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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Some people have interesting objects in front of their place. But hey, it makes them happy, and not hurting anyone so whatever.

Well, the moment I saw this I was like “what in the hell?” then I remembered, that is Spanish for black. If only I could have recorded my reaction.

Oh the silly things I do while at the market.

I’m mature… #store #market #supermarket #basket #cart #ralphs @ralphsgrocery

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Well, it has been for about 2 weeks. I remember last time I actually won something, $5. I didn’t turn it in in time. Hopefully I’ll remember to do so this time.

And fly away… Happy birthday babe.

Lately on Pokemon Go there have been a mass of Dratinis, because I guess some event going on in game. And while catching the swarm around me I came across this, a Dratiti that’s of different color. “Whoa” was my first thought, because I think I found a shiny Pokemon. My first one. Didn’t expect that.

Sometimes when you are out some place where there are mountains and it’s still winter, you notice somethings that look kind of cool.

People need to understand the concept of fact checking. I just came across this image the other day, which seems to have been getting passed around for awhile. Knew there was bad info because this is stuff I’ve known about for years. With luck Snopes exists with some info on other claims so that helps out. But what really got me is the Hollywood Shooter, because it’s Jim Carry.

At least I’m pretty sure they are daisies. I just want it to be the weekend already so I can be in Long Beach.

After I was done with the protest saturday, I headed down tot he red line station, and on the platform I saw this guy. He’s is a scientologist that i saw early handing out cards offering free stress tests, and I also saw him walk into the building. I don’t know if he knew I was going to be there, but we did make eye contact for a second. Awkward.