LA Comic Con ’16 Photos – Day 3

And now for photos from my second day at comikaze, which was day 3. No, I wan’t at day one because of how late it was starting and i figured I wasn’t going to be there to long, but maybe I should have went. Oh well. I got there later then I wanted, I left my pass back at my place so I went back and finally made it there about an hour and a half later then I wanted. At first I didn’t think I took near as many photos as the day before, but turns out more were taken though believed. Go me. I was raining slightly by the time I made it and by the time the con was over it completely stopped. Found plenty of good stuff, and found myself int he background of another D-Piddy video. Didn’t see that coming.

Anywho, WeHo Halloween photos will be up tomorrow.

For now, check out the last day of LA Comic Con.

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