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Meganium – 100

Caught myself a Chikorita the other day with a 100% IV (individual value), meaning I can make it the most powerful it can possibility become. And I did that, fully evolved it, gave an extra attack and set it to the max CP (combat power).


Wowhead Logo

A Warcraft news and guide site I often goto, Wowhead is holding a contest to make your own version of their logo. They gave outline files to start with and you just color it in. They choose their winners randomly so there is no actual judging. But because I can I wanted to put some kind of effort to it using a color scheme based on the logo using colors found in it, for the newest Warcraft expansion coming up next month, Shadowlands. I got to see some other other submissions and I do happen to like much of what I see. Hope I’m picked as a winner.


Take A Rest

The last few days have been really hot. I got up to 117 in my area so you know that all kinds of sucks. I went to the poke stop near my place for the day before it reached the high watch at the time was still over 110. Walking back I see this butterfly land in the shade I guess to cool off. Wish I could give it something to drink. I seen after took off on it’s own.


State Run News

Recently a story break about something Trump said about fallen troops from World War I. Given his history I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real. Then Fox News chimed in and also said it was real. Then I came across jokes about how trump now hates fox news fully and is only going to the “Orange America News.” This sounded like a fun little design to make.

I decided to replace the vector eagle image with the head of an angry trump, then turned the ‘O’ into not just an orange, but one from a tree at my place that only grows mutated oranges that never actually ripen. Plus I still remember the John Oliver segment he did ripping on the outlet talking about why they suck.

Super Mario Bros: Direct 0

Super Mario Bros: Direct

The first Mario Bros game come out 35 years ago. One of my favorite games as a kid then when I beat it on my own I felt like I really accomplished something. I would say my first game that I was really into was Pacman, but Mario was far more interesting to me in every way. Now Nintendo has announced a bunch of new games from the series that I’m sure I’ll end up playing some of.


They Can Fly

Another silly moment when playing Warcraft, picked up some people to follow me because I need their help for a quest, or they needed mine I can never completely take track. Usually they are mounted but sometimes you get a fun surprise.


This Dishonestly Never Ends

I came across a story about how trump’s current wife and his oldest daughter don’t like each other. I guess it’s a think that kids tend not to like step parents. Then against Trump cheated on her mom with her first step mom. Then cheated on her, and then the current wife, and I understand he’s barely been there for any of his kids. But there is also reason to believe Ivanka is the favorite kid.

Anyways, I love how a joke turns into someone stating an outright lie.


Bill & Ted Face The Music

I have to be honest, I was expecting to watch this in theaters and not online with some streaming service. Anyways, yesterday was my birthday and my family was like “hey, let’s watch this, it’s a good gift to you.” I enjoyed the movie, and was hoping to see myself in the crowd as I have posted video from that day, but was so far in the back I don’t think I would be easily noticeable.

This scene is from the very beginning of the movie and what happened was Kid Cudi was performing and just disappeared, then suddenly Jesus popped up in place. A lot less footage was used then I expected. But then against I wasn’t there very long anyways. Anywho, you can watch online now.


A Mega Discovery

New set of special tasks were added to pokemon go, and I go done with them the next day. It’s related to mega evolutions and as of right now I can do that with a Beedrill. But I’ll wait to do that.

Shadowlands: Release Date 0

Shadowlands: Release Date

This info was revealed yesterday. Pretty sure I made a prediction that the new warcraft expansion will coming out in October or November, but I can’t find where I said it. Well, I’m still working on leveling up characters and it is exhausting.