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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

There should be something there, Pokemon Go related. Like a stop or a gym. I don’t se why not, since there is road there that puts it in a the shape of a pokeball, so it only makes sense.

I recently got another gift from Blizzard for my use of the Battle.net program on my computer. I get the game, Destiny 2, for free. Because it’s been added to battle.net for a year now. That’s cool. Well, it was announced during Blizzcon last week. But there is a problem, it’s not on mac, which I use. It’s funny because the developer, Bungie, used to only make games for mac. I wonder if it will eventually be on that platform, so I can show them this screen shot and say “hey, I couldn’t claim it because I couldn’t play it.”

Well, this midterm election didn’t go entirely as I hoped, But it’s an improvement at least. I’m feeling a bit hopeful again. We are going to have some hard times still, but I believe some sense of sanity has been restored.

I took a photo of the back of my iPad to get this. Yeah, I was trying to figure out what to take a photo of my sticker on, and when I saw the name engraved on, I knew that was it.

Send shivers down your spine, Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, Seal your doom tonight…

So many on display for Halloween tonight, even thought this photo was taken a few weeks ago so most of these are likely gone by now. But why do so many of them have ears? that decomposes a lot faster then the actual bones. I guess that’s just the biologist part of me.

While on my way to LA Comic Con this morning, I came across these two at the red line station handing out these little boxes from quaker, with their bars, and yogurt. It was a nice thing to have while on the way over for my trip, and to eat while there.

So in other words, hey Quaker, care to send me more?

Recently I was sent this gift from blizzard to play 3 days of World of Warcraft free. This was sent out to accounts that have been inactive for awhile, which mine has been because since the latest expansion came out my computer has been unable to play anymore because my video card is no longer supported.

At least it’s the thought that counts.

So while I was moshing at some punk club I once again found myself being recorded by these same cameras following this family around in London. But this time it was just the dad and this new guy he met that night.

How do I get myself into this stuff?Also why am I holding a beer bottle? I don’t drink.

So awhile ago I found myself on some spontaneous trip to London and over heard this group of people, I was guessing a family talking to each other, kind of loudly. They were really the only people I could find myself hearing. And it turns out their trip was recorded by some cameras and put in some TV show called Speechless.

Which bring up, that awkward moment I found myself in the background of this families adventure.

World of Warcraft druids have the ability to turn into some animal forms in game. Yet when it comes to this one group of humans, those animal forms look almost wooden, or wicker. And then suddenly you see one in real life.

I really do miss playing this game.

Another day, another special Pikachu for Pokemon Go! that I caught. So many that I hold, and yet there is so much more to go still.