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Archive for the ‘Web/Mobile Cam’ Category

Despite the fact I got an armored Mewtwo earlier this year in San Diego during Comic Con, I still felt I was missing out on the last pokemon from gen 1 of the games in Pokemon Go. This weekend after three tries, I finally got him. I fell, complete. But still, so much more to go.

Awhile back one of my dogs got sick. Took him to the vet and his had this one issue that we weren’t sure he would be able to take on, but gave him some medication that would help out and has, for a few years now. Good dog. But in order to give him his medicine I like to hit it in some food, and the other dog comes in to, because, predators like meat. And now one of the cats is coming in too, because, also predator.

Another version of this Deoxys I caught playing Pokemon Go. Unfortunately there was one more form I need to get, Attack, but was unable to because the week raid for this pokemon ended on monday. And I didn’t have the time, or know any location where other people would gather and when for the chance to come up. I’ll have to hope it pops up again some time soon because it’s the last one I need.

Something I often forget about bees, they like to eat fruit, even if it’s rotting. They they are clearly flocking to these pears in a space I was just talking-to walk by.

I made another catch with this guy. This time it was with the defense from. One more step closer to having each version.

Yes, that I’m looking at here. No, not that, not that at all. I’m not talking about the pumpkin spice cereal, but the fake spider skeleton that looks like it belongs to the inside of a body. No, anthropoids have exoskeletons. Uhh, this is painful to look at.

Last night I was at the store to pick something up. In the same lot is a pokegym that was about to have a raid start. I also noticed a bunch of people there and figured, I have time, I can get what I need and battle. And this was my prize. I’m a little uncomfortable with how easy that was to catch after winning the battle, but I’m not going to complain.

Come on, we aren’t that far into september. Halloween isn’t till over a month and a half away, and Christmas stuff is already popping up? No! It’s spooky time!

During last week, there was a couple of things going on in Pokemon GO. One of them involved collecting a type of egg and when you hatch it out came out a Pokemon known as, Unown. What makes it interesting is there are 28 different versions of this pokemon, one or each letter in the english alphabet, along with the question and exclamation marks. I had one hatch, and it was for the letter, A. I have 5 more of the specific eggs and I need to get more, so I’m pretty good for the moment. At least, I hope so.

Ok, this seems to becoming more common for some strange reason. What is going on? I mean, I like that I’m catching pokemon that are at it’s maximum stats, just want to know whats up. And what is possibly next.