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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

While on an massive adventure today, one place I found myself at was West Hollywood, and found this. Not sure how the name came about but I think it looks cool still.

I was playing Pokémon Go resently and end up with this really nice catch. Didn’t see it coming but it popped up and I was excited. Can’t wait to see what else I get that’s just as awesome.

Day one has ended, and so far has been so good. This year it’s taking place in the south hall but the area we are in seems smaller. I don’t know why, but I did find it to be more crowded. Well we can only wait and see what tomorrow brings.

But for now, preview photo.

Just when you start to think… There isn’t a game on that, I’m sure it doesn’t exist, there is no way someone would think to themselves “hey I have a good idea for not just a game, but a card game” and you are like e”haha, it will never happen.” Then you find yourself to be wrong, so horribly wrong, that it hurts. And you lose faith in humanity just a little more, than usual.

Ever found yourself with a banana so small you had to scour around to figure out what object to place it next to, only to think “sunglasses” and you accidentally create a smiley face?

Who knew you could find a nice location to take photos at a shore like Micheal’s?

Occasionally I find myself walking through this one area on certain mornings, and people will dump stuff around, like old TV’s, a couch, or a mattress. It’s an empty lot but this is the strangest thing I’ve seen so far.

Awhile back I came across this graphic talking about how if a guy was to give you a controller that means you mean a lot to him and he wants you to be a his healer. I didn’t like that so I made a slight edit to it saying something about how he wants you to join in killing bad guys.

She is my player two, we have been together for a year now having all kinds of adventures and dealing with bad guys, like that of people protesting conventions we goto together. She also has her own website showcasing some of her own work where she specializs in logo design, branding, and other collateral design.

Happy anniversary love.

Ok, maybe not ants because that’s pretty big even for them. Maybe for a rat?

While in San Diego during Comic Con I heard there are a lot of the Pokémon around the convention center, Unown. And the ones can end up spelling the letters, Comic Con SD. I was able to get three, but that was pretty cool. Just need to get the rest of the letters.