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To the Sky 0

To the Sky

yeah, made this more sometime around the end of last year for something i wanted to use this idea for but never came to happen really. my god i’m lazy. help, get me to do more stuff people

Evil Ex #8 0

Evil Ex #8

So on the site Deviantart, they had a contest for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which I HAVE YET TO SEE, ugh, but I will. The idea behind it is to create an 8th evil ex and create them in anyway you can think of. so I used my photoshop skills without surprise.

the powers behind this guy? generates anti-matter. wasn’t sure what it would look like so I just made purple flames just to get some from of a type of energy blast to itself project as. i don’t know, the idea works for me so i went with it.

Going Back in Time 0

Going Back in Time

uploaded for a contest on deviantart, the idea of this contest is to make your own version of the end of the world. This is mine, where everything is just going backwards. No internet, bad TV and music, and people that are massively upright and intolerance due to stupidly. This would truly be hell.

While flying around Los Angeles, our hero can’t help but to wonder where he is. Few things look familiar and everything just looks strange over all, and it doesn’t take long for him to find out where his is now.

after seeing this he becomes enraged and unintentionally sets the ground around him on fire.