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So Shellfish

More from the tide pool in Leo Carrillo. Not sure what they are, maybe mussels. The reason they are hanging so high on the rocks is because at this time it was during a...


Thought the Gates

From the tide pool at Leo Carrillo of my friend walking between these rocks while it was still at low tide for the day.


Magic Carpet Ride

I was out today with a friend, just to hang out and talk about stuff. Something I’ve been needing to help stabilize myself. This week has been hard on me because of how busy...


Crash The Rocks

I realized I have not posted on here in several days. Been working real late and haven’t been feeling too good about myself to do anything on here. Anyways, another shot from Leo Carrillo,...


Kelp on the Rocks

More from my tide pool adventure. A fun thing about walking along the place is jumping on and off of rocks at just the right time to prevent yourself from either getting splashed or...


Sea Anemone

While I was at the tide pool earlier this week one thing I was expected to see was some interesting animals hanging on the rocks. What I didn’t expect was to see an anemone....


Tides Getting Low

This is really the first time I’ve actually gone out and done something since June when I was at the All Black Lives Matter Rally. Being cooped in has been hard on me and...


Winter is Coming

As I sit here in SoCal watching it happen almost everywhere else in the US. Old shot from Louisiana while visiting my great grandmother, who I believe actually died last year.


Sky Flowers

Just looking through the recovered photos for stuff I might have forget about unrelated to some events I covered but still found interesting enough. This was at a mall in Little Tokyo.



Another recovered photo. Now I’m in the early process of renaming photos. This is going to take a long time only because I’m choosing to be lazy on this, and there are tens of thousands of them. If I wasn’t miserable enough as it is.