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On my Facebook feed, a friend posted this link. Of course find kind of funny, and did expect a few things. But I also noticed something along side, which huffington post is famously known for being rather left leaning. Though I tend not to use them as a source, sometimes I see something kind of funny. Meanwhile, I’ve notice this on other more left leaning sites, sometimes they do display a sense of humor, which is something I see as important. Kind of gives off the idea you have some life in you.

On the other hand, sites like infowars, breitbart, and other more right leaning sites, it’s something else completely. I see fear, and rage, especially in the comments section. It’s like it’s there for another reason.

I just got my good lens back again after having a different problem this time. In just having a connection error so it couldn’t be used. I plan on heading to Long Beach again in the morning after finding out about this so it should be a good test run for a day. I played with it some today and all seems to be fine other then the fact some images seemed blurry but that was kind of fixed. Just need to look more carefully at the photos. Some errors are still happening but if they persist in the next few weeks i’ll have to have to checked out again. I really don’t want this thing to be more trouble.

A lot of claims of such a thing about mainstream media, to justify the fact they don’t always do stories that come to the favor of the person watching. The denial of what is reality is astounding, even if you show evidence it gets brushed off. There is fake news out there, but some people are unable to tell the difference.

In the end, this is what you look like when you cry fake news.

Because you never know how awesome they can end up becoming. But really, no need to promote so much fear.

So, have memes taken over? I wonder how long till people long this will go on for? maybe this has become our lives? seems to be a good way to bring a message out and sometimes has some nice humor to it. Let’s se what happens.

Who knew this existed? I sure as hell didn’t. Also, note to self, bring the iPod with me more often. I forgot it while I was out during this and had to use my phone, which has a crappy camera on it. uhh…

Sometimes you wonder where these strange textures come from.

Well, Was a pretty small con, and the fact another going on in Pomona, that was more well known likely didn’t help. I saw much of the cosplay contest, and there was plenty of good costumes out. And it seems it wasn’t just first place getting cash prizes. On day 2 there was a fashion show, and found some people that I know who were involved with it. Well, hopefully if they do it again next year it will have more stuff. I was there as Neo from The Matrix.

Now to promote some people. Ran into some people promoting a movie that should be coming out this year, Zombiecon. Got a small container of smile I got to make form Mad Science of LA. Some app called, Concon, which is to help you find out about coming conventions. And pages of cosplayers, prop makers, and other stuff. 562comics Sarah Storm Cosplay, Ireland Reid,
Wonder Woman Is real, Camislyce Cosplay, The Props Shop, Eastside Photography, and last, Nerdtabulous.

I’ll start loading photos up during the day.

my god, I didn’t know I had some of these wonderful things at my place. Always so grand this time of year. To bad half the package was eaten by the time i found it, but here, I got some.

I’m back from quite an insane day, more so than I expected. Took awhile to get to santa monica and have our group shoot, but it happened. Then that after party. Holy crap. I’ll start editing photos during the day, but here is a photo from a buddy with me in it.