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He’s back… 0

He’s back…

So since I am unable to use the current version of the shark for my attacks because of how I drew it out and I wanted to make them again I figured start using 2.0 for them. It still works, why not?

Return to the Surf 0

Return to the Surf

when I was at AX ’07 and was at a friends beach house, when I walked to the water saw surfers out and about, and look who comes out to join.

to date this has been my last shark attack

A New Look 0

A New Look

Taken at Anime Expo ’07…
first shark attack using version 3.0, it’s forever going to be used as my logo but I want something that works better for photoshop. I can always draw something new but I want more flexibility and control with it for later works. so now I must really learn how to use 3D programs, I know this and that in Cinema 4D but not enough to really do something with it. We can only wait and see what happens later.

The Koi Pond 0

The Koi Pond

even the water in your malls and backyards can hold a danger lurking around for you to eat.
note: this is my first shark attack with the camera I have now, or the first one that I liked I don’t know.