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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

I sometimes see this cat when out, and he kind of looks like one of mine. grey tabby, with a lot of white fur. This cat has a bigger head then mine, but my cat is bigger, with an also bulkier body. But they are both about as friendly as each other, but this one seems to more relaxed to strangers.

So I got this from Vons, and many more pieces, the problem is, I haven’t placed anything down yet to see if I’ve won anything. I’m clearly feeling a bit lazy lately.

After so long working to compete tasks to get a molten, I finally got one. Pretty sure this took months to do, many, many months. Now to try evolving this thing to a Melmetal… This is going to be painful.

Got this bad boy during a raid while Anime Pasadena was going on this weekend. The most surprising part was the fact I caught it with the first throw I made towards it. Not sure that’s ever happened to me before.

I’m happy about it.

I just saved this little guy, from my cat. I saw her sitting and looked like she was focusing on something. When she started walking away that’s when I saw it try to strike her. It also moved it’s tail like a rattlesnake, and even hissed.

I should be safe now.

Justin Bieber? Wait, that’s a different spelling… [looks up meaning of beber] oh, it’s a spanish word, meaning to drink. UHH!!!

So, now I have both versions of this very powerful pokemon. This wasn’t as hard to get as the other form, for some odd reason. But I’m happy none the less.

When you are at some store and see this thing, but upside down and not sure whats going on and ask yourself “is that some kind of deformed whale?” Nope, it was a shark upside down, and missing part of it’s tail fin.

Then noticed it’s a bottle holder. Perfect thing for me, if I had a bottle to put it in.

While on the way back from Wondercon on day two, we saw this guy with what looked like a baby animal. Oh, my GF was very happy to see this little guy and hold it for awhile. Because puppies and kittens are the best. More so when they are tired.

So, I got this neat thing during day 2 of Wondercon. I said it was a busy day. In fact I got two of them. I think the second I got on the bus while on my way back, that luckily had wifi and outlets so it added to the fun.

I had a good weekend. Now if only I can get the ice Castfrom, and the shiny version of that, along with the shiny water, and shiny fire versions to.