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When I press Record


Coco Robot

After dragcon last weekend I was walking around Downtown and just happen see this rolling around. Never seen anything like it before and thought it was totally cool. Not only did it know when...


Getting Glittered Up

I got video of me at the sparkle bar getting worked on by my friend. I met her last year in WeHo during their little pride event, and told her about DragCon because I...

Female Hair 0

Female Hair

A little while ago a guy made a tiktok talking about a guy saying he’s up say his abs don’t give him the attention he wants. I left a comment saying it’s my long...

A-Train At Wondercon 0

A-Train At Wondercon

Ran into a buddy of mine at the convention yesterday, promoting another con, Loscon. He’s told me about it before but never had the chance to go. But I still believe promoting it should...

No More Mr. Nice Guy 0

No More Mr. Nice Guy

No more mr clean. There is some really weird drama from a couple of well known tictokers, because one of them seemed to have used his influential status to make himself become polyamorous. He...

Problematic 0


Dreams do come to for people, unless it’s for me. This is actually something I’ve been saying for about a year now, and it all started while on set. I said to someone, “yay,...


Ruin it All

Completely based on a meme I made so long ago. I’ve been saying it again lately and some people still find it funny. Also, I so hate how my face looks. UGG!!! View this...


LA Santacon ’21 – Video

The only video I did record while there. This was at Barnsdall park where the lot of us were gathered for reindeer games. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dan (@thesteelshark)


Leviwand Dance

I recorded some video of a friend doing some fire dancing with what’s knowns as a leviwand. I didn’t know what this was called, and with her being my goto person for such info,...


After Burn – Fire Staff Spinning

More video from the After burn last weekend. This time a different type of fire staff. Either way, both are cool. Also this time I decided to do a little editing to this video...