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My adventures in still form



Tomorrow is friday the 13th, and you know what that means, a photo of one of my old girls. She really was a pretty cat, and I liked how she was kind of a...



With the abortion issues still a hot topic, I went looking for old photos of anti-abortion protesters at my school because I know there are other shots from that I never posted. Like with...


Rise of the Old God

Awhile back when I made a poster for the coming World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm for a contest, I took photos of people to be a part of my design. This is one fo...


Wrapped Up

An old photo of a friends cat, she would mess with him in all kinds of silly ways. But sometimes he would also do something really silly for no reason, and you just like...



From my old photography class, during it the teacher told us about this one type of camera known as the hasselblad. From what I understand is they are really good cameras. I never got...