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I’m sure plenty of you have then photos of these houses in Santa Monica, or their inclusion in one of the Grand Thief Auto games. I’v sen in a handful of times before but...


Fence Sitter

Is what Goat vs Fish would call this little guy if he was there. Because if you can’t chose if you are goat, or fish, you are a fence sitter.


Big Empty

Time to wait too long, to wait too long, To wait too long. Taken while in Santa Monica. There are people hanging at the beach, but not many at all. Form what I can...


Shiny Azumarill

Today was a community day in pokemon go, for Marill. I caught an entire mass of them, and 4 were shines. I decided to evolve one of them, and what went from green, became...


My Close Up

I still can’t believe how many ground squirrels I saw last week in Santa Monica. I wanted to pet them all. One of them I was able to get close enough and lightly brush...



During the time I played chess, which wasn’t long at all, but I still remember how to play, I can’t figure out how such moves to end up like this is even possible.


Cleaning Out

More from my adventure in Santa Monica. While there I saw a bunch of ground squirrels in this grassy area by the cliff, behind the beach. And so many were babies. One of the...


Coming Together

While I was in Santa Monica last week, after taking a covid test. I thought about going on the pier but ultimately decided against. I’ll see it again someday. But it’s nice that somethings...

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies 0

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

I’ve been a nerd, I would say most of my life. Been mostly a superhero fan, but always kind of liked other stuff like fantasy, sci-fi, history, mythology, video games and cartoons and such....


New Pokemon Snap…

A new set of limited time tasks were added to Pokemon Go, to celebrate the release of the new game, New Pokemon Snap. I still remember playing the old version the Nintendo 64, and...