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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Every week she likes to find a new favorite place to sleep, and lately it’s been on my desk or my chair, if I’m not in it. She is a funny cat.

While at Target, I see all these carts left around the place not in their designated drop off locations. This is going to suck for who ever had to bring them back in.

Well, here I did it again, for this year, as I have been doing for many, many years. What would you look like if you where in south park?

Often in social media, when some women dress themselves in a way were a lot of skin is showing are often shamed for it. Being told they are asking for it or something else possibly rude. Yeah, if I see a girl it will catch my attention. But try not to make them uncomfortable. But really, why be so mean to another person just for what they want to wear? What they put on means nothing but, “this is what i feel like wearing right now,” that’s it.

So, can we stop the slut shaming, as it’s called.

So many of them, so many.

Saw this while on the bus today. I wonder if people put these little papers around thinking it will make people wanting to convert? well, who knows.

Kind of hard when there is just one piece left to complete most of the possible prizes. Well, actually I do have a prize that I’ve won, a $5 card. All the pieces were attached to each other, so no need to rip it up.

While on me way home from Long Beach Pride today, I remembered something I noticed if you are at a high enough elevation is how many trees there are going across the town or city. Even going through south LA, there are trees everywhere. I think it’s pretty cool. Anywho, my photos from pride should start going up tomorrow, so brace yourself.

So before going to Long Beach in the morning, a friend had a show tonight that I decided to watch. It was fun. Decided to get a photo of that while there to share.

Something coming up next month. At LA pride there will not be a parade this year, but a, what i’m expecting to be a rather large rally. I’m going to miss the parade, but hopefully it will still be a good party after the march is over.

Anywho, I got this photo at a booth set up during DragCon. Looking metal while holding little rainbow flag.