Anime Expo ’13 – Day 1

So I got to the Convention Center on the first day of Anime Expo and as I’m about to enter I see people just inside checking bags and was also led to believe I also need a badge to enter the entire building (which was completely new for AX) and was bugged by that. So I waited in a very long line with the sun beating on me to get a pass only to learn I actually didn’t need one just to walk around the place, you just need one to enter certain areas and the people at the doors are just there to check bags. That made me feel better so I did just what I wanted to do, wander the place and take photos.

Something else fun is after 4:30 you can enter the exhibit hall free, but have to get a pass for that to. But it’s still free to pick up after 4:30.

But what a confusing start of a day

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