Monthly Archive: October 2020



My cat sure loves to hang with the dogs, but they are often so uncomfortable around him because they sometimes get their face licked. But sometimes when you are holding the cat down and petting him, one of the dogs will walk up and start licking his face. It’s almost pay back, but he kind likes it still.

Shadowlands: Story Trailer 0

Shadowlands: Story Trailer

The release date for the new warcraft expansion has been announced, again. They had to delay it because there was work to be done on it still and they believed they date set before was too early. I’m always ok with stuff being delayed because it shows they are willing to take the time to make it just the right, with as few issues as possible.

I know I’ll playing for awhile longer because I don’t think the covid problem will be ending any time soon. My best guess is things will be cleared up, or mostly by summer next year. It will be nice to go out and cover events again.



I this from doing a set of special tacks in pokemon go. I still have some more tasks do on the set which was a surprise to me.Well, I’ll be done soon anyways, but it’s nice to once against catch another mythical pokemon.

Tenacious D – Time Warp 0

Tenacious D – Time Warp

Election day in the US is in a week, and I’m really hoping this goes right. As in, trump loses. If you haven’t sent in your mail in ballot yet, do so now. If you rather goto a polling place, be sure to mask up and keep your distance from others to help prevent the spread of covid. I had mine sent in. But I’m the only one encouraging the vote. Tenacious D did a cover of Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, because who says artists can’t express themselves?

Now, I’ve seen that movie twice in theaters. But as we all know seeing anything in theaters has not been possible for months because of covid. Even thought I think the movie is overrated because I don’t really care much for musicals, it was still kind of fun. I still remember the first time I was there, one of the crew people wrote “cock” on my forehead and one of the people in the shadow cast rubbed her crotch on my shoulder. Good times.


Event_Title – Umm, What?

A lot went on in pokemon go this weekend, event wise. One of them was a Drifloon type community day event with special tasks where you keep catching Drifloon, even have a chance to get a shiny. Which I did. This also helped me in finishing up other special tasks that I’ve been working on for about a month. But as always, gotta catch em all…


Public Indecently

Even thought I’m around LA, there are people around who are trump supporters. They aren’t hard to find either because they like to make themselves noticeable by performing these, public sex acts in the gratification of trump, as I like to call them but worded in a crude manner. I never really understood why any of them call themselves a silent majority, when first of all, there is nothing silent about them. And they are not a majority, not by a long shot.

I honestly believe their need to show their support at such a level as trump supporters do is a form of over composition.


Galarian Rapidash

There is a lot going on in pokemon go lately. In the last two weeks I’ve had three new sets of special tacks pop up, and a limited time set that I believe I’m very close to be finished with. But this was also very interesting, and something I got today. It started with catching a Galarian Ponyta related to an expansion to the latest RPG game. But the really cool part is when you click it, the mane and tail flash these cool looking colors. It’s so pretty.


Feeling Wary

Dogs hanging with the big cat as he sleeps, but worried what he might do, which is usually lick their faces.

Animaniacs – Trailer 0

Animaniacs – Trailer

And here I was thinking the clip I posted a week ago before wasn’t the trailer. I understand it’s part of a segment of the actual show. What I liked about the show as a kid was it was just funny. Then watching it so many years later as an “adult” you found yourself catching jokes that went over your head when you where so much more “innocent.” That was part of the reason why Animaniacs was popular among adults to, and it was because there was some entertainment value for them. It’s been a long time since I felt this excited for a show coming out, or even returning. I’m not much for nostalgia either because I want to see the new and exciting things our future will bring us. And well, let’s just say reboots aren’t nostalgic.


You Want Some?

I’m on this quest on Warcraft, where I ask some super poor people some questions about this couple who were killed, along with their horse. Some of them are so offended that you would talk to them that they actually start to fight you. Yes, even as a fully decked out death knight, with twin swords, along with crazy ice and necromantic powers. And all you have is a stick with a bag on it?