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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

I was in Malibu today, for reasons, and looking out from Pepperdine I got a rather nice view.

When you are out to pick something up, and someone makes this out of the plant life growing outside. Wait, that’s real, right?

First seen at the end of the very first episode of pokemon back in the 90’s. I remember this well, because I remember seeing it, and no one knew what the hell that was. Later on after learning about news of the next pokemon games, gold and silver, is when they started to reveal what we all saw. Took few years, I believe, and now I have Ho-Oh for myself.

Doing inappropriate things, in my hard hat… You know what i’m talking about.

I got one, and it was such a nice surprise. Still a bit of time to catch it using so many berries, and stronger pokeballs. So many more to go.

When you are trying to complete tasks while playing Pokémon go, and nothing pops up that you need to compete it. Why must this happen to me?

I miss this game. But good thing I still have some screen shots that I haven’y posted yet. Like this from when I was on a flight path and the flying animation didn’t even start, yet I was still flying to my destination.

Recently I find myself making fun of a Trump supporter, who really had no problem defending the guy from his poor behavior and the fact he constantly lies. She made an excuse for the pussy grabbing clip, which realistically is bragging out sexual assault, saying it shouldn’t mean anything anyways because back then he was a private citizen. Which, doesn’t change anything.

This person also preferred to talk about the supposedly great danger of immigrants, when in reality most murders in the US are committed by americans. They also didn’t want to talk about the growing white suprematists activity that’s been going on for the last 2 years.

And then I was sent a message on Facebook. With this link to a site I unfortunately know about more then I prefer too. A site run by very real neo-nazis. I just wish she told me why she goes on sites like that.

While you are walking around and see some kind of stain on this wall, and bits of what looks like some white shell. You then come to the conclusion that someone threw an egg. For reasons unknown.

The last year of this rather long decade. It’s been an interesting era with plenty of ups and downs, and this is the year were it can either end big, or with little effect. I’m surprised I made it this far personally.

I’m also not sure what events really define this decade so far, but I know I have a lot of posts to look back on to hopefully get some ideas. I look forward to it.