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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

I thought I posted this before. Seems not. I’ve seen plenty of chatter of people asking where Obama was during Katrina, when he wasn’t even president at the time. Strange selective memory. But I do remember after one major hurricane that hit, he was there for the after math, and did was a proper leader should. I don’t think a disaster is a proper place to have you a person sees as a rally.

What does that even mean? I mean, really?

When you are on Facebook sometimes you see people try to over inflate their worth. They’ll act like they are tougher then anyone else, smarter, and push the idea they have other positive traits because they want to feel more important than everyone else. Might want to get your ego in check because in reality you aren’t that much different from everyone else, or you have far more issues then you either admit or realize.

So some rapper dude known as XXXTENTACION put out a music video, that made a lot of people uncomfortable for an interesting reason. In one part it shows a white kid being hanged, and for many people, that was the only thing they saw. Never made an effort to watch the entire video, just saw the clip and told what to believe. Then I had my fun with one guy.

While out adventuring with the GF, I was telling her how for some strange reason I like to walk on curbs. Well, there was kind of one in the middle of this parking lot here, and ended up getting this shot.

Pretty much spent the day with this Steampunk Traser from Overwatch. We had the problem of not being able to bring her prop gun so I had to drop it off from where we were staying. Brace yourself for our Cosplay tomorrow.

I’m here in long beach for long beach comic con this weekend. Been looking forward to this for awhile. I’m ready to have fun and cover this party.

While out on a hike with the girlfriend, I got this quick shot of the location around me. Oh the joy I have from much adventures.

In local news, seems two different psychotic world leaders are itching for the use of nuclear weapons. There has always been problems with north korea for decades but with Trump sounding more and more like an idiot seems to be egging Un on, likely making people there more paranoid, making them want to work on their nuclear and missile program even more. And all for what?

During day 1 of ScareLA, I spent the day with this person that I’ve been talking to and hanging out with a lot for about a month. We’ve been enjoying each others presence and really didn’t want to leave each other at all. I had a wonderful day with her during the convention, and wish she was able to join me during the next day but was unable to attend. A week or two before, there was a question I ask, and as of monday, she officially called me her boyfriend. I had such a massive smile on my face when she called me that.

But before any of that happened, and before we got to the convention center, I saw this mural in downtown, and wanted a photo of her at the wings. Because even thought most people see angels as beings with wings, I also see god like being to have them to.