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SCWA Intergender Championship

Match with Necro King vs “8th Deadly Sin“ Danika Blodwyn. Yesterday a friend asked if I was at all interested in checking out a Pro Wrestling event she was going to have a match...


WeHo Pride ’21 – Set 2

Here are some more photos from when I was in west hollywood for the small pride event they tried to hold. It was some fun still. Got more photos on saturday, and just the...


WeHo Pride ’21

I was in West Hollywood on friday, because I heard there was a party going on. Well, during the day it wasn’t as crazy as I expected, seemed more like a regular day in...


Black Lives Matter Rally ’20 – Part 2

The second part of my photos from the day, and the rest of what’s left. I do wish I was there longer because I understand it because more of a party. Lots of dancing and music. This virus really has ruined everything, but I’m still glad I was out to show my support.


Black Lives Matter Rally ’20 – Part 1

Or as it was called, All Black Lives Matter. The day started off in Hollywood, and I got there by metro since it’s really the best way there but there is more a possibility in getting covid. That is what I was most worried about. When we started to move we walked to West Hollywood. I plan on getting myself tested by the end of the week just to make sure I’m not infected, but as of now I’m doing what I can to keep myself isolated.

As of the rally, I think it went well but wish I was there longer. I have another friend that was there longer and she said the event basically became pride. I didn’t notice any issues while there but did see some guy yelling at everyone, not sure what about. And I learned about this happening after I got home. Just hoping everyone is ok and those drivers get caught.