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Windows XP

Rather old photoshopping, if you can call it that being I didn’t do much with this. From what I remember I saw some story about this version having critical flaws and I just had to do something with it. Interestingly enough I didn’t find myself running into to many problems with Windows XP when ever I used it, but I will always remember how much people complained about the next version, Vista after it came to.

Alastor the Blademasta 0

Alastor the Blademasta

sirevil classic: so back in my NG BBS days some people posted topics asking to be photoshopped. One of them Alastor that once went by the name “The Blademasta” from Warcraft 3 asked for that one day and a few of us decided to make a few images. and heres what I made, I turned him into an Orc Blademaster form the game. Hey at the time it was awesome.

Missy Elliott 1

Missy Elliott

sirevil classic: made this when I was spamming some hip hop board I was on, I posted a topic asking for something to photoshop and I was given some stuff to work with. This I would say was one of the better ones, and yes the starter image was small so didn’t have much to work with… but in the end they thought it was great so yay

but what made this really great was I posted it on Missy Elliotts wikipedia page and was up for like a day or 2. Just wish I took a screen shot if that at the time.

Ryan Seacrest 1

Ryan Seacrest

sirevil classic: awhile back I made a joke about Ryan Seacrest stealing all the jobs, at the time I think he had like 4 of them. I also remember people complaining about mexicans that come to the US stealing jobs, and I found that lame because many of them that come in the US might end up as field workers and other jobs no one wants. so I figured why not have him stealing jobs from them to.

Total Losers 0

Total Losers

sirevil classic: sometimes you can’t help but to laugh at some of the strange people on the internet, yes I am one of them but this is more awesome. Before the text in the pic before said “Yellow Bird” but I decided to fix that. and that was all I did really. but its still funny i would say.

you know its stuff like this that make me glad I’m a photographer, and that I have friends that are

Lil’ Usher 0

Lil’ Usher

sirevil classic: so awhile back I was spamming some destiny child message board because like, why not. and someone said something about lil john and usher having a kid together, so I made this really quick. I guess its slightly interesting enough, everyone cracked up at the time.


A new way to lose weight

sirevil classic: A long time ago I made a joke aobut a new weight less treatment and this is what I made of it. no need for all kinds of strange diets and exercises that don’t work, why not take the natural approach. yeah, lame but at the same time pretty good.


A Better Family

sirevil classic: So awhile back when on newgrounds someone started a topic about remaking Family Circus comics to be funny, I think I did some good ones, but I remember a lot of others being good to.

Yeah I didn’t really do much at all but it works still.