Monthly Archive: July 2019


Seat Thief

It’s like almost every time, get up from my chair, and he is in it right away. And sometimes I find him were when I wake up. That little monster.



I wonder what this person did to have their car pelted by such a object? Well, at least it wasn’t tomatoed, or TP’d, or bricked, or run over by a tank, or tossed in a massive industrial shedder.


Animanga ’19

I’ll be heading to this party this weekend. It will be my first time there but will likely be at the con for just a day. Since I’m going to have a busy weekend. [cough] double booking [cough] oh, sorry. But hey, I like to keep myself moving anyways.

SD Comic Con ’19 Protesters 0

SD Comic Con ’19 Protesters

So yeah, I got some video of this. Rubin and his friends have returned, like they always do during this convention, and others like Wondercon (but not this year for some reason), Anime Expo, pride events around the country or any place else to “preach the gospel.” And by that I mean pick fights.

But really, how are people like this so well traveled? The only explanation I can think of is that they are being funded, but by who?


Mewtwo (Armored)

And with that I finally have all the original pokemon on pokemon go. This took me long enough to do. About a year I believe. Now I just need to get the unarmed version. I got it during Comic Con this weekend during a raid. Good times.