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Black Lives Matter Rally ’20 – Part 1

Or as it was called, All Black Lives Matter. The day started off in Hollywood, and I got there by metro since it’s really the best way there but there is more a possibility in getting covid. That is what I was most worried about. When we started to move we walked to West Hollywood. I plan on getting myself tested by the end of the week just to make sure I’m not infected, but as of now I’m doing what I can to keep myself isolated.

As of the rally, I think it went well but wish I was there longer. I have another friend that was there longer and she said the event basically became pride. I didn’t notice any issues while there but did see some guy yelling at everyone, not sure what about. And I learned about this happening after I got home. Just hoping everyone is ok and those drivers get caught.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’20

As much as I enjoyed my day there, I sadly didn’t get much. A lot was happening in the convention center, and much of it was part of a dance completion. So some of the people from that might be noticed in the background while in the lobby area.

Then when I entered the exhibit hall, there was defiantly less floor space used up. Of everything it turns out why the convention happened so soon was because other dates were already taken up so it was either set it at an open weekend earlier on, or not happen at all.

On top of the fact another nerdy convention was also happening that same weekend, and that didn’t help much at all. Hopefully next year won’t have this issue. But one upside was seeing some of the people there for the dancing event were rather fascinated with seeing the cosplayers. I let them know most of us are cool with them taking photos of or with us.

Because you should never be scared of cosplayers. Well, most of us.


LA SantaCon ’19 – Set 1

Well that was a long, yet awesome day. I got there little later then I wanted to, but it will worked out. It all started off at Tom’s Watch Bar in Downtown. after a while we then went to Union Station where there was another holiday event happening. There was even a santa there taking photos with people, which some of our santas did take advantage of. From there we went to the Rockwell, which is the third time I’ve been there since I joined in for Santacon.

Well, that’s the first half of what went down. Stay tuned for what’s next.


Doo Dah Parade ’19 – Photos

Two weeks after this happened, I now have my photos up. It feels nice to be catching up to everything. The first time I did Doo Dah was 10 years ago with SoCal Anon. The parade seemed smaller than what I remember of it, but still as fun. It was also in a different part of town. I didn’t get many shots at all, and wasn’t there long.

a href=”″>Hopefully next time I’m there I can cover more.


WeHo Halloween ’19 – Set 2

And the rest form that night. I would say this was a good year, Didn’t get there as early as I hoped, which will happen someday. And that would be before the sun totally sets. I can’t remember what happened on why it took so long. Anywho, I was there pretty late too, because by the time I was leaving the street was already being cleaned up.

It was a good, wild night.


WeHo Halloween ’19 – Set 1

At long last, after a month of taking these photos they are finally coming online. Its as a good night and not as crowded this year, but I do believe I got more photos this time. I was there as a Tuxedo Cat, which is an idea I had in mind last year before halloween.

The reason has to do with my background acting work, because in September and early October there are calls for people with non-copyright type costumes. I thought to myself, “I’ll go as a Black Cat on set, no wait, Tuxedo Cat.” Then this year I bought all the stuff I need. I’ll likely use that costume again for any show I could be on next year their halloween episode.

But for now, here is what I saw out in the wild.