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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Haha, thought I was going to say an a pogo stick huh? not in this case. The strange things you find when out on an adventure.

So, I often know an edit job when I see it. And of course someone had to make up a story. Then I found a post Snopes made about it. I found the page deleted the post soon after, But this screen shot was taken before that happen. Like I say, fact check, and know a photoshop job when you see it.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and it has finally come. The starting location has been revealed to be in Los Feliz, at the Rockwell, on Vermont. I’ll be there in my dark elf outfit once again, because it works for me.

You know, I remember reading Moby Dick as a kid, to bad don’t remember most of it.

And some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is that the beginning of the school year? Anyways, for me, the one thing I wait for to happen before the end of the year ends is santacon, because of the insane awesomeness. Oh god, I have to get stuff for people, and they have to get stuff for me… uhh…

While out today, I found this at an orange line station. I wonder what happened exactly?

Behold, the chaos that ensued during such a day which, umm… Well, there was still plenty of people, just not the mass I was expecting. I’m sure it all happened earlier in the day.

Because there is always someone, somewhere making claims of some kind of law or rules in place for something and nothing about it exists. With todays technology it’s easy to see if something is mentioned in old documents because you can just do a word search. You don’t have to waste time reading something in whole only to possibly forget about why you are looking it up. But hey, why not make things up that fit what you want to believe in?

Warcraft right now has their anniversary event going on right now, and part of it involves killing some old world bosses from the game after it first launched 13 years ago. But the time I reached this guy he was already dead, but I couldn’t help but to notice the position he was in, looked like it was struggling to do a push up. Well, soon enough the guy spawned again I had the chance to kill him along with a bunch of other people.

Seems there have been plenty of claims about the legalization of weed. One in particular talking about how it’s increased violent crime. Makes sense to me that such crime would drop because people have less a need to steal and they are less desperate to find other ways to get what they are after. No, it may not entirely be the best thing for health reason, but we all do all kind of unhealthy activities and consume such unhealthy products and it’s totally legal anyways. Perhaps because it will cause fewer problems over all.

Maybe we should legalize the use of other drugs. Maybe it will also cause a drop in usage.