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New Years Pikachu

And I’m sure the last pokemon go screen shot for awhile. Since I have no idea what’s coming up next that’s special. And I’m sure the last post I’ll make related to the new...


March To The Shore

You are a Killer! That’s pretty much the thing about sea birds, well, most birds, they will kill just to eat. Or sometimes they are opportunistic and just find something dead or will just...


New Years Slowpoke

A new themed pokemon they put in for new years in pokemon go is a slowpoke with glasses for the wrong year. It’s humorous little things like this that also help keep me going.



The nice things about California beaches is two different things. One is wide open areas where crowds can gather, play on the sand or water in the same location. Even works out for something...


Top 9 Of 2020

It’s nice that this god forsaken year is finally coming to an end, only to likely become a very crapful at least first half of another year. That is at least my best hope....


So Shellfish

More from the tide pool in Leo Carrillo. Not sure what they are, maybe mussels. The reason they are hanging so high on the rocks is because at this time it was during a...


Winter Coat Pikachu

And it’s yet another time of the year when in pokemon go there is a pikachu in some kind of themed outfit. This time dressed up to deal with more arctic like climates.


Thought the Gates

From the tide pool at Leo Carrillo of my friend walking between these rocks while it was still at low tide for the day.


Shiny Celebi

I has a new set of special tasks given to me in pokemon go. This time it was to not only to catch a Celebi, but it was a guaranteed shiny. This oddly enough...


Magic Carpet Ride

I was out today with a friend, just to hang out and talk about stuff. Something I’ve been needing to help stabilize myself. This week has been hard on me because of how busy...