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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

I’m pretty sure this is going to become a weekly thing. I post a photo of the cool new pokemon I catch from competing research tasks after 7 different days.

This week is the second of the legendary titans. I just have to get the last one now, which is an ice type. Hope I get it next week. Then who knows what.

While on twitter, I came across this one tweet from someone that really caught my attention. Now, over the last two years if a person was paying attention, you can’t help but to notice how Trump is known to lie, a lot. No really, like, a whole lot. I made a joke, and kind of a statement that by the end of 2019 He would have told over 9,000 lies since entering office.

So that gave me an idea for this meme using a clip for DragonBall Z that became some odd joke on he internet. but I had to wait from that number to be crossed to be most accurate. Then the lies became more frequent so I had to change my prediction to summer of this year, then before summer. And to my surprise I discover that threshold was crossed last week.


Well, I got something brand new to me. I guess in generation 3 of the pokemon games they put in what is known as the 3 legendary titans. This is one of them. I hope I get the other 2 soon. As of now I can only get them from competing research tasks in Pokemon Go. This is going to be a long month.

And yet I’m pretty sure if these plants came to my place they will still die. Because I take better care of animals then plants.

I lost count of mine ages ago.

I’m pretty sure the drought ended awhile ago, but being California it will happen again soon enough. More so since it’s more likely to happen around SoCal.

All placed in this one gym in Pokemon Go. Can you guess which is mine?

Well, it was his turn to goto the vet, but it was just for a check up. The vet said he’s in good shape. And much like his sister did before, he went in the sink. But unlike her, he had more trouble fitting in because of how much bigger he is. There is reason I call him my little monster.

Saturday was an event on Pokemon GO! for 3 hours there was a window where you can catch this rather rare pokemon, but you had to do by competing research tasks. I was able to get 3. The reason I decided to get more then one is it turns out, it can evolve into two different forms.

So, why not create less of a hassle for myself?

In todays adventure in completely stupidity, some guy gets offended by a post I made, and goes insane.