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To Damn High…

I have some friends that have seen me pound some stuff down and still have no idea why I’m so skinny.


Black Cat Appreciation Day

Yeah, people make up all kinds of strange holiday for something. I’ll play along with this being someone with a black cat, and here is my photo. I gave her a piece of ham, she was happy about that.


Squirrels, They have Hands

Never noticed that before huh? yeah I did years ago. Also knowing it is Shark Week I should make something shark related but I have no ideas right now. oh me. And I should send a request to discovery network that I should host it next year.


What have you been Eating?

alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

I eat rattlesnakes for breakfast. Bitch.

it’s funny because its true. this week as the title says, what has this little guy been eating?


Hungry! HUNGRY!

alright, this weeks winner is Andrew with…

404 Error: caption wasn’t found.

now this week, friday was Blasphemy Day so i went to find something that works. so i thought “what can be more blasphemous then a little black cat that was more intelligent pat robertson? and along with the state of texas invented death? and likely had a higher kill count to.” so clearly she is eating something out of this bowl (yes, she is picking it up with her paws and putting it in her mouth, she did that sometimes), what is it? and i can already see babies coming so thats no good to post.