Long Beach Comic Con ’15 – Photos Day 2

I didn’t find myself taking as many photos this time, much of it I found myself relaxing because how much my feet had been hurting. I need new shoes. But again, I had a lot of fun and got all kinds of silliness. Thought something I realized going on with my camera that I think was happening most of the con was it was in a wrong setting. Though most of the photos came out fine, I don’t know how that happened. I really need to take better note what settings I have it on.

But two things that made me very happy to see was someone with a BB-8 toy, and a friend brought her dog, and as we all know, I like such creatures and I just want to pet them.

I don’t know of much else happening this month, but from what I can tell, next is starting to look pretty good. There will be zombies, clowns making a run, halloween and a convention the same weekend. Yes, I know there will be more, just waiting to hear about it.

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