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Random and strange objects


Blowing Pin

A while back I was asked to make an invitation card for a birthday party and was asked to put bowling pins in it. So I made one.

Mushroom 0


Trying to do some more experimentation with photoshop using the 3D tools but this time making my own object. A mushroom. So I’m trying to figure out how to create a type of texture for it while in photoshop but it’s causing all this strange warping that should not be happening, and every fix I try to pull off it makes it just as strange. So much to figure out with these tools.

Minigun 0


Something I was working on for another project that I haven’t really don’t much with because I don’t know all that much when it comes to working in 3D. Haha, I’m being lazy again. Also I had kind of a long day. I should get to sleep soon.

Paopu Fruit 0

Paopu Fruit

sorry not really posting much lately, have a project I’m working on right now.

so while back a friend of mine wanted me to do a photoshoot with her and her boyfriend where they are holding this star shaped fruit from the game Kingdom Hearts. I wasn’t sure how or where to or a photo, drawing or whatever of the thing to photoshop it in so I decided to make it myself. Still to this day have not done that shoot, but have taken other photos from different things with her. still wish I knew more in working with 3D programs.

Bell 0


so when I was making that flyer for the drag show, I was told to add some interesting objects on and one idea given was bells. I don’t have photos of bells so I make one, not to bad looking I feel. didn’t get used in the final image but oh well.

New Category 2

New Category

So I have done a little 3D work before, not much really because I only know a few things so I’m trying to figure them out as I go a long. This is something I just started working on and experimenting with, I want to use it for something but I’m not really sure what with right now.