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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

This was something I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve been wanting to cosplay as Loki for a long time but I couldn’t for an odd reason, my hair. It was just too long, and because of that I had to keep pulling my hair from the back of my coat because it just kept some how getting there. And since it’s short again I can pull it off. Finally.

As nice as it can look, it’s not always a good thing. Because it means the grass is dried out and when fire season returns it can act as fuel. This is the reality of living around SoCal.

And yet another legendary Pokémon I caught. This one during a raid. I remember one guy I was talking to during it called it a cosmic goose. Yeah, that works since it’s kind of bird looking as is from space I believe.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen watermelons most of my life, and eaten plenty myself, but the size of these seemed a bit different. For the reason I don’t think I’ve come across any this big.

In other news my computer is having problems and isn’t starting up. I’ll be taking it in tomorrow to be looked at. In the mean time. Updating the site might be a hassle for a little while.

I’ve posted photos I’ve come across of graffiti that I often like. And yet sometimes I find something sprayed on a wall that just feels, lame. Maybe this is from some guys that lack the equipment, or just starting off and getting some practice in, I don’t know, but that’s what I’m hoping for here. But if it’s just gang tagging, I just don’t care.

Took awhile to finally get this bad girl. I actually had it for awhile, yet still very happy about it. So many more legendaries to go.

It’s that time of the year again, where I make an update of what I would look like if I was in South Park. Don’t think I’ve changed much at all other then the fact my hair got a lot shorter. But I’m happy to have that now, because it just got in the way far to much.

Well I had a good weekend. On saturday I was at Ronin Expo, which took place in Little Tokyo. Thought a small event I believe I covered it nicely. But the big one was Pride, as always. I got back home kind of late so no time to edit anything for now. But you know it’s coming.

And now, A small preview using what I looked like during most of the day.

Well, this ended up being a good weekend. On saturday I was in Ontario for Comic Con Revolution, and sunday I was in Long Beach Pride. I got a lot of photos coming up during this week, so brace yourself for them. Most from pride, which is what I am always looking forward to returning because of how wild it always is.

But for now, Just showcasing myself on my way home from that wonderful madness.

With Detective Pikachu currently out in theaters, which I’ll likely see it after it comes on home media. There is a promotion for the movie where you can have photobombs of Detective Pikachu when you take a photo of a pokemon on Pokemon Go out in the wild. Or in this case, a Haunter in a hospital.

Because ghosts!