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Spider-Man: No Way Home 0

Spider-Man: No Way Home

After the trailer was leaked the other day, and I figured it was coming out soon anyways. Like everyone other then than some of the people who worked on this movie, I have no...


Black Tie Beach ’21

Coming next weekend. Thought the delta variant is still being a problem, we are going to be outdoors at the beach so the possibility of infection should be minimal. But I do suggest wearing...

What If…? 0

What If…?

A new marvel animated show coming next month. With the season finally of Loki next week and the first season of Bad Batch slowly coming to an end, I need something else to watch...

Shang-Chi – Trailer 0

Shang-Chi – Trailer

Oh cool, two trailers for movies I look forward to this year. And the second Shang-Chi trailer. I got to say this movie looks even cooler now. And the question now is, will I...


WeHo Pride ’21

Late yesterday I caught wind of this coming up this weekend, I sure do miss partying with the gays. With covid restrictions being loosened, numbers of deaths and cases dropping, and people vaccinated is...

The Suicide Squad 0

The Suicide Squad

New trailer came out for this today. This is the official release since it was leaked today, so might as well put it up proper. I liked the first movie likely more than I...


South Park 2021

I have no idea how long I’ve been doing this for, but I know it’s inching closer to 20 years. I was a fan of the show South Park from when I first saw...


My Snoo

I’m not on reddit a lot. Ok, I check in at least once a day, but not for long. But anyways it’s kind of well known I like avatar makers. Never knew why, but...

Marvel’s Eternals 0

Marvel’s Eternals

It’s beautiful, It’s just beautiful. I did hear a trailer will be out soon, and I really have no idea what will be going on in this movie but I look forward to seeing.

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies 0

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

I’ve been a nerd, I would say most of my life. Been mostly a superhero fan, but always kind of liked other stuff like fantasy, sci-fi, history, mythology, video games and cartoons and such....