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My adventures in still form


Re:Love ’22

While being completely bored last weeks friend messaged me about something that was coming up during the weekend, Re:Love, which I would say is just a get together for raver, burner, etc types to...


Mushroom, Mushroom!

Old photo, and not sure if I posted this before but to lazy to check anyways. Some nice graffiti I found either on my way to a club or leaving it. Because mushrooms can...


DragonCon ’22 – Day 5

Finally, it’s over, it’s all over. The last day was the slow day. Most of the people who were here had already gone or leaving the hotels at that time. But that doesn’t mean...


DragonCon ’22 – Day 4 – Part 3

Last group of photos from day 4. It was around this time people started getting themselves ready to head home because they were either flying or driving back the next day. But my god...


DragonCon ’22 – Day 3 – Part 1

I’m pretty sure we’ll be well into next week by the time I’m done uploading everything. And for any new people here, The reason I split large albums is to help prevent you from...