Comikaze ’15 – Day 3 Photos

The final day, I wasn’t in costume this time, because after I got back last night I took a shower to get as much of the makeup and paint off me as possible. Overall, most of the paint came off, but in the morning I noticed some places I missed, and dealt with later, and there was still some remnants of what was drawn on myself and the eyeliner, but I just left that alone because I knew it was going to come off eventually.

I saw a lot of other stuff, met Casper Van Dien and asked how it feels be be back at the starport in (which the convention center was used as in the movie) Starship Troopers. Which to me is one of the best movies of the 90’s. My feet were still in a lot of pain for all that walking i’ve done for the past so many days (last week was rather busy for me to) but it’s always nice being out and covering such a thing.

Sadly, my last convention of the year, because I don’t know of anything till the next. But at least there is still Santacon to look forward to. And don’t forget to see if it’s also happening in your city.

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