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I see strange creatures



Out of the insane amount of boredom I’ve been feeling for awhile, a friend posted this on his page today, I decided to make something I’ve had in mind for a long time. Remake...



I made these, awhile ago for a new shirt idea I had. But another friend gave me a better idea of what to do what the text I has in mind so I’m going...


True Family

While on set recently I meet a guy that asked about making something silly for him. Well, this did come by real fast. And I do need something to do. Not really sure what’s...


Covid Illustration

Awhile ago I was thinking to myself how much I would like to have my own covid graphic, and make use of it some how. Figure it would be best as a shirt that...


No Snake Oil!

If you haven’t been around the internet enough, there is a video of some doctors promoting the hydroxychloroquine drug, which has not been proven to be a cure for covid. And also talking about how masks don’t work. These people sound like quacks to me. But one thing that baffles me most is there people who actually believe there is suddenly a cure for a very recent virus, when none exist for any others before. There are treatments (which in some cases can also mean cure to some people, but I can’t entirely make that connection) for other viruses, but this takes years of research too find.

Yes, I agree, this all sucks, but I’m not looking for a miracle because that will take far to long. I just want people to try to keep themselves safe to help prevent the spread of the virus than it will die off on its own without new hosts. If everyone can agree to only go out if they need to everything can open up again in maybe two months. But with how many people have been behaving I don’t think anything will happen for the rest of the year.



It’s something we all need to help grade us, to help make us better, to help prepare for possibilities of events to go bad so we can power through it and recover quickly. We don’t have that on a national level and haven’t in a few years. A proper leader will admit their faults and not act like they are some kind of savior to problems that either don’t exist, or to those they helped to create and have no ability to own up to anything.

And of course the line on the right side of the image is based off of real quotes from trump. Is there anything he won’t lie about?


Law And Order

It’s a bizarre thing where you have a person that makes claim to be for a cause, but you know they are lying through their teeth. The same guy that’s bragged about sexual assault, defrauded people, cheats others, and encouraged violence. I recently found myself watching something that was on CNN, 1968 about some of the events of that year. That showed footage of someone running for president that year as a throw party candidate, George Wallace, whose behavior very much reminded me Trump. A subject him and Nixon himself talked about was the restoration of law and Order. Wallace who enraged people basically inciting riots, and Nixon who as we all know committed a crime while in office later on.

Perhaps overcompensation isn’t the best thing.


What Party?

There are a lot of things that confuse me or just wonder about. But despite that I do make the effort to try understanding. Then you have this. For years I’ve found people that believe in a more right wing political leaning to talk about how they belong to the party of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. But there are also times I find those people who brag about such a thing to also share images, or wave around the confederate flag.

It doesn’t make any kind of sense that you claim to believe in the same thing as a person, yet call a flag waved by people who fought in a war against what they stood for and call it your heritage.


But What About Grandma?

This is a strange reality we live in. Ten years ago when writing up what was to become the ACA, otherwise known as obamacare, people were freaking out about the possibly of the harm it could do, which was entirely a lie. And for a few years after people kept talking about it long after being debunked. Fast forward to the current crisis, now such an idea is expectable to some people.


Who Can You Trust?

Something that’s been bothering me for some time, is there are people who made the decision to dedicate their lives to knowledge. To help better our world, educate, or just try to better understand their interests. Then there are those who just suck as a person. They convince others they will save you from problems that don’t actually exist, and they have special a knowledge to pull it off. But, not surprisingly they need your help.

I think the smarter move is to listen to the people that have no problem admitting to having limits and will direct you to others they have more trust in on the subject at hand.