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What’s going on with me?


The Morning Show

The trailer for season 2 of this show came out last week. Now I didn’t plan on saying anything because I didn’t expect this to happen but I’m in the trailer. You can see...


The Recall

Mail in ballots are going out here in California for the recall election for governor, which I honestly don’t think should happen. I’ve seen people trying to get petitions signed before. Here is the...


Funeral Expenses for the Jackson family

Earlier this week a friend of mine was in an accident with his wife. He was hurt pretty bad, but unfortunately his wife didn’t make it. I know Brandon from going to conventions, but...


Ready to Bloom

One of the first photos I took with the new lens to test things out. So far it’s not too bad. I do look forward to using it for something more more style.


Somewhere between happy…

And total fucking wreck… Is where I am. I’m not as tired as I have been for over half a year, but still not entirely sleeping properly. Anger is still there but a little...


Restored Memories

Back on april fools day my external drive fell off my desk, and stopped working soon after. The thing about that drive was it was not only my back up, but it was also the place I had all the unedited versions of my photos from the last 15+ years. So the idea of losing all of that was painful. I knew what I had to do to get my files off but at the time I didn’t have the money. In fact I didn’t for the longest time. But I finally did it, just barely, and it’s all on my new drive. The only difference between this and the other before is the last one was 6 Terabytes while this one is 8.

When I got the drive there was four folders everything was in.

  • “!=Contains bad sectors, and missing folder name and location, but maybe working”
  • “!=Contains bad sectors, and sorted by extension, but maybe working”
  • “!=Missing folder name and location”
  • and “!=Sorted by extension”

I have all the photos in the missing folder name and location sorted, which took all day. Now the hard part is the one sorted by extension because there is easily 10’s of thousands there and I didn’t even know where to start. There are lost files and so far it’s in the very low hundreds. I’m going to hate these next few days.



Like the rest of this year, it has been long week just waiting to know how our election is going to end. I remember going to sleep tuesday night without the news on because I didn’t want to suddenly wake up hearing trump won again. I still remember that night 4 years ago that I was up till 5am just so full of rage over what happened. As the next day went on things started to look hopeful and as the week kept going it was looking better and better.

This morning four states were left in play and for Biden to win, he only needed one, and was leading in 3, while Trump needed all 4. Then after checking for updates later that morning I saw one of those states, Pennsylvania, had called it, that Biden is our new President. I don’t think I’ve ever given such a huge sigh of relief.

Animaniacs – Trailer 0

Animaniacs – Trailer

And here I was thinking the clip I posted a week ago before wasn’t the trailer. I understand it’s part of a segment of the actual show. What I liked about the show as a kid was it was just funny. Then watching it so many years later as an “adult” you found yourself catching jokes that went over your head when you where so much more “innocent.” That was part of the reason why Animaniacs was popular among adults to, and it was because there was some entertainment value for them. It’s been a long time since I felt this excited for a show coming out, or even returning. I’m not much for nostalgia either because I want to see the new and exciting things our future will bring us. And well, let’s just say reboots aren’t nostalgic.


Before the Crunch

Pre-patch for the new Warcraft expansion comes out tomorrow, and something new being added in is what is being called a level squish. This is mainly to help new players so they don’t become...


Someone Needs A Gag

I watched tonight’s debate of Trump against Biden, and as many people have said, it was a shitshow. I find myself exhausted pretty fast and still can’t believe I endured that for the entire run time. I noticed a few moments Biden misspoke and gave some back info, but Trump, my god, the lies, the out right lies, and the fact he shouldn’t would not shut up. And the fact he simply could not condemn white supremacy and said the proud boys should stand by is kind of scary because I know these people generally want to go on a mass murder spree. But really, the best line of the night was from Biden when he said