car and dump your trash in there, then empty it when you get home. No reason to litter!


Sometimes I Feel Like…

Somebody is watching me. One of the new features blizzard added to warcraft is for NPCs to look right at you when you come close to them. Even if it’s meant to be static, as you walk around the head will move around to keep their face looking directly at you. Not sure if this part of the feature was supposed to happen in such a situation.


I’m Busy…

It’s been awhile since I had some camgirl/bot message me. Recently I had a friend request sent to me by someone who was friends with other friend of mine. And from the same town from him to so I figure they might be cool, why not. They started to ask a bunch of personal questions, and how she is also a hair stylist, then it turned into this. I mean, I just met you and already want to video chat me?

I talked to my friend and said he blocked the account already. Then I saw two other friends added her and let the know of the problem. Then I saw the account was disabled so that ended the problem.


Gathering Forces

Still on the Death Rising binge in WoW. This part of the campaign I really lie a lot. Very powerful rare mobs timed to pop up in certain locations every 20 minutes. And just a few minutes before you have dozens of others laying in wait for them to spawn just for the chance to kill them and get some phat loot.


Pile It On

More from the Death Rising event in WoW. In the main new content area for the game, there are a lot of undead and necromancer types running around and you have to kill them. There are also special rare mobs of past bosses in dungeons from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion that you can team up on and lay waste too.

I don’t know why it’s so much more fun when you kill big bads with at least 20 buddies that you’ll likely never encounter again.



The pre-patch event for World of Warcraft has officially started this week. One of the new bits of content is fighting this guy, Nathanos Blightcaller. He is a taught fight and gives a really nice weapon after you kill him.


Animation Week Research

A new set of temporary tasks were given to us on Pokemon Go, inspired by one of the TV shows. That was actually plenty of work o go through but I’m happy with how I got thought it before time was up.